Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 20


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Vermachtnis Legacy Chapter 20

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vermachtnis Legacy. Heiress Veronica is about to give birth to the 10th child of generation 9, which she and her wife Ericka are getting 15,000 points for each. This is also the 20th grandchild for Sasha, so she gets 30,000 points. Yay points and yay babies!
  2. 2. Yes, I said ‘babies’. As expected, the lifetime perk has assured that Veronica had her fifth set of twins, which actually gives us 11 babies total since Ericka had one while I was figuring out how the pregnancies worked. Anyway, Veronica gives birth to number 10 and hands her off to Ericka while she works on 11.
  3. 3. On the left we have baby girl Yew, an S1 sim with brown eyes and black hair, and her twin, baby boy Yates, who is S4 with black hair and grey eyes. Fun fact: except for Yasmine, who was S2, every child has taken after one of their mothers and been either S1 or S4. Despite there being 11 opportunities for it to pop up, we saw no S3.
  4. 4. Like every single birth before, primary family Veronica and secondary family Ericka are delighted with their offspring and immediately start interacting with them.
  5. 5. Here’s Sasha smustling in the kitchen again, this time with her brother and coworker Sammy, who just spent the night. It makes for a fun little interlude between bits of family business.
  6. 6. The next bit of family business is that it’s time for the toddlers, Yumi and Yuri, to grow up. Everyone in the house but the babies is there to celebrate.
  7. 7. And here they are. Very cute, right? I wonder if Yuri will be the last of the big-eyed sims for this generation (currently there are 4 including him), or whether one of the babies will get big eyes too. And I don’t want to leave Yumi out: she may not have the family eyes, but she’s still very adorable.
  8. 8. These kids love telling secrets so much. It’s practically all they do when left to their own devices.
  9. 9. Another day and another birthday is around the corner, so our middle set of twins give each other a big hug before the party.
  10. 10. Besides Yantse and Yanichel’s birthday, it’s also birthday time for the babies, Yew and Yates. I haven’t mentioned it before, but I had to add an extra island section this generation because of all the two-sets-of- twins birthdays we’ve had.
  11. 11. Yantse, on the left, is a grilled cheese/knowledge sim with the LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches, of course. Yanichel is romance/family and wants to be a professional party guest.
  12. 12. Yew grew up to be very beautiful, though without big eyes. I think she’s one of the cutest kids this generation. Her personality is 3/2/9/6/5.
  13. 13. Yantse and Yanichel heard directly off to join their older siblings at college while they wait for the younger ones to grow up too.
  14. 14. Meanwhile, the birthday for the youngest and last set of twins is not going so great. Yates refuses to grow up, even despite a second cake, and while I was focusing on that, Yew fell asleep sitting up in the center room since her bed is upstairs. Ericka is very worried over this turn of events.
  15. 15. Third cake and Yates still doesn’t want to grow up. He did manage to dirty his diaper while Veronica stands around with him, pointedly not tossing him despite blowing out set after set of candles.
  16. 16. With the fourth cake, whatever was holding Yates back finally lets go, and he grows up just in time for Veronica to bathe her filthy little son.
  17. 17. Now that he’s clean again, let’s take a look at him. Yep, definitely another cutie. His personality is 9/2/10/8/8. Very extreme personality, but I like the combination.
  18. 18. That night: “Hmmm . . . I wonder if that alarm going off will be a problem for me. Oh well, probably not! Now to go on with my thieving ways!”
  19. 19. Oh, god. This is the police officer that showed up. Horrific. Interestingly, the (cute-ish) burglar is named Zaitrarrio Hanby, and this cop is named Ralph Hanby. They look *nothing* alike, so maybe they’re cousins? Go take care of your cousin, Ralph.
  20. 20. Ooh, double-fisted punch directly to the face. The good news is that it really can’t make Ralph’s face any worse.
  21. 21. Ralph is very proud of himself for catching Zaitrarrio, despite the fact that he let him steal a statue first.
  22. 22. The burglar alarm woke everyone up quite early, but they were all too rested up to go back to bed. The moms spent this time to teach the toddlers some skills, since they were too exhausted after their birthday to learn any last night. Meanwhile, the kids play around. Yuri and Yumi get to actually play Punch U – Punch Me, which has been forbidden in this house for the last several generations. With so many mean sims running around, someone invariably got punched really hard, so I always canceled this interaction. Now that the kids are middling to very nice, they actually get to play.
  23. 23. I started realizing as I was playing Yew and Yates that some of the things they did would be the last time those things happened in this legacy, since it will end with the next birth, the 10th generation child. Therefore, this is the last time toddlers will be taught to walk in the Vermachtnis household.
