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  • Multi-faceted campaign with video as key content component
  • Differences from Lufthansa:1) Both Sina & QQ  comparatively lower QQ engagement confirmed active user base expectations about the two platforms. QQ still better than, say Kaixin SNS, whose active user base has plummeted.2) Leveraged EDM tools  EDM recorded a spike in conversion, but smaller than incentive campaigns & daren outreach
  • Case studies assorted may2012

    1. 1. Sample Social Media Marketing Case Studies May 2012 - Private & Confidential
    3. 3. OUR WORKMany global Fortune 500 & multinational corporations have sought One9ninety expertise forboth strategy & execution of sophisticated digital marketing across Chinese social media.Retainer clients include innovative social media marketing leaders L’Oreal / 欧莱雅, Lufthansa/ 汉莎航空, Media Markt / 万得城, and Etam / 艾格.Our work covers social media insights & analysis, generating influence, creative campaigns &content, and managing online communities. SINA & QQ WEIBO Community Management Da Ren OutreachSOCIAL NETWORKING SITESCommunity Management eFLUENCER ENGAGEMENTDa Ren Outreach Blogs, BBS, SNS, Weibo
    4. 4. CASE STUDIESBelow is a list of clients by case study category. Often, our social media marketing workis a combination of some or all of the categories outlined (e.g., UKPavilion, Garnier, Lufthansa). In some instances, we have led the social media creative(e.g., GM, Garnier), which includes site page design and production of viral videos.SINA & QQ WEIBOEXAMPLE: LufthansaOTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE: Garnier (L’Oreal), Etam, United Nude, ASH, Miss Sixty, DukanDietSNS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & CREATIVEEXAMPLE: UK Pavilion World ExpoOTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE: Garnier (L’Oreal), Watson’s (SG)EFLUENCER ENGAGEMENTEXAMPLE: Garnier (L’Oreal)OTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE: Chivas 18 (Pernod Ricard), Media Markt, Lufthansa, Absolut(Pernod Ricard), Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Kinohimitsu, Philips, Bacardi, GM, UK Pavilion
    5. 5. Garnier RetainerGarnier Men’s “Be Yourself” / 做自己 Campaign September – November 2011
    6. 6. CHALLENGEProvide cost-effective social media marketingstrategy and execution solutions in support ofbrand campaign to reach a young, male targetaudience that was unfamiliar & unsure aboutmen’s grooming products under the key message“Be Yourself”.Plan, coordinate, execute and manageconversation across three separate communities– Sina & QQ weibo, and QQ Zone.Create and execute simple community activationmechanisms throughout campaign, e.g., productgiveaways, photo-sharing game.Develop compelling video, photo and writtencontent.Track, analyze & report qualitative & quantitativeDrive traffic to communities from network ofefluencers and content & conversation seedingacross various platforms.
    7. 7. SOLUTION Platform Description Community Management - editorial planning, posting, Sina Weibo tagging, replying, reporting, Q&A, simple activation mechanisms Community Management - editorial planning, posting, Tencent Weibo tagging, replying, reporting, Q&A, simple activation mechanisms Community Management - editorial planning, posting, QQ Zone SNS tagging, replying, reporting, Q&A, simple activation mechanisms Develop original video content & profiles, e.g., ShouJunChao Videosharing music video, behind-the-scenes ad shoot with WangLiHong, posting, tracking, sharing eFluencer Outreach outside communities via efluencers to drive traffic Engagement to communities - viral photo game cube, product Garnier Minisite giveaways, links to e-commerce
    9. 9. VIDEOSHARING: Subjects with e-InfluenceName Profile Weibo Metrics Blog Metrics潮人徐峰立 An English teacher and a fashion Audience Size: 820,645 Views: 1,296,642(Peter Xu) trend setter. Separate career as Views / post: 123,097 Views / post: 5,000 rapper, stage performer and was Forwards / post: 100 Replies / post: 10-20 famous for the Chinese “Daren Comments / post:50 Show”. “V” Status: yes Tfengyuan Score: 66
    10. 10. VIDEOSHARING: Subjects with e-InfluenceName Profile Weibo Metrics Blog MetricsEsports海涛 Top-rated online video game Audience Size: 121,445 Views / post*: 1,000,000+(Hai Tao) commentator on premier gaming site Views / post: 18,216 Replies / post: 50 Dota & GZ DJ. Forwards / post: 80 Comments / post:100 “V” Status: yes Tfengyuan Score:50
    11. 11. RESULTSNearly 100,000 followers weibo & SNS70,000+ forwards on Sina weibo45,000+ comments on Sina weibo11 original videos posted across 3major video platforms, managedcommunities & e-influencer spaces(e.g., blogs, BBS)4,000,000+ views across all platforms
    12. 12. Sample Social Media Marketing Case StudiesLufthansa Sina Weibo Community Management July 2011 - Private & Confidential
