SiMania joint legacy - chapter 11


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SiMania joint legacy - chapter 11

  1. 1. Welcome back to the story of my family’s legacy, dear readers. It had been a while since Igraduated college and I was just waiting for my fiancée, Zethamae, so that we could getmarried. She had stayed behind at college to finish her schooling. While I waited for herto arrive, I made sure to get a job in the athletic career so that I could fulfill my lifetimewant. Thanks to my degree and my maxed skills, it wasn’t long before I was perma-plat.(Hello again, readers! It’s me, Taube. Thanks for coming back for my second chapter onthis turn. If I have anything to add to Katherine’s narration, I’ll add it down here like this.Please enjoy the story!)
  2. 2. I realized I never showed off our newhouse, mostly because I didn’t live in itfor long before I went to college. It’s avery large, spacious house with sunnyyellow paint and lots of flowers outside. (Okay, overhead-shot-enthusiasts, here we go. Top, clockwise from top right: elder bedroom, playroom, bathroom, nursery, girls’ bedroom, boys’ bedroom, bathroom, adult bedroom. Big room is just a hallway and has some pet stuff. Bottom, clockwise from top right: kitchen/dining, bathroom (pet room next to it), activity/hobby room, main hall, living room, study. Whew!)
  3. 3. When Zethamae moved in, the first thing she did was get to know myparents. She had met them briefly at the toga party we hosted back at theGreek house, but now she really wanted to be friends with them. Zethamaeis like that: she always wants to be friendly with everybody, but especiallyfamily. “After all,” she said. “After our wedding tomorrow, they’ll be myparents-in-law.”
  4. 4. The morning of the wedding, we allgot dressed. It was a summerwedding so Zethamae and I decidedon short, breezy dresses that fit thecasual theme. It was going to be asmall wedding. Even though she hadbeen dreaming about gettingmarried since she was a young girl,Zethamae was fine with an intimatewedding with just close family.My parents, Zethamae, and I hadsome time to kill before the weddingstarted. Dad paid me complimentson my dress before – of course –flirting with Mom. Zethamae andKristin talked shoes and I checkedout the wedding area to make sure itwas all ready.
  5. 5. Luke showed up and he and Kristin got dressed. They settled in withMom and Dad and the music started.
  6. 6. Standing at the altar made me feel light-headed with joy. Here wasthe woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and she waswilling to marry me! I was practically giddy as we said our vows.Even though I’m a romance sim, marriage didn’t bother me.Instead, all I was thinking about was Zethamae and how happy Iwas to have her near again.
  7. 7. We kissed and it was official – my bride was now Zethamae McManiaand I was now a married woman.
  8. 8. After the ceremony, we couldn’t stay too serious. Zethamae startedup a school cheer and I just had to join in. I love my silly, spiritedwife.(Sigh. Sims. Can’t even stay serious for a few minutes at their ownwedding.)
  9. 9. Not long after the wedding, we left for our honeymoon. We haddecided to go to Takemizu. We packed our bags, caught theshuttle, and off we went.
  10. 10. Our vacation was pretty amazing.Besides having plenty of time torelax, we learned a lot too. We metan old wise man who told us a locallegend. We also studied the ways ofzen and I even learned to teleportfrom a ninja!
  11. 11. It wasn’t all intellectual pursuits on ourtrip, though. We spent plenty of timerelaxing, whether that meant kickingback in the hot springs or enjoying afriendly game of mahjong. We alsospent lots of time together, just beinglovey-dovey newlyweds.
  12. 12. However, not everything on the trip was pleasant. We got attackedby bees after taking a tour and spent a long time running aroundtrying to escape from them. I also got a really bad case of itching inthe middle of the trip. I told Zethamae that the wishing well Iwished at had cursed me, but she told me I was just being silly.
  13. 13. We packed a lot in to just five days. Sometimes we were so exhaustedwe just had to take a nap, no matter where we were.(These two goofballs autonomously laid down on park benches oneither side of the food stand. I guess I had been running them a littleragged, but it was still pretty funny.)
  14. 14. No wonder we were tired, though. Wealso packed in a lot of productive time,just like when we were at college. Weearned gold pottery badges andworked on our official legacy portraits.I earned a fishing badge as well andkept the vacation house tidy.
