Why ICT is becoming more and more important in children?s education today


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Why ICT is becoming more and more important in children?s education today

  1. 1. Why ICT is becoming more and more important in children’s education today In today’s technologically conscious world, it is important that children not only learn how to useinformation technology efficiently in their home and school lives, but also learn how to be safe.Information Communication Technology, or ICT for short, is an important part of the UK schoolcurriculum and has been for many years now. It teaches children computer skills such as wordprocessing or spreadsheet creation, skills which will stay with them for the rest of their lives, likewhen they find work or go to higher education.If you are a parent looking to introduce and teach ICT games and lessons to your children toprovide extra-curricular improvement, then you are in luck. For there are absolutely hundreds uponhundreds of programs and CD-ROMs you can use and rely on. It is important to remember thatICT isn’t just about knowing how to turn on a computer and type, but that it is about knowing howusing a computer can benefit you. Under what circumstance is using a computer beneficial insteadof reading a book for example? These types of questions are the kinds which are asked bystudents, and teachers who teach ICT GCSE to 15 to 16 year olds, should have the answers to.To give one example, let young children play maths games for kids on a PC could arguably bemore beneficial to them than asking them to sit in a room and memorizing their multiplicationtables. Through playing games, young children are able to learn and have fun at the same time,and studies show that when children are having fun, the areas of their brains related to learningbecome even more stimulated, heightening the amount of information they absorb.Similarly, English learning games, not just on the PC, but on the IPhone or Nintendo DS, can domore for children than traditional school methods. Even something which seems trivial like thepopular “draw something” game on the IPhone, where players draw a picture and guess what isbeing drawn, can improve on spelling and reading for young kids. You can be sure that mostchildren will spend more time playing these kinds of learning games than they do actually sittingdown and learning through the traditional methods. Who is to say that one method is better thanthe other if the child is learning either way?Lastly, there are a number of free online quizzes available on the internet to test your children at avariety of subjects they’ve learnt at school. So as well as using a computer to learn, children canuse a computer to test and validate information they’ve picked up. People are starting to taketechnology for granted now, but the great thing about it is, it has become a part of educationinstead of its substitute. Children aren’t abandoning education for technology, but instead usingtechnology to improve their education, and that is why ICT is forever important for them.Free online quizzesEnglish learning gamesTeach ICT GCSE