    13. 13. LUFTHANSA SINA WEIBO COMMUNITYChallengeBuild on success of Lufthansa SNS community, to establish complementaryand vibrant Lufthansa presence in micro-blog space in order to connect withtarget Chinese travelers. Launch date 18 April 2011.SolutionCreate and manage Lufthansa micro-blog voice via official Sina weibocommunity around jet setter concept, lifestyle and travel.Plan content editorial calendar, draft & amend consumer Q&A manual, grownetwork of followers, create and post daily content, manage consumerreplies, track both quantitative and qualitative results on a daily basis.Engage Sina weibo ‘da ren’ to promote activities on brand weibocommunity, driving traffic and number of followers.Complement and promote games and activities on Lufthansa RenRen pageResults (after 9 months) • 109,000+ followers (real consumers) • 680+ posts • 74,000+ LH follower forwards • 45,000+ LH follower comments • 26 da ren forwards • 2,784,418+ views of da ren forwards • Number of followers projected to exceed 50,000 by end of 2011 • All results from organic, authentic marketing on Sina Weibo
    14. 14. LUFTHANSA SINA WEIBO COMMUNITYTracking & Strategy Refinement
    15. 15. Etam RetainerSina & QQ Weibo CommunityManagement
    16. 16. ETAM SINA WEIBO COMMUNITYCHALLENGETransform an unappealing, static and small Etam weibo page into a highlyengaged and active community of Etam fans. Find and create brandadvocates who will recruit new members and usher them to newly launchede-commerce site. Launch August 2011.SOLUTIONCreate and manage entirely new Etam weibo pages on both Sina & QQplatforms. Develop a differentiated voice for Etam & its sub-brands that willappeal to core target audience of young Chinese females 16-25 years old.Plan content editorial calendar, tagging strategy, draft & amend consumerQ&A manual, grow network of followers, create and post dailycontent, manage consumer replies, develop creative incentivecampaigns, leverage EDM tools, internal communications, track bothquantitative and qualitative results on a daily basis.Engage Sina weibo ‘da ren’ to promote activities on brand weibocommunity, driving traffic and number of followers.Complement and promote games and activities on Etam RenRen pageRESULTS (after 4 months) • 25,000+ followers (real consumers) – exceeded size of previous 12- month weibo community in 6 weeks • 570 posts • 20,000+ Etam follower forwards • 19,000+ Etam follower comments • 8 da ren forwards • 500,000+ views of da ren forwards • All results from organic, authentic marketing on Sina Weibo
    17. 17. ETAM SINA WEIBO COMMUNITY Part science, part art In the case of Etam, we have been building their weibo page organically through the use of consumer incentivization, content creation, internal communications, da ren engagement and EDM among other tools. For example, after establishing a core community, for small campaign incentives we have seen average follower increase of 1,500 followers. For large-incentive campaigns the return has been closer to 2,500 followers.
    18. 18. Shanghai World Expo UK PavilionDouban Community Management January – November 2010
    19. 19. UK PAVILION DOUBAN SNS COMMUNITYChallengeAmong Chinese target audiences, generate awareness of UK culture (fashion,art, music, movies, literature, architecture), drive site traffic to a central UKPavilion at Shanghai World Expo web property, build and manage e-communityconversation and interaction.Generate positive online word of mouth that will encourage foot traffic to UKPavilion.SolutionDrive traffic to and help build and manage UK Pavilion Douban communityaround cultural content and digital activities during Shanghai World Expo: • Pre-Opening Nicknaming Contest for UK Pavilion – nickname the iconic UK pavilion building (“Pugongying” / “蒲公英”) • “Best of UK” - showcase cultural highlights of UK (Fashion, Movies, Music, Literature) • “Inspiration UK” – work with to curate and generate participation in visual artist (animation, graphic design) interpretation of UK music artist song to create new work of art with elements from both cultures. • “Sustainable UK” – work with local enviro-NGO Greenovate to highlight UK commitment to sustainable development in social media.Results • 334 posts generated across key social media platforms • 1,650,000+ views and 69,000+ replies across key social media platforms • 330,000+ page views of UK Pavilion Douban minisite • 42,000+ member registrations on UK Pavilion Douban minisite (largest UK community on Douban) • UK Pavilion a Top 3 Expo destination site as measured by foot traffic
    20. 20. Garnier RetainereFluencer Engagement 2010-2011
    21. 21. GARNIER EFLUENCER ENGAGEMENTChallengeProvide cost-effective social media marketing strategy and execution solutionsin support of 8 product launches • Engage key efluencers to deliver authentic internet word of mouth (iWOM) through targeted social media communities • Achieve high levels of consumer engagement • Communicate key brand and product attributes to target audiencesSolutioneFluencer Engagement campaign comprised ofprofiling, selection, recruitment, engagement, sampling and moderation of theOne9ninety network of beauty industry ‘da ren’ efluencers to generateauthentic product reviews.Results • 268 efluencer original reviews were re-posted 471 times across other platforms for a total of 739 posts • 2,100,000+ views • 7,881 views per post (average) • 30 replies per post (average) • Of note, L’Oreal’s most discussed brand, Lancome, generates an average of 27 replies per post. Because the content was earned and authentic (i.e., not paid editorial) and compelling, major women’s site publishers recognized and rewarded Garnier efluencer coverage with valuable homepage placement for free. • Independent buzz tracking by partner agency CIC confirms significant impact of One9ninety beauty efluencer reviews on buzz volume.