  15. 15. Finally the time came for us toleave. We had a great time onour honeymoon and managed tofit in a lot of activities and sights. Still, it felt good to be home andwe were both ready to start ourfamily.
  16. 16. It made me feel very official, likeWe hung the finally I was aportraits on real legacy heirthe wall with with my portraitall of my on the wall. Itancestors. didn’t hurt that I thought the portraits turned out very nicely.
  17. 17. One of the first orders of business was getting the (Nakoma likes to float abovehouse ready for babies. Sad as it was, I just didn’t couches. And that’s an Ikea SPfeel like I could care for all of the cats. We kept couch, not some CC abnormalNakoma, but Kristin and Luke took the others to mesh. Nice one, EA!)live with them. I’m just not as much of a petperson as my parents and felt like I could onlydivide my attention so much. Still, I knew the catswould have good homes with Kristin and Luke.
  18. 18. Back home, Zethamae and I continued our artistic pursuits. We bothreally enjoyed being in the zone while we made our pottery. Zethamaewas waiting to find a job in law enforcement to fulfill her LTW of beingCaptain Hero. I already had reached mine as a Hall of Famer, so I had alot of days off. Between the two of us, we had a lot of time to kill.
  19. 19. Mom and Dad’s birthday came. I couldn’t believe my parents were getting so old! We had a small party with just the four of us plus a friend that Mom brought home from work.Mom and Dad make verydignified elders. They’re stillas in love as ever, of course.Even a few wrinkles and greyhair can’t get in the way oftrue love. I hope that’s aglimpse of how Zethamae andI will be when we’re elders.(I tried to keep them lookingfairly the same, but Aurora’shair doesn’t have an elderversion, so she got a new ‘do.)
  20. 20. I had been wondering for a while if Imight have gotten pregnant on ourhoneymoon. I had been a bit sicklately, but it wasn’t too bad. I got my confirmation during the birthday party when I felt the first kick. Zethamae and I were going to be parents soon!
  21. 21. During this time we all kept ratherbusy. Zethamae taught Mom howto throw pottery on the wheel andshe got really into it. Dad dividedhis time between dance andfinancial advising. I was mostlyworking or resting. Now that I waspregnant, I was tired a lot of thetime and didn’t have as muchenergy for activities as I did before.
  22. 22. Still, I kept going to work and reached somemajor financial milestones. I wanted our babyto have a completely comfortable life, andalthough our family was already quite well off, itdidn’t hurt to bring in a bit more money. Needless to say, Zethamae was overjoyed at the thought of being a mommy. She could barely leave my belly alone any time we were together. She always wanted to feel for kicks and talk to the baby. I felt confident that this would be the most loved baby in the whole world.
  23. 23. Of course, not everything went well. I had been taking hikes to keep activewhile pregnant, and on one of them I disturbed a beehive. It was likevacation all over again! Ugh, I really hate bees.
  24. 24. The other difficulty we hadduring this time was with theghosts. They had been reallyactive recently and everyone inthe house got scared on a regularbasis. I knew things would bebad when I looked up from mydinner one evening to see oneforefather standing in the middleof the table and the other raidingthe fridge. I will confess thatbetween pregnancy and theconstant scarings, I had morethan a few bathroomemergencies.(The ghosts are dressedabsolutely ridiculously in mygame, which was alternately asource of amusement anddespair, depending on theseverity of their sartorialimpairment.)
  25. 25. Zethamae finally found a job in law enforcement. Although she hated to leave me and the baby at home, I know she really enjoyed her job protecting the citizens of our city.It wasn’t long beforeshe had risen throughthe ranks and thenstruck out on her ownas Captain Hero. I wasso proud of my wife.Not only had sheachieved her life’s goal,but she was alsomaking the world asafer and better place.
  26. 26. Towards the end of my pregnancy,Zethamae and I took up a new hobby:restoring cars. Maybe I should havebeen resting more, but I had a blastworking on our old beat-up car withher. Of course, we worked such longhours that we often didn’t smell sogreat at the end. Still, it was worth itto see our shiny yellow car all finishedand sitting on the driveway.
