Spelling bee จ.เพชรบูรณ์


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คำศัพท์ แข่งทักษะ Spelling Bee จ.เพชรบูรณ์

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Spelling bee จ.เพชรบูรณ์

  1. 1. คาศัพท์ที่ใช้ในการแข่งทักษะวิชาการ ทักษะ Spelling bee ณ จ.เพชรบูรณ์ 1.accuse 2.ancestor 3.adolescent 4.accurate 5.average 6.advantage 7.accomplish 8.available 9.admit 10.approach 11.compose 12.concern 13.contrast 14.challenge 15.crisis 16.anxiety 17.appreciate 18.attempt 19.assume 20.affect 21.apply 22.alert 23.assignment 24.adequate 25.admire 26.crew 27.confine 27.correspond 28.complaint 29.attractive 30.antique 31.ailment 32.arrogant 33.appropriate 34.acquire 35.annual 36.avoid 37.associate 38.artificial 39.cruise 40.contaminate He is going to accuse her of steeling the fish. Your great-grandmother is your ancestor. My sister is 16 -she is an adolescent. That is right, your information is accurate. Her grades are not good or bad, they are average. He took advantage of her kindness and stole a lot of money. He wants to accomplish all his goals. The movie is now available on DVD. I admit, I have been wrong. He is going to approach her and asked her on a date. Mozart did compose beautiful music. The financial problems of the company are not your concern. Black and white are one contrast. He did challenge him on a duel. The economy is in a crisis. Her mother had a great anxiety when she did not come home on time. I really appreciate all you did for me. He is going to attempt to take the test once more. I assume you finished your homework, before watching TV. The kiss is going to affect their relationship. I want to apply for the job. Aware of the danger, he was very alert. I have an assignment for you: go to the store and get some milk. Shorts and Tank-top are no adequate clothes for a temple visit. I admire the way you carve fruits. After the cast the film crew sat together and discussed the next day. To confine the result of your search be very specific with your keywords. we correspond frequently by writing emails. I have a complaint. My food is cold. She is a very attractive girl, all boys find her beautiful. This vase is antique, she comes from the Sukhothai kingdom. He has an ailment, so he cannot come to school. Money has made him arrogant, he doesn’t care about his friends anymore. It is not appropriate to point at people with the foot. He wants to acquire citizenship of Thailand. Christmas is an annual holiday, we celebrate kit every year. Try to avoid dark side street, they are dangerous. I associate with Sarah often. We are good friends. Artificial flowers are not as pretty as real ones. I would like to take a cruise on a ship. Do not go close to radioactive material or you are going to contaminate yourself.
  2. 2. 41.celebrate 42.crime 43.complex 44.awkward 45.autograph 46.awful 47.authentic 48.appointment 49.arrange 50.aroma 51.aspect 52.ashamed 53.audience 54.communicate 55.conservation 56.capture 57.cure 58.considerate 59.benefit 60.blood 61.breed 62.bleed 63.brittle 64.ballet 65.bargain 66.barrier 67.beast 68.behave 69.circumstance 70.creature 71.curious 73.contact 74.complex 75.believe 76.bilingual 77.biscuit 78.bitter 79.blackboard 80.blanket 81.blink 82.blizzard 83.blossom 84.board We always celebrate my birthday with a big party. Robbing a bank is a crime. The problem is very complex, it consists of many parts. Tom felt really awkward running into his old girlfriend. I got an autograph from my favorite singer. He caught an awful cold. He behaved naturally, so his movements were authentic. I have an appointment at half past nine. I will arrange a meeting for you. Vanilla is my favorite aroma. Another aspect is the lack of water. I am ashamed of my behavior, can you forgive me? The audience cheered loudly when the singer entered the stage. Thais do not communicate very well, they like to keep information to themselves The conservation of the nature is very important. The pirates will capture the ship. There is no cure for AIDS, the disease will kill the people. He is a considerate man and always brings me flowers. I have some benefit out of this transaction. vampires drink blood. You can breed dogs and sell the puppies. If you cut your arm it will bleed. The wall is very brittle, it could collapse any moment. Ballet is telling a story through dancing. You have to bargain at the market to get a good price. A wall is a big barrier. I was attacked by a beast. It was huge and very scary. Some kids cannot behave themselves and get in trouble very often. In this circumstance I cannot leave you alone. A bird is a creature of the sky. Do not be so curious and stop asking me questions. Do not contact me anymore. I want to forget you. The human body is very complex. Some people believe in God, others do not. I grew up bilingual, my mum taught me Polish, my father German. A biscuit is a very tasty dessert. I do not like to drink black tea, it is so bitter. We replaced the blackboard with whiteboard, because they are easier to clean. If it gets cold you should use another blanket. We have to take another picture. Your eyes are closed because you did blink. A blizzard is a serious snowstorm. The flowers blossomed early this spring. Put it on the board in the hall so everyone can read it.