  24. 24. This is the last time they’ll be taught to talk. And oh, how sweet, both kidlets said “mommy” at the same time!
  25. 25. This is the last time a Vermachtnis will be pottytrained!
  26. 26. This is not the last time a Vermachtnis will tell a secret.
  27. 27. “Oh, we are so upset over this statue that we never noticed behind the stairs before! How could he steal something that was so important to us?! And how could the controller be so heartless as to not replace it yet?!” Geez, guys, I just forgot. I’ll get you a new statue so you can ignore it again.
  28. 28. Yew is definitely an animal person. She loves hugging Alison and manages to ensnare her pretty often. Her other animal-loving trait requires a bit of explanation. My game doesn’t show the fish in aquariums, so I bought one just for decoration for Hayden and Sasha’s room. Unfortunately, every so often someone decides to restock it, then no one feeds them and I don’t even know they’re in there. Luckily, the maid cleans it so it never brings down the room score for too long. However, Yew actually rolled a fear of the fish dying, which I have never seen before, so we had to actually feed the invisible fish until she became a child and stopped rolling that fear. Weird.
  29. 29. Last time parents will make best friends with their progeny!
  30. 30. Last time twins will make best friends at the play table. Since there’s so many of them and they’re so spread out, not all of the kids are friends with each other, so this will not be the last time Vermachtnis kids make friends with their siblings, as that will come later, when they’re all in college and I’m playing a few of them.
  31. 31. Still not the last time a secret will be told.
  32. 32. Yumi and Yuri are really, really upset about the burglary. I mean, look at that face. Yumi is one disgruntled kid!
  33. 33. Sasha and Hayden get to retire, as they are quite old. Since all the kids are born and are almost all children or older, I won’t be giving them any more elixir. At least this will pave the way for Ericka to become head of the SCIA without stepping on Sasha’s toes!
  34. 34. Last time kids will maximize their mechanical skill at the play table, even though I didn’t actually capture a picture of that happening.
  35. 35. Still not the last secrets. I have so many pictures of secrets being told. Oddly, most of the secrets told by these two are about Yantse, but nothing special happened to her while she was growing up, so I can’t even fathom what the appeal is.
  36. 36. This is not a spot that I would pick to cuddle in, especially since it’s giving Ericka a snow diaper, but they seem to be enjoying themselves.
  37. 37. Ericka heads off to her first day in the intelligence career, appropriately thinking about being a fortune sim.
  38. 38. Birthday time for Yew and Yates. This will be the last toddler-to- child birthday in the legacy!
  39. 39. For some reason, these two have major problems with birthdays. Although they both successfully had the candles blown out on their cakes and were set down, Yew decided she was too tired (again!) to actually spin and grow up. Meanwhile, Yates grew up just fine, so there was a short amount of time where he was older than his twin.
  40. 40. I finally got Yew to grow up, and she continues to be very lovely. Both of the kids are super cute. All of the kids are super cute, in fact. I’m really happy with this bunch of kids.
  41. 41. I’ve decided that not all of the kids will be eligible for heir. I’ll explain my criteria later, but for now I’ll just say that Yuri is the only one of the four left in the house eligible for heir. That means that Yumi, Yew, and Yates get to goof off because it isn’t as important that they get skills and I was really tired at this point in the generation. Yuri still has to study, however.
  42. 42. Last time homework will be taught.
  43. 43. Unfortunately, this is the last time Sasha will cheat at chess, but it’s not because she gave up the habit.
  44. 44. No, Sasha’s time has come, right when Veronica was about to take the headmaster on a tour to get the last four kids into private school. Grimmie shows up on the porch next to Sasha.
  45. 45. Sasha has been platinum forever, so she of course gets a great sendoff. Veronica is still attempting to give the tour so she ran off, but the kids all came to see their grandma, as you can just barely see in the bottom picture.
  46. 46. Unfortunately, this somehow glitched the headmaster and made him incapable of doing anything or being interacted with. I had to reset him, which made both him and the scenario disappear.
  47. 47. Sasha takes her leave for the Vermachtnis Cemetery. Goodbye, Sasha. You were a great heiress and a lot of fun to play.
  48. 48. On the same night that the former head of the SCIA dies, Ericka comes home as the new head. Coincidence or conspiracy? Anyway, Ericka has reached her second LTW. Her third is to be a Hall of Famer, but she’s about to age up, so it won’t matter because it wasn’t available before she aged.
  49. 49. Most of the family finds comfort in the wake of the loss of Sasha in spending time with their loved ones, but poor Hayden roams the house alone, thinking of his wife.
