UberBots 2010-2011

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FIRST Robotics Team 1124 The Uberbots 2010-2011 Website Proposal

FIRST Robotics Team 1124 The Uberbots 2010-2011 Website Proposal

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  • Current system mixes together code and context. If somebody wanted to change the content, they would have to work their way around the code Doesn’t work if somebody without web coding experience wants to change content
  • This means people will be able to edit ...
  • Some other modules we offer will be:
  • Here are some things that aren’t covered in the 6 focuses that will be required to win:


  • 1. ÜberBots 2010-2011 Website Proposal ÜberBots Website Team
  • 2. Goals • 2011 FIRST Website Award • Effective Communication • Easy to update • Easy to access • That this will be the last website we need to make for a long timeÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 3. Focuses 1. Modular 2. Integrated 3. Compliant 4. Handicap Accessible 5. Transparent / Simple 6. SexyÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 4. Modular • Current website, each page is individually coded, code scattered all over • Individually coded › Programmer needed to make new pages • Basically, current system doesn’t work • If pages made from modules (building blocks), “it will be easier to fix bugs, keep compliance, keep uniformity, prevent errors, make editing easier, make coding simpler, and enhance the browsing experience.” - Matt Howard, ÜberBots ForumsÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 5. Integrated• Integration in forums • Integration with different websites and• One set of credentials technologies• Simplify code, increase • Help people stay efficiency connected with us• Force people to use • Make videos faster by forums using YouTube servers• Link calendar events • YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, iCal ÜberBots Website Team Website Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 6. Compliant• W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) defines web standards• FIRST Website Judges want compliance to standards• 1 + 2 = We need a compliant website• Website needs to look same and function same in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari• RSS and iCal of website need to workÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 7. Handicap Accessible • Handicap Accessibility focus of Web 2.0, W3C, and FIRST Judges • Blind, vision-impaired, deaf • Specific things we must do • Text size, captions in video, plain text vs images or Flash • Requires time & effortÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 8. Transparent/Simple• Well organized site structure and hierarchy • Site map - helps users and Google • Breadcrumbs - Shows where page is relative to home “Home > Robots > Striker”• Layout should be intuitive and simple• Simple URLs “http://www.uberbots.org/o/robots/striker” Figure 1-1: Simple ÜberBots Website Team Website Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 9. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.ÜberBots Website Team Russian Airline AdWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 10. Sexy suggestive • Not literally (skimpy clothing, images) • Website needs to be ascetically pleasing and attractive to user • Help for website award and keep users drawn in • Requires assistance of an “artist” (Matt & other) • Achievable through use of skinsÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 11. CMS &Maintenance Re: Management Team (That’s You)
  • 12. What is CMS? • CMS - content management system • means a way of editing content on website • current system is very limited and hard to useÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 13. Intro to OmniPage System ™ • Way of obtaining modularity “building blocks” • Will separate code & scripting from content • Anyone will be able to edit almost any (even Ameya) part of the page • Includes text, calendar, uploading images, Tweets, creating new pages, making users admins, sending out emails, page titlesÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 14. How do we use it? • If logged in as administrator, just click the edit button in the corner of window, everything becomes editable • To rearrange parts of page (modules), drag and drop • 95% of website will be editable by people with no coding experienceÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 15. Different Modules • Website will have dozens of types of modules to create interactive, rich content • Simple BBCode module that people are familiar with • Calendar module, picture module, news feed module, html module, php module, etc.ÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 16. Closings
  • 17. Other Things We Need to Win • Documentation - a page or section about how the website was made • Basic things - team number, link to FIRST website, sponsors, etc. • Use of newer technologies (html5, twitter, etc.) • Resources for other teams (labVIEW tutorials, other resources) • Uniformity ...ÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 18. Uniformity• Current website lacks uniformity• Need to create design for main site, forums, and wiki that’s consistent• Will help people while they navigate between parts of website• Makes overall design look better, builds “team identity” ÜberBots Website Team Website Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 19. What Else We Need to Include in Website for Team Gain • PayPal donations • User file uploads • “Propaganda” for enlisting new students • SMS meeting updatesÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 20. Plans for “Construction Zone”• New website will be built parallel to old website• I.E. old website will be 100% functional until the Website Team receives approval for new site from Management• New website will be hidden from public during build season. ÜberBots Website Team Website Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 21. Expectations • Little to no budget • Completion by September 2010 • Regional Website Award 2011ÜberBots Website TeamWebsite Proposal - 7/1/2010
  • 22. Lastly, we would like tothank Ameya for being a good sport.