  3. 3. 85.cargo 86.cashier 87.catalogue 88.century 89.channel 90.blunt 91.blur 92.boarder 93.bomb 94.bold 95.bottle 96.breakable 97.brigade 98.bride 99.bundle 100.damage 101.divide 102.discriminate 103.devote 104.demand 105.burglar 106.butcher 107.burrow 108.bury 109.button 110.burden 111.bull 112.broadcast 113.brochure 114.brilliant 115.disease 116.disgust 117.delight 118.demonstrate 119.Distribute 120.community 121.Consumer 122.combine 123.claim 124.career 125.collapse 126.capacity 127.creative 128.constantly The ship lost its cargo and the merchant lost all his money. The cashier said it only costs 5 Baht. I like to order clothes out of a catalogue. We live in the 21st century. Do not change the channel. I would like to see this. The knife is blunt, you should sharpen it. I got soap in my eye, so everything is a blur. I have a boarder living in my house. He helps to pay the rent. A bomb can kill many people when it explodes. My father has lost all his hair. He is bold. He freed the Jeanie from the bottle. Do not drop the crystal bowl. It is breakable. The brigade group is practicing for combat. Let us cross the river here; there is no bridge down the stream. In the bundle was a baby. I did not want to damage the school. You cannot divide through zero. You cannot discriminate somebody just because they have darker skin. Monks lead a devote life. I demand you tell me the truth. Turn on the burglar alarm or somebody is going to rob your house. A butcher produces meat. Rabbits usually hide in a burrow. Humans usually bury their dead, only some Indians put them on trees. Please close all buttons of your shirt. It is a burden to be responsible for so many children. A bull is supposed to go mad when he sees red. We will not broadcast the show. You can find all the information in this brochure. It was a brilliant plan, still it failed. AIDS is a disease that cannot be cured. I looked at my plate full of fish with disgust. I hate fish. You cannot imagine my delight when I saw him again. In Germany many people demonstrate against nuclear power. I distribute the newspaper in my neighborhood so all people get it in the morning. Our community does not talk much. I am a consumer as soon as I buy something. I can combine many different styles when dressing. You claim you are a reporter, but I know you are a teacher. For some people a career is more important than the family. If you do not build the house carefully it will collapse. I do not have the capacity to store one more item. You and your sister are very creative, you can draw nearly everything. I constantly get in trouble for not doing my homework. I forget it every day.
  4. 4. 129.defend 130.disguise 131.document 132.dominate 133.dawn 134.consumption 135.consult 136.convince 137.confident 138.candidate 139.construct 140.consequence 141.contribute 142.confirm 143.drought 144.decrease 145.dedicate 146.definitely 147.dwelling 148.disable 149.delay 150.disaster 151.display 152.deprive 153.decline 154.desperate 155.demand 156.debate 157.decade 158.defeated 159.dedicate 160.determine 161.ditch 162.duplicate 163.evidence 164.economical 165.eliminate 166.experience 167.extend 168.effort 169.establish 170.enormous 171.exit 172.eager 173.Effective 174.essential You need to know how to defend yourself in case someone attacks you. He did not want to be recognized so he went in disguise. Your birth certificate is an important document. This product is going to dominate the market. Look the sun rises. It is dawn. The consumption was a disease that killed many people in Ireland. You should consult with your friend before making this decision. I want to convince you that you can trust me. I am confident that I will pass the test. I candidate for president of the USA, maybe they will vote for me. Please construct a house that is going to be big and look good. If you skip school you have to carry the consequence of it . I hope I can contribute to make this world a better place. Please confirm that you got this email. There is a terrible drought in Africa and many people starve from it. The value of the gold ring will decrease again. He will dedicate a lot of time to reach his goal. I will definitely call you. I have my dwelling in Thailand now. You should not disable Sarah from going to college. The heaviness will delay the letter. The Tsunami wave was a big disaster. We display many things in our window. He deprived her of all her dignity. The decline of deforestation is a great achievement he was desperate for attention, that’s why he behaved so badly. I demand an explanation of why you are late. The debate took a long time. They could not agree on one point. Joe and Sue had not seen each other for at least a decade. The army was defeated by the enemy. I dedicate a lot of time to studying. Your grades will determine if you can go to university. My hat fell into the ditch, now it is all wet. Could you please duplicate these forms for me? Evidence show that he is the murderer. It is also not economical to let the water run all the time. She wants to eliminate all her opponents. You have to get a lot of experience before becoming a good teacher. I would like to extend my stay in your hotel. You have to make an effort to be popular. It is not easy to establish a business in this town. The building was enormous. It was over 200m tall. Use the emergency exit in case of fire. He was eager to get to know her parents. The new computer was very effective. Water is essential for all living beings.
