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This is a powerpoint of our audience profile for our anti-bullying campaign.

This is a powerpoint of our audience profile for our anti-bullying campaign.

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  • 1. AUDIENCE PROFILE Tayler Davies-Lewis
  • 2. Gender Female and male because anyone can get bullied it doesn’t matter what gender they are. Audience profile Age They would be aged 15 – 19 as when we did primary research people that age thought that bullying was an issue. Socio-economic group Their socio- economic grouping would E and D as they would live at home and go to college or school. They could also have a full or part time job. Education Our audience research showed us that our target audience are aged from 15-19 so they would be in upper school or higher education such as college or sixth form. Geo-demographic They would be from Bedfordshire, mainly Dunstable, Luton or Houghton Regis as we found from our research that our local target audience live in these areas. They could also live anywhere in Britain as it would be shared on the internet and possibly on TV. Media preferences From our research we found that they would probably use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is why it would be a good idea to advertise our campaign on a social networking site. They may also use the TV and magazines to find out information. Likes/dislikes Their likes and dislikes could be music, cinema, socialising with friends, TV and following the latest trends. This might be a reason for bullying. Psychographic group They would follow the latest trends and try to keep up with the latest hairstyles, fashion and technology. This could be to try and fit in and is another reason for bullying. Ethnic background They could have any ethnic background as our advert is aimed at all ethnicities. Sexual orientation They could have any sexual orientation as our advert isn't just focused on sexual orientation. Product preferences They are likely to have a smartphone such as a Blackberry or iPhone. Also they may have an IPod or tablet.