  27. 27. After a long day of working onthe car, I went into labor in thebathroom. Mom and Zethamaewere there to cheer me on, anddad popped in after the birth,although his contribution wasnot as helpful.
  28. 28. We had a beautiful daughter with my skin and blue eyes and Zethamae’s red hair. We namedher Eowyn.(Eowyn is a character from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I couldn’t decide on justone favorite book, so I’ll be using a different one for each birth. I’m indecisive like that. Nowback to Eowyn. Eowyn is a strong woman and a member of the royalty of the Rohirrim, thehorse-lords of the plains. She despairs that she cannot go to war with her brother and uncle,the king, but she finds a way to disguise herself and go with the army anyway. She ends upplaying a huge role in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. She is brave and willful.)
  29. 29. Little baby Eowyn was spoiledfrom the moment she drew herfirst breath. Both Zethamaeand I were delighted with ournew little daughter and, exceptwhen she was sleeping, shehardly ever spent a momentalone.
  30. 30. Time passed quickly and many thingschanged in our life. While Eowyn wasstill a baby, I found out I was pregnantagain. We also adopted a white kittenthat we named Belle. Finally, Eowyn’sfirst birthday came around and wegathered to celebrate her impendingtoddlerhood.
  31. 31. Eowyn grew into a darling little thing. Her red hair was so pretty against herlight skin. She was such a gregarious little girl. Even before she could talk, shewould happily burble at other people for what seemed like hours on end. Shewas so friendly too. Visitors to the house were always drawn to her, itseemed like, since she was always ready to meet new faces.(Eowyn’s personality is 6/9/7/4/10. I’m not crazy about her face, but I like herstats very much!)
  32. 32. Of course Zethamae and I launchedinto teaching Eowyn all the skills shewould need to be a successful toddler.She was a quick learner, especially witha little help from the smart milk, and itseemed like only a day or two passedbefore she knew all we could teach her. She then focused more on playing withher toys.
  33. 33. While Eowyn grew and learned new things, time was passing forthe rest of us, too. Nakoma got old and my belly grew more andmore. By the time Nakoma started sprouting grey hairs, I knew itwould be only a matter of days before we would welcome a newaddition to the family.
  34. 34. Sure enough, labor came right on schedule.This time I gave birth in the early morningand my screams woke the rest of my familyup! Our new baby was a gorgeous little girlnamed Mona. She had my skin and blondehair, but Zethamae’s chocolaty eyes. (Mona is a character from Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. She is the adopted daughter of the dictator of a small island nation. She is one of a very few left standing after a series of unfortunate events results in the instantaneous freezing of all water on earth. Faced with the new world, she chooses to ingest some of the ice and thereby freezes. Depressing, but I like the character. Mona is very intelligent, serene, and beautiful.)
  35. 35. Mona got just as much love as her big sister did. It seemedlike nearly every hour of the day that we weren’t at workwas spent with the girls. Zethamae and I were so delightedwith our daughters that the long hours spent didn’t phaseus a bit.
  36. 36. Their birthdays fell closetogether, so we threw one partyfor both of them. We invitedKristin and Luke over so theycould celebrate their nieces.Their kids were getting older, too. We were all caught up in ourhappy little family lives. It wasfunny – I hardly evenremembered what it felt like tobe a romance sim, though myaspiration hadn’t changed. Iguess I just threw myself intobeing a family woman and therewas no going back.
  37. 37. Mona grew into a sweet little toddler. She was similar in temperament toher older sister, except that Mona was very shy. She preferred to stick closeto Zethamae and I when we were home, but she adored following her big sisaround too.(Mona’s personality is 6/1/8/3/10. Another super nice kid and another weirdface. They’re not ugly but there’s something just a little off about them. :/ )
  38. 38. Since I had been a bit of a tomboy as a child, I was surprised to see thatmy oldest was turning into a big priss! I kid, but she picked out the mostpeculiar dress to wear – it was very old-fashioned and girly. Eowynbecame very prim and proper as she got older. I hoped the kids at schoolwouldn’t pick on her for being a little different, but my fears weremisplaced. My social daughter made lots of friends from her first day onthe bus and it seemed like she brought a different one home each day.