  5. 5. 175.earthquake 176.encourage An earthquake destroyed Tokyo. He wanted to encourage me, so he told me I was good enough to pass the test. 177.entire He cleaned the entire building. 178.equipment If you go mountain climbing you need to have the right equipment. 179.entry Please pay at the entry. 180.exist A cure for cancer does not exist. 181.extinguish The firemen did extinguish the fire. 182.extinct The Dodo became extinct in the 18th century. 183.enamel The pot is made of enamel. 184.explore The men explore the unknown land. 185.experiment He found out about the habits of mice in an experiment. 186.emit The lamp did emit light. 187.expansion The expansion to the west was brought to a halt by the river. 188.exempted This school was exempted from contributions. 189.ecology Managers should know a lot about ecology. 190.enable she enabled him to pass his exam by helping him. 191.external The skin is an external organ. 192.estimate Could you estimate the number of people in this room? 193.excellent She is an excellent student. She only gets A’s. 194.encourage She did encourage her daughter every day to try her best. 195.examine The doctor is going to examine you. 196.exception Good students are an exception in this class. 197.extract I extract the juice from the orange. 198.exchange I would like to exchange this dress. It does not fit me. 199.endure You had to endure many hardships to get here. 200.emerge He will emerge from the ocean. 201.emotion Love is the strongest emotion. 202.exhibition The black ivory is part of a permanent exhibition. 203.explode The bomb will explode if you are not careful. 204.efficient It is not efficient to sit around and do nothing. 205.executive The chief executive of the bank fired him. 206.endanger Humans endanger many animals. 207.enclose I swill enclose my CV to my application. 208.entertainment Watching TV is a great entertainment. 209.exceed The results will exceed the expectations. 210.exclude The invitation will exclude your boyfriend. I do not like him. 211.emphasis The professor put a lot of emphasis on this topic. 212.elegant Your dress is very elegant. 213.exhaust Do not exhaust yourself by running so far. 214.fluency The fluency of my English was caused by a year in America. 215.function How does a computer function? 216.feeble He will not believe you if your arguments are so feeble. 217.fatal It was a fatal mistake to trust the murderer. 218.financial I like to read the Financial Times -a newspaper from the USA. 219.fascinate Your eyes fascinate me. I cannot look away.
