Vermachtnis legacy chapter 12


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Vermachtnis legacy chapter 12

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Vermachtnis Legacy! Last chapter we saw big meanie Palmergrow up, marry Lexie, another big meanie, and produce a passel of little meanies,plus one – a son with maxed nice points named Sid. The other four kids are namedSamwise, Sebastian, Sean and youngest Sasha. Let’s see what they’re up to now.
  2. 2. The oldest three are all children now and the focus shifts to studying. Sammy continues to be a very quick skiller and Sebastian and Seanstruggle to keep up with him. Sean had been a quick skiller as atoddler but something about childhood dumbed him down and heskills sooooo slow as a child.
  3. 3. Sid and Sasha are still little toddlers so there isn’t that muchgoing on with them. They both learn their toddler skills thenspend the rest of their time playing with toys in the nursery orthe play table in the playroom. Because he can’t do that manyinteractions yet, Sid’s niceness hasn’t been much of a contrastwith his siblings, but he does enjoy following the grownupsaround the house.
  4. 4. Despite every single sim in the house(besides Sid) being mean, they allseem to get along pretty well. Liketheir older brothers, Sid and Sashamake best friends at the play tableand are also close to their parentsand grandparents. Palmer and Lexiehave turned out to be excellentparents and they take very good careof their offspring.
  5. 5. Max and Maddie continue to begiddily in love with each other andspend a lot of time interacting. Maxis also very fond of Zoe and becomesher master. Zoe loves fetch andmanages to lure sims outside to playwith her constantly. In betweenworking on her LTW, Lexie headsdowntown to buy birthday gifts forthe kids’ upcoming teen birthdays:phones!
  6. 6. Because he’s been to college and the family has plenty of friends, Palmer quickly reachesthe top of the education career and becomes Minister of Education. Personally, I wouldbe worried about just what he plans to include in the national curriculum.“Alien supremacy, of course!”Hmm. With this, Palmer is now perma-plat and only Lexie’s LTW is left to be fulfilled.Palmer’s new LTW is to be Captain Hero. He is doggedly determined to keep rolling‘good’ wants despite his evil character.
  7. 7. Birthday time has come for Sammy and Sebastian. Please roll good aspirations,you guys!
  8. 8. Sammy rolls romance/popularity withthe LTW to become a Visionary. Youcan’t tell too much from the front,but his nose has really grown hideous. Lexie was hiding a really killer nose.Luckily, only Sammy and Seaninherited it. Nose aside, he’s prettycute, I think. It goes without saying that Sebastian continues to be very cute. He rolls grilled cheese/family with the LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches. Hmm. I know I said I’d attempt the LTW again after Penny, but I wasn’t hoping to do it again so soon. :/
  9. 9. Birthday time has also come for the younger twins on thesame day and they grow up in a different room shortly aftertheir brothers grow up downstairs.
  10. 10. Adorable! Although their eyes are different, Sid looks very similarto Seb. Except for his ears, he’s the only truly ‘normal’ looking simof this generation and the only brunet. He really does stand outfrom his siblings, for looks and personality. Sasha looks a lot likePalmer, if he were a girl. Her eyes are a little smaller, though. Istill think she’s charming and I’m loving that we got so manyredheads this generation.
  11. 11. Now that they’re teens, the boys get back to the business of buildingskills. Parking them on a couch near the snapdragon, with books from theEducation reward bookcase, turns out to be a very efficient way to raisethose skills. Sammy very nearly has eight points in all his skills, thoughSeb isn’t that far behind him.
  12. 12. While they were toddlers, Sean sometimes played with his youngersiblings, but now that they’re all children they can really get to be goodfriends. Because he’s in the middle, Sean is best friends with all of hissiblings.
  13. 13. Sammy begins his romantic conquests with the first poor soul that followshim home off the bus. He doesn’t seem like much of a settling type to me,what with the romance/popularity aspiration, so I’ve resolved to let himcourt whoever comes home with him from school.
  14. 14. “Mom, Dad, Zoe? Not helping. A little privacy, please.”“Hi wife!”“Hi Palmer!”“I got a promotion!”“Arrrrrrgh!”
