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Leap Of Faith
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Leap Of Faith


Published on

Talks about taking a leap of faith and how Christ well take you as you are …

Talks about taking a leap of faith and how Christ well take you as you are
If you need a prayer or just someone to talk to then post a prayer request at

Published in: Spiritual

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Leap of Faith
      Let Christ change you
    • 2. Why I am writing this
      The past couple weeks I been talking about and hearing a lot about walking in the light and walking in darkness. Then today I received a e-mail and it made me feel a little useless. Then as I was thinking about it I laughed cause it made me remember how I felt when I was first trying to come toChrist.
    • 3. He will take you as you are
      I remember when I was trying to accept Christ into my life I felt empty, useless and that I was just a waste the way I was living. One question I asked my self a lot was this. How can he love me and accept me when I live and feed on sin?
      That question hunted me as it made me felt like cause my life was so sinful and messed up I was just unlovable.
    • 4. Leap of Faith
      I learned as time went on that the question was invalid. There is no such thing as to messed up that was the whole purpose of being saved. That is when the leap of faith comes in. You just got to jump and take that leap and trust and let Christ into your life. When you do Christ will change and heal you. He will take your sins and forgive them thanks to Jesus. The more you trust and let him in the more you change from the inside out.
    • 5. Don’t Be Afraid
      Some people think that you have to work out your problems. That you have to “get your sins together” before you can come to Christ. No, he will take you as you are. Don’t think you have to clean up your life before you can come to him. Just come to him. Take that leap of faith as it says in Mark 5:36 “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”