Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in theconstruction, research,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. During the production of my documentary, I used a variety of different technologies within the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages. I used professional equipment during the making of my documentary and print advert, such as; Digital Video Cameras, Microphones, tripods, and still cameras. By using this equipment I was able to film interviews and voxpops that were then used for my documentary.DigitalVideo Digital StillCamera Microphone Tripod Camera
  3. 3. The tripod and DV camera enabled me to film cutaways, archive footage, stock footage and the opening titles for my documentary- the microphone was not needed during these parts of my documentary as the voiceover would be played over these parts. I also used a Digital still camera during the filming of my documentary, this type of camera enabled me to take still shots of me and my peers when filming to show proof we had taken part, we could then upload these images to our blogs. We also we used the still camera for our print advert. We took pictures of each step during the making of our documentary to show the progress leading to the final product.
  4. 4. One of the main technologies I used during the making of my documentary was the Internet, it has allowed me to view other documentaries helping me to follow the codes and conventions of professional documentaries and it has also allowed me to view previous years documentaries . It has played a huge role in my research as I have been able to view print adverts to help me with my own and video trailers for when I came to produce my own trailer for my documentary. I also gathered a large amount of facts and figures about body image and diets from the internet by using websites such as , this was extremely useful when writing my voiceover as it made the documentary sound professional and educational. The BBC Website Internet
  5. 5. I gathered a great deal of questions for my interviews by watchingexisting documentaries which helped when we where editing andproducing our own documentary.The internet has also allowed me to access my blog which isextremely important as it has helped me to keep up with deadlinesand keep on top of my work. My blog shows the progress of mydocumentary and how I have reached my final products. My blogincludes everything I have done to produce my final product.
  6. 6. WORD and excel are two programmes that I have used during the making of my product. Microsoft word has enabled me to write my questions for my interviews and print and save them when finished. If I needed to change them ‘Word’ allows me to return and edit my document if I needed to.Microsoft Excel was used when I made a questionnaire and added up all the feedback, i then created graphs that showed my results and I was able to upload these on to my blog. Microsoft Microsoft Word Excel
  7. 7. Adobe premiere is were all our footage we filmed was captured to. We were able to edit and make decisions about the order of our documentary so that it flowed and was professional. We added cutaways in between interviews so that when the interviewee jumps from each question it is not obvious, also it makes the interview more interesting and educational. We used a variety of camera angles in our cutaways to make the documentary look professional. We made sure that when filming our interviews that we followed the rule of 3rds and that the positioning of our interviewee was correct. We also added Small boxes to the page when a different interviewee was speaking this shoed their name and what they where. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. 8. We also used Adobe Premiere pro to create our radio advert, we recorded in our school radio suite and got the person we chose to read our voiceover to come in and read out the script that we had written, we then saved it and copied it onto one of our computers. We then started to edit it so that it fitted in our documentary correctly.To create our print advert we used Adobe Photoshop, we uploaded the picture and then added the title and slogan. We also added the channel 4 logo to show where the documentary would be shown. I took screen shots of the making of the print advert showing what tools where used and to show progress. Adobe Photoshop