  6. 6. 220.fertile 221.float 222.fuel 223.fund 224.familiar 225.famous 226.feature 227.firm 228.fishmonger 229.flesh 230.flight 231.flaunt 232.fond 233.footpath 234.foreigner 235.fork 236.frog 237.fog 238.forward 239.founder 240.freeze 241.fowl 242.fragment 243.fraud 244.fury 245.fulfill 246.fruitful 247.general 248.gigantic 249.glorious 250.generation 251.genuine 252.generate 253.gather 254.garage 255.garment 256.gem 257.gentle 258.gesture 259.giant 260.giggle 261.glamour 262.gloom 263.grant 264.grateful 265.gravity The ground is very fertile, so you can grow vegetable on it. In Ayutthaya there is a market that floats on the river. You need to buy fuel for your motorcycle. There is a fund to help poor children go to college. Oh yes, I am very familiar with Shakespeare’s plays. Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. You have a beautiful feature. He has a very firm handshake. You buy fish from a fishmonger. The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak. We are going to Hawaii next month. I already booked the flight. You flaunt through the hall as if you are a prince. I am very fond of her. I like her very much. Take the footpath through the forest. He tried to trick the foreigner. Europeans eat with knife and fork. The green frog catches many flies. I could not see very far because of the fog. Even after a catastrophe you have to look forward. Your grandfather was the founder of the city. Put on a jacket or you are going to freeze to death. I like to eat fowl more than pork. We only found a fragment of this ancient text. You will not get through with this fraud. She was in a fury because he was late. Everyone should fulfill his dreams. The palm tree is very fruitful. A general is the commander on the army. Mount Everest is gigantic. Everyone worshiped him after his glorious victory. Our generation will have to solve many ecological problems. He was a genuine person and never lied. I will generate a new computer program. Witches gather on special mountains on Halloween. Please put the car in the garage. He produces garment fabric to make jeans. Please put this gem into the ring. She is a gentle person. She is always very kind. This gesture of him meant a lot to me. A giant is a very big person. The girls giggled behind his back. Pop stars lead a live full of glamour. The gloom leads to her self-destructive behavior. I can only grant you four minutes with him. I am so grateful that you will watch the kids. Gravity makes all things drop to the ground.
  7. 7. 266.greedy 267.grind 268.grumble 269.guarantee 270.guava 271.gust 272.huge 273.herbal 274.hazard 275.heal 276.hospitable 277.haunted 278.Harmony 279.heaven 280.heritage 281.hoe 282.honest 283.humble 284.humanity 285.humid 286.hypothesis 287.horror 288.habitat 289.habit 290.handicap 291.healthy 292.hinder 293.household 294.harmful 295.hesitate 296.herb 297.hiccup 298.hijack 299.hostage 300.hurl 301.improve 302.impressive 303.increase 304.instant 305.irritate 306.information 307.inhabit 308.individual 309.identify 310.intrude He is so greedy, he does not share his money. He is going to grind the axe to make it sharp again. I grumble at you because I am annoyed by your presence. I cannot guarantee that we will have free rooms. I like to eat guava very much. A gust blew my hat away. This building is huge. Herbal teas sometimes help better than chemical medicine. It is a hazard to drive without the seatbelts on. Your wounded heart will heal soon. He is not very hospitable, he did not even offer me tea. This house is haunted. There are ghosts in it. Don not disturb the harmony in our family. Christians believe they will go to heaven if they lead got lives. Your ancestors leave you your heritage. The seven dwarfs each carried a hoe to work in the mines. I am a very honest person and always pay my bills. Our maid is very humble and never tries to be bigger than herself. Many of our environmental problems are not caused by humanity. During the rainy season it is really humid. Before starting an experiment you always state a hypothesis. You should have seen the horror on her face when I scared her. Each animal has its habitat. Chewing your fingernails is a bad habit. He sits in a wheelchair because he has a handicap. She is healthy as a horse and never gets sick. You will not hinder me from visiting her. My mum takes care of the household. Smoking is very harmful to your health. Do not hesitate, simply do it. Put the herb in the soup and it will taste better. I have got a hiccup. It is really annoying. The bandit is going to hijack the coach. He is holding the girl hostage so that no one would come in. Hurl the ball as far as you can. This will improve your posture. This is an impressive painting. The amount of CO2 in the air will increase when we chop down the forests. I love to eat instant noodle soup. I am going to irritate my older sister. Thank you for the information. Strange people inhabit this island.. Humans have to except that we are all equal individuals Please show us your passport and identify yourself. I am sorry to intrude, but there is an important call on the line.
