Hues Legacy Chapter 8


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Hues Legacy Chapter 8

  1. 1. Welcome back to another chapter of the color-themed Hues Legacy, ajoint legacy between Haleigh/meadowthayer and me, Roxanne/Taube.When we left off, little Lime had been sent into aspiration failure by thedeath of his grandmother and best friend, Lilly Hues. Luckily, he had awhole bunch of wants for his daddy so he gets his aspiration raised whilemaking best friends with Jim, and they both get their inheritance at thesame time.
  2. 2. Despite Lilly’s death, the usual legacybusiness continues apace. For thekids, this meansskilling, skilling, skilling. Forest andEmerald max their skills as kids. Forestfinished just seconds before he ran outto greet his dad coming home fromwork, resulting in this funny picturewhere he’s spinning to put onouterwear while celebrating maxingcleaning.
  3. 3. Now that they’re free from skilling, the twins take turns getting toknow their youngest brother in the playroom. It isn’t long beforeeveryone is best friends with Lime.
  4. 4. Sky used to spend pretty much all day every day with Lilly, so he hasa lot more time on his hands. Instead of relaxing on the bed withher for most of the day, he starts trying other activities. Hisapparent favorite to hang out with is Forest, who plays chess andhorses around outside with him.
  5. 5. Sky is still down, though. He keeps rolling generic wants to fall in love or getmarried, which break my heart. When he finally rolls a want to get apuppy, a want that several of the kids have also, I feel like I need to indulgehim. Thus, their puppy was adopted. Her name is Peach and so far she’s justa white puppy with yellow eyes. I picked her mostly because she had thebest personality without being finicky.
  6. 6. Peach is adorable. To eat, she stuffs her whole face in the bowl.
  7. 7. Speaking of adorable, young master Lime has maxed his mechanical skill!
  8. 8. Oh, hey Lilly. You’re upset. We were pretty upset about your deathtoo, especially your husband and Lime. Just, y’know, go easy onthem, okay?“Oh, I wouldn’t count on that.”
  9. 9. We’ve got a triple birthday tonight. Lime is turning into a childand Forest and Emerald are aging into teens. Lime goes firstand then the twins follow.
  10. 10. Here’s Lime. He’s definitely got a touch of the family nose, more sothan either of the twins especially, but it’s not nearly as bad as Sky’swas at this age, so I think Lilly and Jim are having some goodinfluence on the nose genes. He’s actually quite cute. This will makeit tough for Haleigh and I to decide who should be heir.
  11. 11. And here’s the twins.Emerald, who looked a little funkyas a child, is quite pretty as ateenager, in my opinion. Sherolled Popularity/Fortune as heraspiration.Forest is Pleasure/Knowledge, aninteresting combo and the onethat the founder, Neon, had.
  12. 12. I sent Lime to bed immediately after his birthday because hewas exhausted, but I later found him sleeping in his parent’sbed, thinking x’ed out thoughts of Lilly. Apparently she hadscared him in his bed and he came in here for safety.Unfortunately, that didn’t work, and even as I watched him, Lillyscared him again. Rough birthday for the little guy.
  13. 13. Later that night. This bodes ill.
  14. 14. Sure enough, Lilly starts scaringthe adults too. Rose isn’t in thepictures because she was tooawake to go back to bed after shegot scared, but when Jim tried togo back to sleep, he got scaredagain. Interestingly, Lilly followedSky around for a little bit but neverscared him.
  15. 15. And poor, poor Lime. I was a littleworried he might pass out if this keptup. He couldn’t get five minutes ofsleep at a time without Lilly scaringhim. These pictures all look prettysimilar because it’s the same bed thathe kept going back to. The poor kid isone day into childhood and hasalready seen his grandmother’s ghostfive times.
  16. 16. “Oh my god. It’s your mother again. She got me.”“What’s that sweetie? I’ve got my earbuds in. Can’t hear you.”Strangely, after this night of terror, Lilly never appeared againfor the rest of the time she was on my computer. I guess shegot it all out of her system in one night.
  17. 17. Peach is a good girl. After only oneaccident, she quickly picks up thatshe’s supposed to pee outside.She also gets plenty ofinteraction from thefamily, even if that does meanbeing shoved through Emerald’sface.
  18. 18. “Hi! Just a reminder: we’re adorable!”Yes, yes you two are.
  19. 19. Shamrock keeps his little brother company while Lime learns to dohomework. I have the mod where they only get homeworksometimes, but poor Shamrock gets it almost every day. He must goofoff in school a lot.