  39. 39. Our kitten, Belle, kept to herself a bit and had kind of faded into thebackground in the midst of everything else that was going on. Shegrew into a very pretty cat, but a little strange. Her fur was orange,but it was so light that it almost looked pink. That suited the girlsjust fine as they both wore pink all the time themselves.Eowyn was very good with her little sister and when she wasn’tplaying with her friends, she took time to show Mona new trickswith the blocks. They were soon best friends. Every morningbefore the school bus came for Eowyn, the two of them would be inthe playroom from the crack of dawn, just playing away.
  40. 40. Even though the girls were older, thework didn’t stop! Now Eowynneeded help with homework andMona had all her toddler skills tolearn. Both of them really enjoyedlearning new things, so they werevery pleasant to teach. Zethamaeand I had always enjoyed learningand trying new things, too, so it wasgratifying to see that our daughterscarried on that tradition.
  41. 41. One frigid winter morning I woke up with one heck of a backacheand a funny feeling. I knew right away, even before the morningsickness started, that I was pregnant. Zethamae and I had decidedthat three kids would be just perfect, so this would be my lastpregnancy.
  42. 42. Both of our girls were so, so nice and so loving. There werealways lots of hugs to go around at the McMania house.
  43. 43. One day late in my final pregnancy I was talking to Dad, looking for a bit ofcomfort. “Dad,” I said. “I feel like I’m as big as a house. Did I ever get this bigwith either of the girls? I feel huge!”“You look fine,” he replied. “But yeah, you’re pretty round there.”“Ugh, Dad, that was not what I wanted to hear. Maybe I’m having sextuplets.”He laughed. “Maybe, but somehow I doubt it. Just wait and see.”Waiting was hard, though!
  44. 44. Mona’s birthday came up again, but this time we just had a small party –just Eowyn, Zethamae, Mom, Dad, and a very pregnant me.
  45. 45. Mona grew up verynicely. In some ways, shewas the opposite of hersister. She was verysporty and she took towearing simple clothesand a casual hair styleinstead of Eowyn’s moreformal look. Still, the girls were the best of friends. Eowyn was thrilled that now they could play big-girl games together, and Mona looked up to her older sister so much. I was glad my girls got along so well.
  46. 46. Once again I went into an early morning labor and the wholefamily came running in their PJs. This time was different becausethe pains didn’t stop after our child was born; we were havingtwins! I handed off the first little boy to Zethamae before birthingthe second. I had hoped for a son, but now we had two!
  47. 47. The first baby we named Yossarian. He had all the same coloring as Mona. The secondbaby, named Milo, had my skin, and Zethamae’s hair and eyes.(Milo and Yossarian are from Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. This is my all-time favorite bookbut it unfortunately doesn’t have many positive female characters so I was waiting forboys to use it. Yossarian is the main character, a bombardier in World War II who isdetermined to save his skin. He lives in a world of ridiculous risks, baffling rules, andstrange comrades. Milo is the mess officer in the camp and is a whiz at gaming the blackmarket. He makes huge amounts of money selling things at a loss – yes, you read thatright. Your guess is as good as mine. Yossarian is strong, lustful, and stubborn. Milo iscrafty, intelligent, and dedicated. Both men are trying to make good in a world thatdoesn’t make sense.)
  48. 48. Our hands were extra full now. We had our older girls, ofcourse, but now there were two new babies who neededconstant attention. Still, as busy as we were, I think Zethamaewould have preferred to keep having kids, but I was done. Myfamily finally felt complete now.
  49. 49. Mona started her first day at school. Thanks to Eowyn’s help, shemade lots of new friends the very first day. When they weren’t atclass, the girls were always together. Just like when Mona waslittle, they got up early to play before the school bus came. Theonly difference was that now they both got on the bus.
  50. 50. Death came for Nakoma while we were all busy with the kids. Itwas so sad. I was the only one home at the time – besides thebabies, of course – so there was no one there to share my griefwith. Nakoma had been part of my family since I was very little. Icouldn’t believe we were losing her now. Even Belle, who hadnever been a close friend of Nakoma’s, seemed to cry for hours.
