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Writing skill nuy,tomg,beam

  1. 1. Unit: My interest/opinion Topic: Holiday travel Matthayomsuksa 5
  2. 2. - What did you see in the video? - Where is the number one vacation spot in the world ? - Have you ever been a place in the video? Where?
  3. 3. Vocabulary
  4. 4. weekend (n.) Saturday and Sunday, the two days in the week when many people do not work Ex: I'm going home for the weekend.
  5. 5. story (n.) a description of events that actually happened or that are invented Ex: My daughter won’t go to bed without hearing a bedtime story.
  6. 6. happy (adj.) feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction Ex: She looks so happy.
  7. 7. camping (n.) the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper Ex: We're going camping in France this summer.
  8. 8. meal (n.) an occasion when food is eaten, or the food that is eaten on such an occasion Ex: I have my main meal at midday.
  9. 9. interesting (adj.) Someone or something that is interesting keeps your attention because they are unusual, exciting, or have lots of ideas Ex: This place was really interesting.
  10. 10. campsite (n.) a piece of land where people on holiday can camp, usually with toilets and places for washing Ex: The campsite is in a beautiful location next to the beach.
  11. 11. Structure
  12. 12. Past Simple Tense We use the past simple tense to talk about an action or a situation - an event - in the past. The event can be short or long. The structure for positive sentences in the past simple tense is: subject + I went camping. main verb past
  13. 13. The structure for negative sentences in the past simple tense is: subject + auxiliary verb did + not + main verb base He did not go to camp. The structure for question sentences in the past simple tense is: auxiliary verb did + subject Did She go to the school. + main verb base
  14. 14. Weekend stories
  15. 15. Kelly Robert Erin “I had a great weekend. I went to my best friend Halen’s wedding. She got married at home. All her friends and family went. She looked fantastic! She wore a beautiful dress. After the ceremony, her parents served a wonderful meal. I’m really happy for her. And I really like her husband.” “ I had an awful weekend. My friends and I went to a rock concert. I had a terrible time! It took three hours to drive there. I didn’t like the music at all! And after the concert ended, our car broke down! I called my parents, and they came and got home at ten this morning. I am so tired!” “I had an interesting weekend. I went camping or the first time. My friends took me. We left on Saturday and drove to the campsite. First, we put up the tent. Then we build a fire, cooked dinner, and told stories. We got up early on Sunday and went fishing. I caught a fish! I didn’t really like camping, but I learned a lot.”
  16. 16. Directions - Get in pair. - Each pair gets a white board and a pen. - Read the sentences on the power point. - Write the correct sentences on the write board. - Check the answers on the power point together. - Who got high score will be the winner.
  17. 17. 1) went/ to/ his/ parents/ rock concert/ Robert/ a/ with/ .
  18. 18. 2) the/ concert/ It/ get/ home/ to/ three/ took/ hours/ after/ .
  19. 19. 3) every/ Erin/ camping/ goes/ weekend/ .
  20. 20. 4) fishing/ Saturday/ went/ Erin/ friends/ and/ her/ on/ .
  21. 21. 5) got/ ten/ Robert/ night/ home/ o’clock/ at/ last/ .
  22. 22. 1) Robert went to a rock concert with his parents.
  23. 23. 2) It took three hours to get home after the concert.
  24. 24. 3) Erin goes camping every weekend.
  25. 25. 4) Erin and her friends went fishing on Saturday.
  26. 26. 5) Robert got home at ten o’clock last night.
  27. 27. Write about your weekend
  28. 28. -Brainstorming your ideas about weekend activity. - Drafting your work about 10 minutes. - Get the advice for your writing from teacher. - Revising your writing and write second draft. - Try to make it correctly, then find the partner and check your work together. - Proofreading your work by editing with your partner. -Writing your final draft about 10 minutes.
  29. 29. -Write your story and drawing pictures to describe your story. - Present in from of cartoon book.