  15. 15. Lexie’s promotion means that she has become a Celebrity Chef like herfather-in-law and mother-in-law before her. Done and done. All theadults and elders in the house are now perma-platinum. I really lucked outwith the job-related LTWs this generation. Nothing like Max and Maddie’sarduous date LTWs.
  16. 16. The boys are trying to become over-achievers to please family sim Palmer. Ontheir second day of work, they hit a bit of a snag as both are affected byglitches. Seb gets stuck in the carpool car, unable to leave the lot, so I resethim, which makes him disappear from the lot. When I press play, hereappears, but Sammy – who had already been at work for an hour – alsoreappears, though in the inaccessible storage basement. After sorting out thatmess, the boys drive to work (or back to work, in Sammy’s case) and arepromptly scolded for coming in late. Sigh.
  17. 17. Seb kept rolling wants to get good grades – and then fulfilling them – so ittook several days for his aspiration to get low enough to actually turn him intoa grilled cheese sim. We get there eventually, and we’re finally able tocomply with what the die decreed.
  18. 18. Once the youngest twins have good enough grades, the Headmaster issummoned to get them all into private school. He’s more than happy tohelp himself to leftover drinks from Palmer and Lexie’s wedding. Yes,the drinks have been sitting there that long. With June and Mary gone,the bar is rather abandoned.Later, he gets to eat grilled cheese by himself so that he doesn’t talk toolong and mess up getting the kids accepted, as has happened to mebefore. He’s not too impressed with this leg of the visit, but serving thegrilled cheese makes Seb ecstatic.
  19. 19. Lexie has been very interested inmusic, though it’s not her OneTrue Hobby, and she finds a lot oftime to engage in it. Withoutprompting from me, she’s soongetting into the zone whileblogging and changing into herconcert hall duds to play thepiano. It’s pretty rare that any ofthem bother to change out of PJsexcept for work, so the formalclothes are a nice change.
  20. 20. There’s always plenty of play going on at the house. Even though Sid’s niceand everyone else is a big ol’ jerk, the kids seem to get along pretty well.Like I said earlier, Sean is friends with everyone but the older twins and theyounger twins don’t know each other that well because of their agedifference. Sasha was born with strong relationships with both Seb andSammy though, so she likes them just fine despite not interacting withthem much.Sammy is at the top of the teen athletic career as a SimJazzer instructor,and unfortunately he can’t wear his own hair to work I guess, so he runsaround with a different haircut whenever he’s in uniform.
  21. 21. “Tragically, our Idiots’ Club meetings have been interrupted by the distinct lackof nurseries in the house at the present time. Luckily for us, we can relocate tothe hall. Okay everybody, hang loose!”
  22. 22. Seb and Sammy keep working at their skills and eventually get all the skilling scholarships. They’re almost ready to go to college but not quite yet.Through building many block towersand then gleefully smashing themdown, Sasha manages to maximizeher mechanical skill, a want thatshe’s actually had locked for a longtime.
  23. 23. The teens spend most of their freetime skilling, but the kids have plentyof play time. Sid and Sasha havebecome especially fond of showing offfor any passing grown-ups.
  24. 24. “Um, a little privacy, please?”“Sorry, Palmer. Don’t know the meaning of that word.”“Not now, honey. I’m planning on doing ‘hang loose’ at your father.”
  25. 25. I would like to share a small victory that I’ve had. Maddie is supermessy and I dread whenever she needs to improve her hygieneneed because she leaves puddles as large as the bathroom is widewhenever she showers. I rarely have my sims bathe if I’mcontrolling them, but I discovered that she does not leave puddles ifshe takes a bath, so now she gets to bathe all the time. Very clever,Maddie. At least you won’t spend so much time mopping now.
  26. 26. While his brother continues towoo any poor teen that followshim home, Sebastian has lesssuccess. He tried making nicewith the paper girl but he’s notvery good at conversing and theyleave each other’s presence with-1 lifetime relationship.Eventually Seb brings a nice-looking girl home from school,but she admits that she thinkshe’s super barfy as soon as shesteps off the bus, so she’s quicklyushered off the lot. Sebastianjust isn’t having much luck in theromantic department.