  8. 8. 311.injure 312.inflammation 313.incredible 314.impose 315.inflection 316.indicate 317.ignorance 318.intentionally 319.institution 320.invest 321.invade 322.integrate 323.inferior 324.illustrate 325.interview 326.include 327.income 328.integral 329.imitate 330.ideal 331.interior 332.influence 333.inhibit 334.implement 335.instruct 336.identify 337.impact 338.innocent 339.inquire 340.inquisitive 341.insult 342.intelligible 343.interrupt 344.intervene 345.invalid 346.issue 347.isolate 348.itch 349.item 350.jeopardy 351.junk 352.jaywalker 353.jealous 354.jewelry 355.journal 356.joint If he is not careful he will injure himself. He has an inflammation in his wound. It is incredible that you do not know the simplest things. He did impose a ban on calling him by his first name. This was the point of inflection. From here on everything went wrong. It will indicate a strong rise in temperature. Your ignorance will be the cause of your downfall. You know I would never intentionally hurt you. It was an accident. They can help him in this institution. I will invest all my money in Apple. My armies will invade all of the world. We should integrate the new student in the class. Some people think of others as inferior to them. Please draw some pictures so we can illustrate this book. Would you give me an interview? I want to write an article about you. The price does not include food and drink. You have to pay the extra. I have only a small income, so I cannot travel often. The Spa offers an integral treatment for the whole body. I can imitate a bird. I want to find the ideal birthday present for my friend. The interior of the apartment was designed by a specialist. I can influence many people because I am a teacher. You are going to install an unlock inhibit system. Use an implement to open the box. I am going to instruct you what to do. Miss, can you identify the thief? The decision is going to have a huge impact on my life.. I did not steel your pen. I am innocent. Go and inquire at the office if they got anything else for me to do. My son is really inquisitive. He wants to know all sorts of things. You cannot insult me and get away with it. Thos topic is not intelligible to me. Sorry to interrupt you, but you made a mistake. You will not intervene with my plan. This passport is invalid, you need a new one. We are going to issue a article on cars this month. You cannot isolate babies, it kills them. The mosquito bites itch so much. I want to buy this item. You put the plan in jeopardy with your behavior. You cannot put you junk in the forest. When driving your car beware to not run over a jaywalker. You do not need to be jealous, you are richer than I am. All women like to get jewelry. I keep a journal in which I write all my secrets. My sister and I were joint at the hip. We did everything together.
  9. 9. 357.judge 358.justify 359.jury 360.knowledge 361.keen 362.ketchup 363.kidnap 364.kiosk 365.knight 366.kneel 367.kindergarten 368.kitten 369.kitchen 370.leisure 371.locate 372.label 373.launch 374.luxury 375.liberation 376.landscape 377.language 378.lapse 379.lash 380.launder 381.leadership 382.leak 383.legal 384.legend 385.legible 386.license 387.liar 388.loan 389.lounge 390.luggage 391.lurch 392.lozenge 393.loosen 394.majority 395.material 396.message 397.massage 398.manual 399.mixture 400.minority Do not judge a book by its cover. Can you justify your actions? The jury will decide over your score. Knowledge will help you pass the test. I am not too keen on spending the night in this old house. I like to put ketchup on my French fries. I will kidnap his son to get some money. You can buy newspapers and coffee at a kiosk. A knight usually sits on a horse. You have to kneel before the king. Kids under the age of 6 go to kindergarten. A kitten is a baby cat. We cook food in the kitchen. I like to read in my leisure time. It is sometimes hard to locate you. There is a label on nearly every product. You can launch the racket now. All people would like to lead a life in luxury. The liberation of the slaves was the biggest achievement of the Civil war. I admire the beautiful landscape of Thailand. English is a foreign language. After working for 10 hours he experienced a lapse of concentration. When I am mad I tend to lash out irrationally. Could you please launder my pants for me? He never wanted the leadership, but he accepted it. The smallest leak can sink a ship. Be sure that the business is legal. There is a legend concerning the beginnings of the village. Your writing is not legible, I cannot read it. Do you have a driver’s license? You lied to me. You are a liar. I am going to get a loan on the house. I will meet you at the lounge. The steward will take care of your luggage . He left me sitting in the lurch and went away. The lozenge-shaped decoration was very pretty. Oh, come on loosen up. Do not be so tight. The majority liked the idea. The hammer was made of weak material. I did not get your message. I am going to get a Thai massage. When electricity breaks down you are going to have to do everything manual. The drink was a mixture of strawberry and cherry juice. In a democracy the minority is not important.