  20. 20. Ooh la la, Forest brought a girl home and wants to make friend with her.Unfortunately for her, that means taking her to the graveyard and peltingher with a baseball. Not the friendliest move, Forest, but then you arequite the meanie. I’m also confused on why they went to the graveyard toplay catch when there’s plenty of space in the front yard. Sims.
  21. 21. Forest and Emerald have about sixor seven days to wait around untilLime grows up at this point, andthey’re all done skilling, so theyhave a lot of free time. Emeraldtakes to watching movies whileForest becomes a bit of a poolshark and Shamrock and Limestudy hard in the background.
  22. 22. Idle hands are the sim devil’splayground or something likethat, so the twins get jobs. Plustheir parents and Sky want themto be overachievers. Both Forestand Emerald go into the lawfield, starting at the very bottomas they’re still public schoolstudents. Oh, and nice tie, Forest.Very stylish. *snicker*
  23. 23. When they have time athome, Forest likes to smustle.He’s got quite the smustle face.He’s also got a nasty habit ofglitching through things whilesmustling. That cannot becomfortable. Talk about barkingyour shins on the coffee table.
  24. 24. Emerald joins in the dancing too. Naturally, they’re both really badat first. The stereo is almost always on because I like a littlebackground music, so there is often someone dancing in front ofit. Meanwhile, despite the distraction, Lime and Shamrockcontinue to study hard at the other end of the room. Neither oneof them is particularly fast, and it especially looks like Shamrock isnot poised to finish his skills as a child like the twins did.
  25. 25. Emerald takes a shine to their verycute redheaded paperboy. If thiswere a regular legacy and shestayed on my computer, I wouldmarry him in in a snap.Instead, he’s just flirtationmaterial to keep Emerald’saspiration up while we all wait forShamrock and Lime to grow up.
  26. 26. Um, that’s not good. Rose came home from work invisible. Thishappened once to Hieronymus Masterpiece, who was also CaptainHero at the time. I wonder if it’s a coincidence or related.
  27. 27. With Hiery, I forced errors on the entire lot with the batbox until hereset and reappeared. With Rose, I discovered that there’s actually asetting on the batbox for restoring invisible sims. Much easier thanpressing ‘reset’ hundreds of times.
  28. 28. Rose tries to teach her still-clumsy twins how to dance moregracefully, but they prefer to dance around spastically still.
  29. 29. “Oh my god, please tell me this man is wearing pants. I don’t want tolook down. Don’t look down. Just . . . he must be wearingpants, right?”“And that’s why I think you should let my kids into your school.Uh, Headmaster, are you okay? You look strained.”
  30. 30. “Your grandchildren are accepted into our school, but I would like toadvise you that pants AND shirts are required at all school functions.”
  31. 31. Poor Emerald. Her meaniebrother gives her constantnoogies, and then as soon ashe’s done, she gets scaredthrough him by Sinjin.
  32. 32. And he cheats at chess! It’s a good thing they’re on good termswith each other generally, because Forest gives Emerald a lot ofreasons to be mad with him.
  33. 33. Gee, guys. Why so glum?“It’s Saturday and we’re heading downstairs to study. We wanted toplay instead.”Shouldn’t have been born into a legacy, then.
  34. 34. Sky has started a new hobby of smustling in the downstairsbathroom. Do you know why? Cause I don’t.
  35. 35. Shamrock maxes another skill, but he’s definitely not going tofinish by his birthday. Lime isn’t much faster, so they’re bothspending a lot of time on the couch.
  36. 36. Forest continues to be Sky’s buddy andthey play a lot of pool. They also findplenty of time to gossip about suchscintillating topics as Rose gettingmarried and Lime getting into privateschool. Shh! Don’t tell!
  37. 37. Peach grew up, and, to mydelight, is actually peach. Shealso looks like a Basenji tome, which I find ridiculouslyadorable. Just look at that tail!Emerald rolls the want forPeach to learn to come, so sheteaches her the command.
  38. 38. Shamrock’s birthday hascome. He still has one and ahalf skills to max, but it’s timeto turn teen.
  39. 39. Well, like Lime, Shamrock has more of the family nose than thetwins do, but I still find him rather charming. His aspiration isFamily/Popularity. This is a guy that wants close friends and family.
  40. 40. Forest is a noogie machine.Emerald is his usual victim, but hefinds a little time to workShamrock in there too. He’sprobably counting down the daysuntil he can give Lime noogies too.