  27. 27. While Sebastian contemplates his loneliness with the company of thebushes, Sammy is already making friends with his next conquest.
  28. 28. The kids keep bringing people home and it makes for a rather crowdedsidewalk. Now that Sammy and Seb have grown out of their age group,Morris’ sons are now coming home with the younger twins. I don’t knowwhy that particular group of three children keeps getting chosen by thegame to come home with people, but it sure likes sending them here. Eh,they make good friend material and it’s always nice to see relatives.
  29. 29. Now that she’s at maximum enthusiasm, Lexie has become ahobby busybody. The piano is pretty popular, but no one canplay it without her rushing over to give tips – wanted or not.
  30. 30. The whole family is pretty musical, in fact. The drums gotadded because Seb finally wanted something that wasn’tgrilled cheese so it was easy aspiration points for him withoutthe downside of subtracted fitness points.
  31. 31. “Hey, Morris Jr. What? No, I’m just watching my older brother make out withanother throwaway townie. He’ll be old news by tomorrow. Yeah, I’m surethis is a totally healthy thing for me to witness. No problems here.”
  32. 32. Poor Sean is a victim of Middle Child Syndrome, and hedoesn’t even get a cake to celebrate his teen birthdaywith.
  33. 33. During the celebration, Morriscomes over to pick up his sonsbut he’s got a little somethingon his mind.“I hate Elle. We fought and Ilost.”No you didn’t. You won.What’s your problem? Did youlose some other fight that Idon’t know about?“I hate Elle.”Fine, whatever.
  34. 34. Here’s Sean as a teenager. He finally gets to sit on the Teenage Couchof Skilling, but he is still so slow. Although the older boys have alreadygot their skills at 8 or above, I can tell it’s going to take forever to getSean there.Sean’s aspiration is knowledge/grilled cheese and he has the LTW tomax 7 skills. Perfect for such a slow sim.
  35. 35. Even Sasha makes a better teenage skiller than Sean, and she’s noteenager. Oddly enough, she keeps rolling skilling wants so shespends some time on the couch as well.
  36. 36. Now that Sean has joined him in teenager-dom, Seb tries to getin a little grilled cheese talk before being bullied by Sean.There’s some of that mean sim! I was starting to get a littleworried, what with how everyone was friends and just playedwith each other.
  37. 37. While Sammy’s last date drops off a fountain for us, the threeteenagers take turns leaving for college. Their youngest siblingsstill have a few more days before they can join them.
  38. 38. “Hey, former coworker of Seb, hang loose!”Oh great. Until now, the infection had just been passed around thehouse but now it’s been spread into the community at large. I can seeit now: my entire neighborhood is going to be filled with brainless simshanging loose at each other.
  39. 39. The malady is alive and well in the home still. It has such astrong effect on the intelligence of sims that Sasha doesn’t eventake care to avoid phasing into her grandmother’s leg.
  40. 40. This is . . . you know what? Idon’t even know her name. She’sa coworker of Sebastian’s but shehung out at the house long afterhe went to college. I lost track ofher for a while and when sheturned up again, she was in herunderwear and awkwardly doing‘hang loose’ to Madeleine. Howdid she end up in her underwear? I have NO idea. There issomething kind of screwed up inmy game with visitor behavior.Either that or the townies arereally losing it.
  41. 41. Aww, parent hugging. Palmer and Lexie are beloved by all their kids.They’re actually rather sweet for a family of mean sims. That makes thema bit more difficult to write for though.
  42. 42. Sasha and Sid get a headstart on theirteen skilling so they can join theirbrothers in college sooner. Meanwhile,Lexie takes an interest in logic andbegins rolling want after want,culminating in a sweet 8,000 pointswhen she maxes it. Sid is happy to joinher along the way. In general, Sid reallyenjoys being with his family and isalways interacting with someone.
  43. 43. “Okay Zoe, come here!”“I am here, silly. We’re standing a foot and a half apart.”“Dogs can’t talk, Zoe.”Zoe learns her first – and let’s be honest, probably last – trick fromSasha, who has become (along with Max) one of Zoe’s favoritepeople.
