Using Social Media in Event Marketing


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How to use Social Media to market your events.

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  • This is all what people are doing in a one minute. There are a lot of people on social media! As event planners and program planners, we should use social media to amplify our events and programs. Social media for the most part is free, so its great for event marketing,
  • There are a ton of people on Facebook. You want your event in their newsfeed. Often times people think there is only young people on Facebook, but 30% of FB users are 35+. Which means these people generally have a higher disposable income which is good for buying gala tickets and spending money on things such as special events.
  • Using Social Media in Event Marketing

    1. 1. Presented By: Taylor Brione Ballard USING SOCIAL MEDIA IN EVENT MARKETING
    2. 2.  Taylor Brione Ballard  University of Houston, Hotel Restaurant Management Major  Event Planner/ Certified Wedding Planner  Blogger, Pretty Pink Living (  Freelance Writer  Social Media Enthusiast  ABOUT ME
    4. 4.  Build an online community around your event  Attract attendees for the event  Help attendees connect with each other  Broadens participation throughout the event  Encourages information for sharing  Leverages event for media coverage online and off. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?
    5. 5. Optimize the event for sharing by having as many distribution channels as possible. Top Two to Focus on:  Facebook  Twitter GETTING STARTED
    6. 6. WHY FACEBOOK?
    7. 7.  Create a Facebook LIKE Page  make sure privacy settings allow “PUBLIC” to view and post comments and pictures  Pages have advantage over groups and event pages because they show up in news feeds  Create a public Facebook EVENT and encourage attendees to share on their personal status updates  Include an EVENTS tab on your Facebook fan page that directs visitors to where they can register or purchase event tickets  Include a “LIKE” badge on the organization or event website HOW TO ADD FACEBOOK TO YOUR STRATEGY
    8. 8. LIKE PAGE Can add direct registration or ticket purchase right here. Some pages don’t have this option for likers to add content. Having this option available allows people to write or add pictures before, during, and after the event.
    9. 9. EVENT PAGE Allows you to add to Outlook or Google Calendar Depending on your event, you may want it to private or open only to some people. Encourage urgency or limited ticket sales without sending an email.
    10. 10. WHY TWITTER? And most of all, everything is in real time!
    11. 11.  Promote “following” the event or organizations twitter for updates  Ask for people to share your updates with the phrase “PLEASE RT”  Create an event hashtag EX. #moneyweek2013  Give out incentives to share the hashtag or RT by offering door prizes, raffle tickets, etc.  Have a designated tweeter to tweet out whats happening at your event in real time HOW TO ADD TWITTER TO YOUR STRATEGY
    12. 12. TWITTER Twitter Search for #HouMarathon Share images on Twitter and Instagram with #HouMarathon Retweets (RT) show up in the followers timeline for non-followers to see
    13. 13. Pinterest: online pin board Instagram: Twitter for pictures PINTEREST AND INSTAGRAM Save, share, and locate event ideas for theme, décor, favors, etc Share your event with others on Instagram and Twitter with the use of hashtags.
    14. 14.  Add pictures to website or Flickr  Post pictures and videos to the Facebook page and tag those in the pictures so that it shows up on their page  Encourage participation by inviting guest to share their pictures to the Facebook page or on Twitter by using the event hashtag  Create a short video or picture slideshow and upload to organizations Youtube channel  Embed videos on website or company blog  Invite guest of honor or speakers to write blog to get attendees excited for event MULTIMEDIA
    15. 15.  Social Media has revolutionized events and you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Remember that quality beats quantity. Start out with the main networks, discover your target audience, and use what works best for you. SUMMARY
    16. 16.  Questions?? THANK YOU!