  51. 51. School kept our older two busy. Mona neededhelp learning to study, but once she got hergrades up I called the local headmaster of theprivate school. He came over for dinner oneevening and by the end of the meal, he happilyaccepted my girls into his school. They lookedso cute in their little plaid skirts when they gotready for their first day at their new school. Itmeant making new friends, but that was nevera problem for Eowyn and Mona was happy totag along.
  52. 52. Grandma Menolly finally madean appearance one night. Atfirst her ghost just went aroundand cried about her death, butshe soon got the memo that allthe ghosts at our houseapparently get and was up andscaring people – like me! – in notime. I missed her and part ofme was happy to see her again,to know that she was still aroundin some way, but I didn’t reallyappreciate the scaring.
  53. 53. Eowyn and Mona spent all their freetime together. Now that she had herlittle sister to play with, Eowyn didn’tbring as many friends home on thebus. Instead, they told secrets,horsed around outside, and still gotup early to play together everymorning.
  54. 54. Even though most things were going pretty well, we went through a rough patcharound that time. I made a bad choice at work and ended up getting bustedback down to mascot. Eowyn broke a cello at school, which we had to pay for,and Mona built a squirrel-flinging birdhouse that caused the school to requirethat we pay for some therapy for her. It was kind of an expensive day. The girlsseemed to weather it okay, though.(All three chance cards happened on the same day. The squirrel-flinging-relatedtherapy did make me laugh though.)
  55. 55. Zethamae and I had been so busy with thekids that it seemed like we hardly had timefor our hobbies anymore, or, moreimportantly, for each other. We decidedto make time and took up some newpursuits. We started writing novels andpainting. Together we wrote 9 novels.You may recognize such titles as One TooMany Zebras, The Mystified Mouse,Stranger Strangers, and of course, myhistorical romance, Sumo, My Darling.
  56. 56. Birthday time came for the boys. I was so excited for our little babies to grow up. Although I was ready to move out of the world of baby bottles and dirty diapers, I was also a little sad that these were the last of my babies that I could snuggle. They grow up so fast.We once again had a small party withjust the closest family and a workfriend to witness the occasion.
  57. 57. Like their older sisters, Yossarian and Milo grew into delightful young people.Yossarian was very outgoing, while Milo was much shyer like Mona. Bothboys were very cleanly and neat as well. Like all my children, they bothtended toward being a little serious.(Yossarian’s personality is 8/10/6/3/6. Milo’s is 10/1/8/4/8. Again with theweird faces, too.)
  58. 58. Mom and Dad were a big help with allthe kids. Ever since they had beenbabies, the kids had their grandparentsaround to provide that little extra bit oflove that grandparents are so good atgiving. Mom and Dad both still workedfull-time, but they made sure to spendas much time as they could with thekids.
  59. 59. Zethamae and I started the process of teaching the twins all theirtoddler skills. Once again as my boys went through a stage, I foundmyself missing these young days already. All too soon my littlestones would be going to school, too.
  60. 60. The boys of course spent a lot of time together. Sometimes the girlseven made time to play with them too. Yossarian and Milo werebest friends nearly from the start, but they were only just barelyfriendly with their older sisters. For the most part, the girls still spenttheir time together. I was glad to see that they didn’t completelyignore their younger brothers, though.
  61. 61. The girls were getting older. Evenas their brothers learned to walkand talk, they were learning allkinds of new skills. The girlsstudied hard when they weren’t inschool or playing together. Theyboth got very talented at the pianoand there was frequently thesound of beautiful music waftingthrough the house.
  62. 62. I had several days off after my disastrous speech, so the first day I had to goback was also my first day as a mascot. As a college graduate, I hadbypassed these humiliating stages when I first started working, but now Iwas right back under the mask.
  63. 63. It seemed all too soon, but Eowyn’s birthday came around again.Now she would be growing into a teenager. It was hard for me tobelieve that my firstborn was already getting so old, but here wewere, blowing our horns for Eowyn.
  64. 64. As a teenager, Eowyn’s former prissy nature evolved into a ladylike sensibility. She was such a beautiful young woman and she dressed so elegantly. Now that she was taller once again, Mona could literally look up to her older sister!Eowyn said that she wantedto dedicate her life to familyjust like Zethamae. She alsosaid she was really intogrilled cheese. Not surewhere that came from, but itis her life to lead as shepleases.