  44. 44. Learning the trick comes just in time for us to say that Zoe did somethinguseful during her adult dog years. It seems like just yesterday (okay,yesterday plus four years ago) that she was born, but she’s already anelder. She’s the first pet I’ve played to elder stage in my game and I’mgoing to be really sad when she’s gone. The Vermachtnis family will missher a lot too – they all really like her.
  45. 45. This is our fire tree. We keep it around because lightening rods are tooboring for my sims. It’s much more exciting for the willow to catch fireduring every single storm that passes through Halcyon River Hills. Thanksfor such neat code, developers – it sure does keep the game interesting!
  46. 46. The boys come home for a visit from college one night. They’re all lookinggood: they’ve matured nicely, and Sean and Sammy’s noses have growndisproportionately from the rest of their body. Just what I was hoping for.*sigh*
  47. 47. Lexie has become addicted to blogging and now autonomously blogs aboutseveral different hobbies, no longer just Music and Dance. She’s turninginto quite the little hobbyist. Out of all my sims, she seems to be gettingthe most benefit from Freetime.
  48. 48. Ah, mean sims. Leave them to themselves for a little while and this is whatyou get – lots of arguments with people they’re on perfectly good termswith. If they weren’t already in such good relationships, I would havefights breaking out left and right based on the number of arguments thatthey all have. As you can see, Max is a frequent offender despite havingthe second highest number of nice points in the house – a whopping threepoints. Yep, except for Sid, they’re all jerks. The arguments are actuallykind of entertaining so I wouldn’t mind so much except that it sends thekids running from the room, crying. Not cool.
  49. 49. Wolf fight!On the front steps!In the middle of the night!That is all.
  50. 50. After many, many days, the Law Enforcement career finally comes up on thecomputer and Palmer is able to start working towards his second LTW ofbecoming Captain Hero. Lexie’s second LTW is to become a Visionary butthe art career hasn’t turned up yet. The downside of having so manycareers is that it makes it a lot harder to find particular ones. If either ofthem had wanted to be an oceanographer, though, they could have joinedthe career about five times over by now.
  51. 51. One little hug before they grow up – which Sid loves and Sasha smiles for through gritted teeth.It’s finally time for the last of thegeneration to become teenagersand eventually head to college.
  52. 52. A quick makeover for a picture, and then it’s two calls to college for the youngest twins of generation seven.Sid is fortune/knowledge with the LTW to be aworld class ballet dancer. Cute.Sasha is popularity/family – someone whowants to be loved, obviously – and her LTW isto be a celebrity chef. Great – we can get threegenerations of celebrity chefs in the house ifshe gets picked to be heir. How necessary!
  53. 53. Everyone finally arrives atcollege and gets their new lookssettled. Sid finally tries a newhaircut. You can see thetragedy of Sean and Sammy’snoses pretty clearly here.Sammy is majoring in Art,Sebastian in History, Sean inEconomics, Sid in Drama andSasha in Philosophy.
  54. 54. So begins the process of getting all five kids into the ancestralGreek house. Mr. Talin Bui, our placeholder, starts with Sebastianand works his way through making friends with all of them beforeI remember that once one of them joins, he or she can bring onthe siblings that they’re already friends with. Whoops.
  55. 55. Okay already, you guys!The looseness is hung!The hanging has been done loosely!Now the hung items are all loose!Please move on.
  56. 56. Sasha settles in for a long bout of research in the Urele Ara Hohlibrary. Seb sits down for a chat but eventually joins her. Whenthey’re both done pledging and join up, they have full study bars.That makes my life a bit easier! Well done, sims.
  57. 57. Not all the decisions that these fivemake while pledging are good ones,however. Sasha and Sid spend a goodamount of time dancing, despite thefact that neither of them have everdanced before, resulting in quite thelittle comedy in one corner of thehouse. Sammy sits down to enjoysome rotten pizza while Sashawatches him carefully, abstainingfrom the pizza herself.
  58. 58. “Did you hear? Your mother . . . tee hee . . . she married . . . ha ha . . .your father! Oh, the drama!”Talin, you make Arthur Masterpiece look like a good gossiper. At leastabductions are mildly scandalous, unlike weddings. Hmph.