  41. 41. For some reason I really like pictures of all the kids in a family intheir uniforms. I almost always take a shot like this, but this isdefinitely one of the better ones I’ve captured. Don’t they looknice?
  42. 42. Forest is ready for his second day of work and is still wearing thatstupid tie. Shamrock got a job in Law too, as it came up on thecomputer and I thought it would be cute for all three of them to workthe same job. Because they’re now private school students, Shamrockstarts at the same level as where his older brother and sister currentlyare. This makes all three poised to become overachievers tonight.
  43. 43. “I got an A+ finally.”Good job.“So why’d you take a picture? We all get A+’s. Big deal.”I usually miss the star but I captured it this time, so I just thought I’d share.Plus I like taking pictures of Lime, although not as much as Shamrock.
  44. 44. Emerald got a chance card and I chose poorly, resulting in her cominghome early with a demotion. So much for being an overachiever tonight.
  45. 45. And then she does this, getting cataract-looking, apparentlyblood-tinged eyes. I’ve seen lots of eye glitches but not thisparticular one before. In my notes for this chapter, this slidesimply says “wtf.”
  46. 46. Rose comes out to comfort heronly daughter. They hang out untilthe boys come home from work.Both Shamrock and Forestreturn homeoverachievers, making theirrelatives quite happy. HopefullyEmerald will join themeventually.
  47. 47. Shamrock and Lime continue to hammer away at their skills.
  48. 48. Meanwhile, Sky has single-handedly earned himself 8,000points by smustling and warming up. Forest keeps rollingstupid pleasure sim wants so I bought him a bubble blowerwhich I later sold back because it just doesn’t suit thewholesome family house. Bubble blowers belong oncampus, but it was the easiest way to get Forest back into goldaspiration.
  49. 49. Forest loves to dance and has gottenconsiderably better at it. He alsohulas a lot. Sinjin momentarily detershim but can’t stop the dancing. Forestgets up close and personal with anadult coworker he brought home withhim, although . . . you do know that’syour aunt, right Forest?“Oh, ew!”
  50. 50. With Forest busy, Sky returns to his bedroom to relax, trying not tomind the empty space next to him. It’s so sad when one elder dieslong before the other one.
  51. 51. After some more work, Emerald is finally an overachiever!
  52. 52. Forest brought home a different girl today, and he actually hasgreat chemistry with her. Unfortunately for them, their datetakes place in the incredibly public living room, in plain sight ofForest’s parents and younger brothers.
  53. 53. With the aid of the thinking cap, Shamrock finally maxes his skills.
  54. 54. I was trying to save Forest’s first kiss, but when theyended the date, they leaned in for a kissanyway, negating my efforts. Oh well. At least it was adream date and made Forest extremely happy.
  55. 55. Sinjin! What the heck are you doing out? It’s like 3 in theafternoon, even if it is an overcast day. Get back to your tombstoneright now!
  56. 56. Rose’s Dance Studio is now accepting townie kids.
  57. 57. The final birthday of this generation has come. Lime is ready toturn teen.
  58. 58. However, there’s an unexpectedvisitor at the party.Sky is dying literally at the sametime that Lime is growing up.This kid cannot catch a breakwith his grandparents dying, canhe? Poor guy.
  59. 59. “C’mon Sky, it’s time to go.”“Do I have to? There’s cake!”“There’s cake in the afterlife too, and Lilly’s waiting to share it with you.”“Oh, alright. Sorry, Lime.”
  60. 60. Here’s Lime after I got him out of that lime-colored vest. He’s quitecute, actually. He rolls pleasure/romance, making him the secondpleasure sim this generation.
  61. 61. Emerald tries to get away fromher grief by inviting her boy toyover for a date, but she can’tescape it and breaks downsobbing after a romantic hug.Awkward and sad.
  62. 62. Since Forest technically had his first kiss, I let Emerald catch up theproper way. She is able to go on with the date without too much crying.
  63. 63. The next day, Shamrock of coursehas homework, but so does Forest.Lime is finishing up his last skillbefore I ship him off to Haleigh. Jimis working. That leaves Emerald andRose free for a game of pool.
  64. 64. And Lime has finally maxed his last skill, ending my turn.
  65. 65. Here’s a family portrait for you. Although they had a roughstart, this family has gotten back to being good-looking againbut can still improve from here.
  66. 66. Here’s our two potential heirs, Lime and Emerald. Who will bechosen? What direction will Haleigh take them on her turn? Will theeyes continue? Check back next time for more Hues!As always, thanks for reading and catch up with us at SiMania!