  65. 65. Like nearly every day, the house was full of love and we just couldn’tkeep it in. Spontaneous shows of affection broke out after the party.(It’s always nice when sim couples like each other enough to be alllovey-dovey on their own. The house seriously does look like this allthe time.)
  66. 66. Thanks to real estate trading, Dad reached a lifetime want late in life. Hemade $100,000 by buying and selling shops in town. We had enoughmoney saved up that he was able to be fairly free with his purchases. Iknow that reaching that milestone brought him a lot of satisfaction.
  67. 67. Eowyn got really into friends again as a teen and spent a lot of time on thephone. When she wasn’t socializing, she picked up a part time job in theoceanography career. I was surprised that our dainty, sweet daughter waswilling to prance around in a swimsuit so often, but the job seemed to makeher happy and she was good at it.(So . . . about that godawful swimsuit . . . I have default replacements for theswimsuits in the game, and most of them are better, but the ones that thegame uses for jobs are all really ugly and I always forget that until someonegets a job in oceanography at the right levels. I get frustrated, but I soonforget about it until the next time. Maybe some day I’ll delete them.)
  68. 68. Yossarian and Milo’stoddler days seemed to goso fast. One day they wereplaying in the nursery . . . . . . and the next day we were bringing them to the cake for their birthday.
  69. 69. Yossarian and Milo grew into fine little boys. They still let me dressthem in matching outfits. Yossarian took to wearing a necklacethat he had made in a craft class, and Milo started wearing a watchand became very punctual. They liked to joke that this helpedpeople tell them apart, as though they were identical. Silly boys.
  70. 70. Yossarian was very tired on his birthday and although I sent the boysto bed as soon as they’d had their cake, he never made it to his newbig boy bed. He fell asleep right there on the carpet next to itinstead! You’d think he could have made it a few more feet.
  71. 71. Eowyn was a very busy young woman. She paid attention toall of her siblings, doling out advice and love or playing withthem. She continued to do well in school and at her job, andshe had decided that it was time Belle learned some tricks.Their training session went on long into the night, but Belleeventually learned one trick. I think Eowyn may have given upon her after that.
  72. 72. Of course, nothing occupied her time quite like her new boyfriend,Charlie. He was our newsboy so she always rushed out everymorning to give him a kiss when he stopped by. They went on afew dates, but we made them stay close by, to keep an eye onthem. I couldn’t believe my little girl was dating already!
  73. 73. All of the kids continued to improve theirskills. Eowyn took up painting, whileMona preferred to stick with the piano.She loved giving little concerts towhoever was passing through the room.The boys started studying on theweekends to catch up with their sisters’high skill levels. I think all of them knewthat one day one of them would be thenext legacy heir, and they wanted to beready for it.
  74. 74. The time came for Mona’s birthday. We gathered around thetable as we had done so many times before and cheered her on.
  75. 75. Mona grew into a very lovely young lady. She still had a pretty casualstyle, but she had picked up an interest in dating and dressed a bit morefeminine. She said that’s why she picked romance as her secondaryaspiration. Her first was fortune, just like her grandpa.
  76. 76. Now that she was a teen and thinking about money, all Mona wanted was toget a job. She soon found a position as a paralegal and was making goodmoney for a teen.Now that I’d had a few promotions, my work hours changed and we neededsomeone to be home for the boys for a few hours when school got out.Before we adults could even work out who would stay home, Eowynvolunteered. She said that she felt she had gotten enough out of her job, andshe’d rather spend her time with her brothers. I think that was definitely herfamily side coming through. She was a great help with them all the time, butit was especially nice to know they were being looked after when school wasover.
  77. 77. The boys got plenty of attention, in fact. Zethamae and I continuedto be devoted parents and we spent lots of time helping withhomework, kissing booboos and tucking the boys in. Eowyn alsospent a lot of time with them, and even Mona pulled herself awayfrom her job long enough to play occasionally.
  78. 78. Mona and Eowyn continued tobe early risers. Now that theywere both teenagers, theytended to talk more than play,but I think they still fit a gamein now and then.The boys took after their oldersisters and got up to play andchat before the bus came. Allof my children are definitelymorning people!