  59. 59. “Um, who are you and what are you doing here, little guy?”“Oh, I’m Peter Vermachtnis, one of Morris’ sons. I called Sasha on thephone and she answered so I thought I’d invite myself over and standoutside your porch and smustle awkwardly. Why, is that a problem?”
  60. 60. Once everyone is a member of thehouse, Talin can head back to thedorms for another generation. Sashaand Sebastian are all studied up for thissemester, but the other three have towork on their assignments and termpapers to catch up.
  61. 61. Here’s the difference between very, very mean sims and very, very nice sims. Sasha, a zero-pointer, scowls even during a great convo with her new best friend brother.Sid, a ten-pointer, goes around givinghugs and family kisses to everyone.Luckily most everyone likes him sothey don’t reject him. It wouldprobably crush his sweet little heart.
  62. 62. Since she’s now a popularity sim, Sasha is very interested in making friendswith her two older brothers. A little hanging out, a few hugs, and everyone’sbesties.
  63. 63. Were you worried that thebathtub would get lonelywithout Palmer there to bathein, play in, and clean it?Well, worry no longer! He’sneither particularly playful norneat so the bathtub doesn’t getthe variety of attention it usedto, but Sid makes sure to keep itcompany by taking frequentbubble baths instead of studying.
  64. 64. Sammy starts cutting a romantic swathe across campus, beginning with hisprofessors. Despite his deformed nose, he’s pretty successful with this romancestuff. He also goes on a series of dates all across downtown and Bluewatersearching for male NPCs. Most of the male NPCs are either hideous or are onesthat we’ve already had in the legacy. The boys are all straight or bi so they get amate if they are chosen, but Sasha needs a possible mate if she becomes heiress, aswell as any future female heirs. We eventually find an attractive male professor aswell as a few other potentials. Thanks, Sammy!
  65. 65. The last popularity sim I played a lot was June Vermachtnis. Like her great-grandmother, Sasha spends a lot of time on the phone. Unlike June, however, Sashais really bad at conversation and gets a lot of negatives while she’s talking. I like toimagine that she’s saying really inappropriate things.“Your son is totally hot! I want to . . .”“Yeah, I thought your haircut made you look pretty ugly. What? What’s wrong?”
  66. 66. “Hello, Professor Goopy Fancey*? Would you give me the answersto the exam tomorrow? What do you mean that’s not anappropriate question? All you people and your manners and yoursocial mores are really starting to bum me out. And your toupee isway stupid, FYI. Okay, see you in class, Prof!”*I did not make this name up.
  67. 67. The older twins actually got up to eight points in all their skills and Sasha hasquite a few as well thanks to being a good skiller. Sid and poor, slow Seanare pretty deficient so they have to do a fair amount of studying just to beable to fill up their study bars. They spend *a lot* of time in the librarythese days.
  68. 68. Eventually everyone is pretty caught upfor the semester and it’s time for play.It’s no surprise that the musicalinstruments are a big draw. All three ofthe oldest boys have games as their OneTrue Hobby, so there’s plenty of gamingthat goes on as well.
  69. 69. With a successful first year behind them, the seventh generation of theVermachtnis family is ready to continue growing and improving in college,moving inexorably forward to the eighth generation. But to get there, weneed to pick an heir first so let’s go ahead and do that. Keep clicking forstats on the five kids and then you can vote on them at SiMania. Thanksfor reading!
  70. 70. Samwise “Sammy” Vermachtnis – the Long-nosed LotharioRomance/popularity – Become Visionary7/8/9/10/1
  71. 71. Sebastian Vermachtnis – the Cheddar CutieGrilled cheese/family – Eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches10/8/4/10/0
  72. 72. Sean Vermachtnis – the Rudimentary ReaderKnowledge/grilled cheese – Max 7 skills7/8/9/10/1
  73. 73. Sid Vermachtnis – the OutlierFortune/knowledge – Become World-Class Ballet Dancer4/7/10/4/10
  74. 74. Sasha Vermachtnis – the Controversial ConverserPopularity/family – Become Celebrity Chef8/8/10/1/0
  75. 75. Until next time . . .“Hang loose, everyone!”*headdesk*