Intro to ME final design project


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The purpose of this experiment is to research and design an innovative bike that serves a dual purpose of a reclining chair and an off road bike. This invention is designed to provide users the ability to work or relax off the beaten track for an entire day while minimizing the amount of supplies needed.
Our design was influenced by the research done with regards to cost of production, ease of use, safety, and bicycle functionality. These considerations were made priorities so that the final product would be the most cost effective, quality product possible.

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Intro to ME final design project

  2. 2. Problem To comfortably work or relax off the beaten path for an entire day requires carrying bulky, heavy equipment and tools.
  3. 3. Current Obstacles Reaching remote locations Carrying heavy supplies Assembling cumbersome equipment Purchasing multiple products and supplies
  4. 4. Solution Design a bike that satisfies the following parameters:  Capable of off-road travel  Converts into a hammock or recliner  Minimizes excess equipment required  Safe and easy to use  Viable price point for the target market  Provides the ability to work or relax
  5. 5. Design Ideas “Concept Frame Design”  Features:  Collapsible concept frame  Recliner style chair  Advantages:  Greataesthetics  Lowest risk of serious injury  Disadvantages:  Expensive to manufacture  Uncertain bike functionality
  6. 6. Design Ideas “Concept Frame Design”Figure 1a. Initial Concept Figure 1b. Initial Concept SketchSketch of the Conceptual of the Conceptual Frame Design inFrame Design in bike form chair form
  7. 7. Design Ideas “Suspended Seat Design”  Features:  Inverted bike frame with telescoping members  Hammock style seat  Advantages:  Cheaper than the Concept Frame Design  Disadvantages:  Complicated to manufacture  Diminished bike functionality  Unstable when in use
  8. 8. Design Ideas “Suspended Seat Design”Figure 2a. Initial Concept Figure 2b. Initial Concept SketchSketch of the Suspended Seat of the Suspended Seat Design inDesign in bike form chair form
  9. 9. Design Ideas “Final Design”  Features:  Inverted mountain bike frame with hinged member  Hammock style  Advantages:  Inexpensive and unobtrusive modifications  Streamlined conversion process  Completely maintains bike functionality  Disadvantages:  Requires custom parts
  10. 10. Design Ideas “Final Design”Figure 3a. Final sketch of the Figure 3b. Final sketch of theFinal Design in hammock form Final Design in hammock form with material
  11. 11. Selection ProcessCriteria Concept Frame Design Suspended Seat Design Final DesignCost 1 8 7Functionality 7 3 7Aesthetics 6 4 10Safety 8 4 9Ease of Use 6 3 9Special Requirements 8 7 8Conversion Time 5 4 7Table 1. A qualitative table of bike characteristic ratings with 10 being the best and 0being the worst, these are estimates based on design and inherent advantages ordisadvantages.
  12. 12. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 4. Position 1
  13. 13. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 5. Position 2
  14. 14. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 6. Position 3
  15. 15. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 7. Position 4
  16. 16. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 8. Position 5
  17. 17. Research Model ConversionProcess Figure 9. Position 6
  18. 18. Prototype Model Figure 10. Photograph of the prototype for the Final Design in hammock form with material
  19. 19. Conclusion Overall the Final Design proved to be the most viable option for a variety of reasons.  Prefabricated mountain bike frame reduces cost  Unmodified frame increases safety  Multi-purpose components reduce cost  Compact reconfiguration and storage  No tools required
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