  79. 79. After much begging and whining, we finallydecided to allow Eowyn to go on a date withCharlie downtown. It made me nervous, but hehad proven himself to be a respectful and niceboy, so I tried to put my fears aside. As it turned out, the most dangerous thing downtown was actually a witch! Eowyn ran into both a good and bad witch, who took turns changing the weather and summoning cats. Eowyn said that she really enjoyed meeting them and that she actually hit it off pretty well with the bad witch. Not sure how I feel about that one.
  80. 80. Meanwhile, despite her secondary aspiration, Mona didn’t start anyrelationships or go on any dates. Instead, she just liked to make musicand money. She often wanted to play instruments more than anythingelse. We took to jokingly calling her “Musical Mona”.
  81. 81. In some ways, my girls were verydifferent. They definitely haddifferent focuses for their life.One thing they did share incommon was their love for theiryounger brothers. The boyssought out their sisters all thetime for attention, and the girls,to their credit, obliged.
  82. 82. Now that the twins were school age,I decided I wanted to get them intothe same academy that Eowyn andMona attended. Once again we hadthe headmaster over and onceagain he easily accepted mychildren into the program. Now Ihad four kids trundling off to schoolin snazzy uniforms. Zethamae and Ifelt relieved that the kids would begetting a good education.
  83. 83. As the kids were getting older and doing more of their ownthings, Mom and Dad began spending a lot of time in the hobbyroom. Both of them enjoyed dance, but Dad liked the drums too,and Mom was a bit of a hobby busybody. No one could paint orthrow pottery without her watchful eye.With their skills high enough for scholarships, Mona and Eowynbrushed up on their creative side. Eowyn purely enjoyedpainting, but Mona of course spent plenty of time on theinstruments.
  84. 84. The boys still had more studying to do, but they spent a lot of free time in the playroom or out on the lawn. Yossarian, my more outgoing son, loved telling stories about the games he played.Milo, the shyer one, still had a bitof an attention-seeking side. Hemade great friends with his cousinFabala and he loved to show off forher. It was funny to see him goingoutside of his comfort zone, but Iguess he wanted to impress her.
  85. 85. My promotions were coming fastand furious, but I still was severallevels away from regaining myplace as a Hall of Famer.Zethamae was very encouragingand helped me keep my spirits upthrough the whole process.(I really wanted to get her back toHall of Famer before I had to passher on, but it was not to be.Sorry, whoever’s next! She justhad too many days off and evenwith a promotion every workday,it was a mathematicalimpossibility. Stupid chancecard.)
  86. 86. The night of their birthday, theboys spent most of the eveningin the study enjoying a breakfrom skilling. They read a fewchildren’s stories before theparty started. This time, it wasa large party thanks to anumber of school friends andcoworkers being over at thetime.I could hardly believe mybabies were growing up. Nomore sweet little kids. Nomore running to hug me whenI came home. Now all mychildren would be teenagers.However, I was so proud ofthem and seeing them growinto such fine young men wasgratifying on its own, as well.
  87. 87. On their birthday, Yossarian let me know that he had chosen romance andpopularity for his aspiration. His outgoing nature clearly led him to want to be awell-liked fellow. Milo took a much more serious approach and chose knowledgeand family. I was so delighted with both my boys.(I finally figured what was wrong with their faces. Milo’s chin and nose explosionconvinced me of something I had suspected for a while – Zethamae must be afemale version of the Kennedy Cox face. Curse you, deceptive female faces!)
  88. 88. And that’s the story of my family. My kids, Eowyn, Mona, Yossarian,and Milo, are all teenagers now, looking at the prospects of collegeand the adult world. I’ve lived a life full of love with my chosen,Zethamae, and our love only multiplied when each new child joinedthe family. I am a lucky woman.(Now for the vote. Click ahead for details on the kids.)
  89. 89. Eowyn McMania6/9/7/4/10Family/Grilled Cheese
  90. 90. Mona McMania6/1/8/3/10Fortune/Romance
  91. 91. Yossarian McMania8/10/6/3/6Romance/Popularity
  92. 92. Milo McMania10/1/8/4/8Knowledge/Family
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