  10. 10. 401.modify 402.narrow 403.naughty 404.nonsense 405.neighbor 406.occur 407.oblige 408.observe 409.obtain 410.obvious 411.oppose 412.occasion 413.obstacle 414.offend 415.preserve 416.precise 417.pollution 418.permanent 419.property 420.prominent 421.provide 422.persuade 423.particular 424.prohibit 425.qualification 426.quarrel 427.quiver 428.recreation 429.responsible 430.reflect 431.resist 432.ridiculous 433.reliance 434.remote 435.survive 436.surrounding 437.separate 438.suspicion 439.sufficient 440.severe 441.sympathy 442.sensible 443.stimulate 444.significant 445.temporary 446.trend I can modify the text, so that even 12-year-olds can understand it. We should cross the river at this point. It is narrow. Naughty children will not get a present from Santa. Stop talking nonsense. I go to the neighbor to borrow some sugar. It did never occur to me that you could know the answer. I oblige you to the rules. If you are very quiet you can observe the animals. I can obtain all records of the band. It was too obvious that you were hiding under the bed. I will not oppose you when you say it is necessary. Congratulations for this special occasion. I had to overcome more than one obstacle to reach this place. I do not want to offend anybody, but this is stupid. It is a good way to preserve food in the fridge. In math you have to be very precise. The earth suffers from the pollution of man. Sunburn is not permanent. The house belongs to his property. I think I know him. Maybe he is prominent. The canteen is going to provide meals to the pupils. She is trying to persuade me to come with her to the theatre. He likes plants but had a particular interest in palm trees. The government did prohibit gambling. Speaking English is a good qualification. If you disagree with the opinion of another, you have a quarrel. It’s cold in here. Look, I start to quiver. He goes sunbathing for recreation. A mother is responsible for her child. Some people try to reflect the reason of living. Some people cannot resist smoking. He looks ridiculous in that clown-costume. The people should have reliance in the state. The hill tribes live in remote areas of Thailand. In a dessert it is hard to survive. The forest is surrounding the mountain. Boys and Girls use separate bathrooms. I have the suspicion that you took the last piece of cake. 2000 calories a day are sufficient for a normal man. Sometimes test in school can be severe. If someone likes you, you got sympathy. If you always do your homework, you are sensible. Colors and aromas stimulate our senses. There is a significant different between men and women. The rainy season is only temporary. Most people in Europe choose their clothes according to the newest
  11. 11. 447.treatment 448.tremendous 449.talent 450.tolerate 451.valid 452.various 453.vast 454.visible 455.wounded 456.withdraw 457.ultimately 458.yawn 459.wealthy 460.wallet 461.vomit 462.voluntary 463.vivid 464.versus 465.media 466.mature 467.merchandise 468.manipulate 469.manage 470.maintain 471.magnitude 472.marvelous 473.massive 474.measure 475.mystery 476.myth 477.nutrition 478.native 479.normal trend. There is more than one treatment for the flu. She has tremendous depts. Creative writing is a talent. He does tolerate immigrants. The passport is valid until the end of 2011. In a compilation, various contents are gathered. An Elephant is vast in comparison to a human. Something you see is visible. During fights, people often get wounded. He is going to withdraw from the contest and go home. Ultimately only one contestant can win. If I am tired, I have to yawn. A rich person is wealthy. I put my money in my wallet. If you are sick, you may have to vomit. Most students work voluntary in foreign countries. The teacher makes the lessons very vivid. The boys fight one versus another. TV is a media that reaches almost everyone. She is 40 years old. So she is mature. Most Movies make more money with the Merchandise than with the movie itself. Deceivers manipulate their victims. There are many things a Janitor has to manage. You have to maintain your car to keep it going. Earthquakes have different magnitudes. I had a marvellous weekend. Everything was great. Stone is more massive than butter. The metric system is used for measures in Thailand since 1940. The disappearing of so many ships and Airplanes in Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery. Vampires and Werewolves are a myth. Vegetables are part of a balanced nutrition. Indianans are the native Americans. Everyone has its own definition for normal. รวบรวมโดย นายโสภณวิชญ์ อินแก้ว ่ ตาแหน่ง ครู วิทยฐานะ ชานาญการ โรงเรียนสา ต.กลางเวียง อ.เวียงสา จ.น่าน เว็บไซต์ www.krudoremon.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/kroosoponnawit email: 355874@gmail.com