  50. 50. Luckily, he doesn’t have to grieve for too long. Hayden leaves us the very next day after Sasha, and he too gets a platinum sendoff. But where’s the family?
  51. 51. Well, Hayden had to die at the exact moment that everyone else was locked in to birthday having/watching, so everyone except Alison missed it.
  52. 52. Veronica and Ericka make lovely elders, in my opinion. Part of it is the skins I use, which don’t have much change for elders, but they look great.
  53. 53. “Can you believe this is the last elder birthday in this legacy? And can you believe that we’re finally old and our baby-making days are behind us? It’s all a little weird.”
  54. 54. The next day, Veronica welcomes the headmaster over again for another attempt at getting the kids into private school. This is the last chance for Yumi and Yuri, as they are set to grow up this night.
  55. 55. Veronica is very good at schmoozing because she’s so nice that she never rejects topics. She regales the headmaster with a tale of her family’s alien heritage, and he’s so impressed that he lets all four children into the school. Fortune sim Ericka is ecstatic.
  56. 56. After he leaves, it’s birthday time for Yumi and Yuri. Grow up cute, kids!
  57. 57. And they did! Yumi is romance/popularity with a LTW to woohoo 20 sims. Yuri is grilled cheese/romance with the standard LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. Interestingly, Yuri is the 3rd grilled cheese sim in this generation. I wonder why I’m rolling so many.
  58. 58. They immediately head off to college. Yuri and Yumi were accepted into private school, though they never attended, and that’s good enough for me. We just have to get Yew and Yates to teens, and then it’ll be on to the next generation.
  59. 59. Oh, whoops. I forgot to send Hayden to the cemetery, so his urn sat around in the upstairs hall for a few days. Bye, Hayden. You were a great husband to Sasha and father to your kids. I don’t know why you changed back into your professor uniform in death, but at least you’re comfortable in it, I guess.
  60. 60. Unless something goes horribly awry, these will be the last deaths in the legacy and the last shot of the graveyard. As always, I like to protest that one of the plain graves was from a platinum romance sim that just had to be difficult like that.
  61. 61. Now that’s it’s just the two kids left, I started playing on fast speed a lot more, especially since I wasn’t making them study much. They do still have to go to school and wear their cute uniforms, though. Does it bother anyone besides me that the plaids don’t match between boys and girls? Unless they’re going to different private schools, one for each gender, in which case it kind of makes sense. Hmm.
  62. 62. Even on fast speed and with little supervision, Ericka and Veronica spend nearly all their time together.
  63. 63. Yew and Yates have picked up the habit of telling secrets about Yantse. What did she ever do to you guys? And what secret does she have that’s so interesting?
  64. 64. Of course, they’ll tell secrets about pretty much anybody.
  65. 65. Alison got old. She looks the same as before. I can’t even really tell if she got more white fur. Oh well.
  66. 66. Seriously! What is the deal with Yantse?!
  67. 67. Ericka does a little reflection. She’s been a great addition to the family.
  68. 68. Veronica is such a character. She makes sure to encourage the kids to have lots and lots of babies when they’re adults. Now that she’s an elder, she has the have 20 grandchildren want locked. She also plays drums a lot, and she still makes the best faces with those big eyes.
  69. 69. Last child hug of the legacy! It’s birthday time!
  70. 70. Since everyone else has grown up and moved out, it’s a small little party.
  71. 71. Here’s the very beautiful Yew and handsome Yates, who is doing his owl impression for us. Yew is romance/grilled cheese (there’s grilled cheese again! What’s up with that, die?) and she wants 20 lovers. Yates is fortune/knowledge and he wants to be a criminal mastermind like Ericka was.
  72. 72. Yates rolled some very interesting fears upon becoming a teenager. He had a close-ish brush with the skunk when he was a kid. As soon as he got off the bus, he had the action in his queue to “stroke skunk” and you better believe I canceled that fast. Apparently, despite the fact that nothing happened, that made an impression on him. He is scared of being sprayed by a skunk (yeah, obviously), he is afraid of Yew being sprayed by a skunk (sure, he cares about her), and he is also scared of Zaitrarrio Hanby the burglar being sprayed by a skunk. WTF? He hates Zaitrarrio. Why would he care if he were sprayed?
  73. 73. Regardless, it’s time to bundle Yew and Yates off to college. As the eleventh kid leaves the house, Veronica has just one question: “So, can I have more babies now?” No. No, you cannot. Thanks for reading and check back next time to see all 11 kids in college and how we’re going to pick the heir. Visit SiMania and say hi!