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Taryn.tavella portfolio



Published in Design , Business
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  • 1. tavellata@gmail.comFeet incloudsHead inspacetaryn tavella
  • 2. tavellata@gmail.comEver since I was little,my feet have been inthe clouds and headin space. Constantlydreaming and lettingmy mind wander. But,I needed somethingto keep my whimsicalmuses in order. Whichis why I started my blog,a random collection ofimages and inspiration.This is my resource forthe ideation of projectsas well as a way topractice the skill of artdirection.
  • 3. taryn tavellaFEET INCLOUDSHEAD INSPACESep. - May2009 2013Parsons School of DesignBBA. Strategic Design and Management.(Portfolio)(Portfolio)The collectionof art anddesign work ofTaryn TavellaInspiration andcritique ofasthetics anddesign.
  • 4. tavellata@gmail.comaxrylic door knob - 16x16contour line with pencil - 11x17inspirationandcurationARTWORK
  • 5. tavellata@gmail.comphotodandelion that will change from sun into moondoor knob color pencilinspirationandcurationARTWORK
  • 6. tavellata@gmail.cominspirationandcurationMy artwork progressedfrom fine art to a moregraphic aesthetic.Studying the power ofblack and white. Positiveand negative. Type.Texture.The harmony ofopposites.
  • 7. tavellata@gmail.combalck and white acrylic paintfabriano Ingres black paper cutoutinspirationandcurationARTWORK
  • 8. tavellata@gmail.comtypographic studytexture collageinspirationandcurationStudy
  • 9. tavellata@gmail.comNew York City hasalways been a major partof my life. The museumshelp to create the cultureof the city that I thrive for.A rebranding of theMuseum Mile isnecessary in order tocreate its advertisingcampaign. This projectincludes a complete styleguide.
  • 10. tavellata@gmail.comre-branding style guidemuseummilestyleguideBranding
  • 11. tavellata@gmail.commuseummilestyleguideBranding
  • 12. tavellata@gmail.cominspirationandcurationTypography is proofthat opposites cancome together to createsomething beautiful. Thistype specifications bookexplores the fonts ScriptMT and Baskerville. It isin the style of a formalbook of etiquette. ScriptMT is a bold font thatconveys spontaneityand liveliness.Complementing this fontis Baskerville, a serif fontthat is sharp and formal.
  • 13. tavellata@gmail.comtype specifications bookScriptmtadnbaskervilleType Study
  • 14. tavellata@gmail.comScriptmtadnbaskervilleType Study
  • 15. tavellata@gmail.comScriptmtadnbaskervilleType Study
  • 16. tavellata@gmail.cominspirationandcurationInformation graphicsand video was a goodmedium to combine myresearch, typographic,and design skills. Thefollowing are stills froman awareness videoaddressing the harms ofmagazine waste on theenvironment.
  • 17. tavellata@gmail.commagazine waste awareness videoAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 18. tavellata@gmail.comAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 19. tavellata@gmail.comAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 20. tavellata@gmail.cominspirationandcurationPlastic bags havebecome the mainelement in shopping inour society. The followingis a call to action videocampaign giving asolution to the excessof plastic bags; a stylish,foldable, portable, anddurable re-usable bag.
  • 21. tavellata@gmail.cominformation graphic for plastic bag banPlasticbagbaninfographicInfoGraphics
  • 22. tavellata@gmail.comawarenes video for plastic bag banAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 23. tavellata@gmail.comAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 24. tavellata@gmail.comAwarenessvideoVideo
  • 25. tavellata@gmail.comMost remarkable isthe juxtaposition of thenatural and the artificial.I conducted a researchproject on holistic healingthat soon developed intoa study on the placeboand the power of onesmind.
  • 26. tavellata@gmail.comresearch and development methodsproject on the plcebo effectR&D:PlaceboEffectResearch &Development
  • 27. tavellata@gmail.comR&D:PlaceboEffectResearch &Development
  • 28. tavellata@gmail.comR&D:PlaceboEffectResearch &Development
  • 29. tavellata@gmail.cominspirationandcurationYou can find beauty ineverything and everyone.The nonprofit organizationUrban ArtBeat neededa strategy. In a group offive we created a growthplan. I was in charge ofthe marketing segment.
  • 30. tavellata@gmail.comgrowth strategy for non-profit urban art beatGrowingasmallbusinessStrategy
  • 31. tavellata@gmail.comGrowingasmallbusinessStrategy
  • 32. tavellata@gmail.comGrowingasmallbusinessStrategy
  • 33. tavellata@gmail.comCuriosity leads us downnew paths, mappingthem out can createinnovative concepts. Inbusiness models andplanning my groupmembers and I createda business plan for abrand-consulting agency.
  • 34. tavellata@gmail.comBusiness PlanStrategyConsultingBusinessplan
  • 35. tavellata@gmail.comStrategyConsultingBusinessplan
  • 36. tavellata@gmail.comPatterns in society andculture connect to trendsfor the future. Touch wasa trend that we analyzedwhich developed into theidea of involving all thesenses in elements ofdesign and technology.
  • 37. tavellata@gmail.comanlyzing trends - the future of touchAnalyzingtrendsAnalyzingTrends:Touch
  • 38. tavellata@gmail.com AnalyzingtrendsAnalyzingTrends:Touch
  • 39. tavellata@gmail.com AnalyzingtrendsAnalyzingTrends:Touch
  • 40. tavellata@gmail.comExploring can happen inthe city, in companies,and with in yourself.Internships have beenthe ultimate form ofexploration.
  • 41. tavellata@gmail.cominternship yr&g - research and graphic design forhuntspoint greenroof projectInternshipYR&GIntenship
  • 42. tavellata@gmail.comInternshipiyr&g - supplies purchasing cheat sheet for hotelstaffYR&GIntenship
  • 43. tavellata@gmail.cominternship louis vuitton - fashion gps and publicrelationsInternshipLouisVuittoninternship
  • 44. tavellata@gmail.cominternship mbf trend consulting- trend boardinternship mbf trend consulting- trend board andsocial media grapihicsMBFinternshipInternship
  • 45. tavellata@gmail.comInternshipinternship mbf trend consulting- trend book pageredesignMBFInternship
  • 46. taryn tavellaKEEPSPACINGOUTALWAYSso I escpaped into the dreams and fantasies.(TheEND)(TheEND)StrategicDesign andManagementcan help makeideas a realityinnovation,sustainability,quantitativethinking,design and dataanalysis