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Small online buisness

  1. 1. ==== ====For more helpful tips on E-Buisness and E-Marketing click here ====Marketing your business online is all about showing that you have something to offer your visitorsthat your competitors do not have. Marketing your small business online means reaching out toyour current customers as well as prospective customers and setting yourself apart.Successful small business Internet marketing is all about establishing relationships. Just ascustomers in your brick and mortar store have a chance to come in and get to know you, onlinecustomers need to be given the chance to learn more about what you do and to decide that theywant to do business with you.This is where the concept of your small biz online marketing funnel comes in. Your small biz onlinemarketing funnel is a means by which you can - over time - find new customers and increase yoursmall business sales.Your small biz online marketing funnel is not unlike the local small business marketing that youundertook when you first opened your business in its physical location. First you needed to choosea location and to get that location ready. You ordered the supplies you needed. Then you startedadvertising. On opening day, its likely that you had a product giveaway - a keychain, a coffee mugor maybe even a t-shirt - as well as a coupon giveaway, something that would entice yourcustomer to come back.Your small biz online marketing funnel works in much the same way: you choose a domain nameand build your website, or have your website built for you. Youll get everything that you need inorder - including a free or low-cost giveaway. And then you will begin marketing your smallbusiness online.It is important to remember that your website is your virtual business. All of the Internet ads thatyou place will bring traffic to your page, so be sure to use the page wisely.Use your homepage to tell prospective customers about your business - share your missionstatement, share customer compliments. Use a page of your website to let your current andprospective customers know more about who you are and what you believe in. Focus both on yourbusiness and on establishing a relationship with your customer.Drawing prospective customers in to your website brings them into the widest part of your smallbiz online marketing funnel; allowing them the opportunity to get to know you begins to draw themdown into the funnel.However, you do not want them to make it to the second level of the funnel and stay there, just asyou do not want customers at your physical location to walk in and walk back out again. This is
  2. 2. why you should plan - as part of your small business Internet marketing campaign - to draw theminto the next smallest area of your small biz online marketing funnel.You do not need to offer a physical giveaway. Instead, continue to build relationships with your sitevisitors by offering them something of value. Offer them free articles about products and servicesthat your small business offers. Set up a newsletter that will allow you to communicate valuableinformation (as well as special offers) to them at specified intervals.Doing so allows you to take an important step towards increasing sales: it allows you to establish arelationship. By consistently providing your subscribers with information or coupons that arevaluable to them, they will begin to recognize you and your company as a company that they wantto do business with, and they will look forward to hearing from you.You will be able to encourage them to do business with you by promoting low-cost front-endproducts. Now, rather than a free article that gives your prospective customers a little bit ofinformation, turn them into your new customers by offering low-cost products. Low-cost front-endproducts such as e-books that provide useful information about important topics within yourindustry - and further establish your credibility and the customers trust - will help to draw thosecustomers down to the smallest level of your small biz online marketing funnel.For instance, lets say you own and operate a local floral shop. A perfect low-cost front-endinformation product that you could offer to your customers to draw them further into your salesfunnel would be an e-book with planting tips for growing flowers in your local area. Customerswho purchase your low-cost e-book will find value in the information, increasing the likelihood thatthey will purchase additional, higher priced products from you as well.The last level of your small biz online marketing funnel is the place that you want your newcustomers to be: its the stage where your free and low-cost front-end items, along with yournewsletters and other marketing, will increase sales of your high-cost, back-end products andservices.This is the goal of your small business Internet marketing: to find prospective customers, establisha relationship and increase sales. To recap, your small biz online marketing funnel works like this:oBuild and Market Your Website to Draw in Prospective CustomersoEngage the Prospective CustomeroEstablish Trust with a GiveawayoEstablish a relationship using a newsletter and special offersoEncourage small, low-cost front-end salesoMake the big-ticket sales of your products and servicesThrough this process, and by continuing to market your site to new prospective customers, you willfind that the small biz online marketing funnel is a technique that allows you to consistently and
  3. 3. reliably get new customers and increase sales for your small business.Entrepreneur and outdoor photography adventurer Caroline Melberg is President and CEO ofSmall Business Mavericks, a division of Melberg Marketing. She has over 20 years of experiencecreating marketing communications materials and writing copy for some of the largest and mostsuccessful companies in the world. Her small business columns are syndicated online, and shepublishes the popular eZine, "Small Business Maverick Secrets." Learn insider MaverickMarketing secrets you can use immediately to find new customers and increase your sales. Whenyou subscribe, youll also get a FREE copy of her e-Book, "Local Small Business InternetMarketing Secrets" - learn insider secrets to marketing your local small business on the Webtoday! Get your FREE subscription at http://www.SmallBusinessMavericks.comArticle Source: ====For more helpful tips on E-Buisness and E-Marketing click here ====