Hues Legacy Chapter 13


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Hues Legacy Chapter 13

  1. 1. Hello again and welcome to the Hues legacy, a color-themed joint legacy between Haleigh (meadowthayer) and me (Taube)! When we last left off (which was a while ago – sorry!), 5th generation heiress Coral and her husband Chris were about to have their third and final child while everyone except little toddler Plum crowded into the same corner. Amethyst wanted to hug her mother, Timberwolf had just finished playing with Coral while Slate hung out nearby, and of course, Coral’s parents Lime and Ericka saw fit to love up on each other in the most popular corner in the house. It was a very well-attended birth.
  2. 2. The third and final baby of this generation is a little girl named Violet, with S1 skin, brown hair, and the rainbow eyes! That means that all three kids got the eyes, so all are eligible for heir/ess.
  3. 3. Coral and Chris immediately get to know their youngest daughter, which includes a little spitting-up session for Chris.
  4. 4. After the birth, Amethyst heads back downstairs and focuses on her skills. She is very bright and quickly maxes one after another.
  5. 5. Taking a cue from what Haleigh did last chapter with this room, I redecorated the living room in purples to celebrate three purple-named kids with the eyes. You’ll also notice that Amethyst has maxed another skill.
  6. 6. Despite having had the job for a while, Coral hasn’t been to work in the culinary career yet due to maternity leave. With her pregnancy days behind her, she finally gets to go in and work towards her LTW of being a celebrity chef. Chris is waiting for law enforcement to open up so he can work on his 4th LTW of becoming Captain Hero.
  7. 7. Amethyst decides to do some of her skillbuilding in the playroom, where she can watch over her little brother while he plays with his blocks. Later, Chris comes in to join Plum. He’s very popular for a toddler.
  8. 8. Timberwolf and his son Slate, the family dogs, are both getting pretty up there in dog years, so I decided it was time to get a new puppy. Her name is Eggshell, since she’s a white puppy and I’m trying not to give all the cute names to spares and dogs like I have in the past. ;) Anyway, Timberwolf seems to approve of her. She and Slate will have puppies once she’s old enough, so hopefully he likes her too.
  9. 9. Coral is finally permaplatinum after her one day of work following her pregnancies. Her new LTW is to be a visionary.
  10. 10. “BOO! Hey, remember us, the overactive, petty ghosts? Yeah, well, we didn’t go away between last chapter and this one. Time to wreak some havoc again!”
  11. 11. Coral and Chris spend a little time with their youngest two, whose birthdays have come up on the same day. Plum and Violet both have their birthday with the rest of the family in attendance.
  12. 12. Immediately after the birthday, all three of the kids’ main wants are to interact with each other. Amethyst and Violet aren’t particularly nice, though Plum does have 6 points, but they definitely have some sibling love going on.
  13. 13. Here’s Plum. He’s still a cutie, obviously. This will be a hard generation to choose an heir/ess.
  14. 14. And here’s little Violet, who is also adorable. She also got Coral’s nose, so Amethyst is the only one carrying the now-recessive family nose, I believe. Violet’s personality is 10/7/4/4/3. Like her brother, she is super neat.
  15. 15. Once Plum and Amethyst have said their hellos to Violet, her parents crowd in. They’re soon both best friends with her.
  16. 16. Before long, Violet is also best friends with her big brother and sister.
  17. 17. Once again, Coral stays out of the fray when it comes to teaching a toddler their skills, but the rest of the family makes up for it. Coral is such a pleasure sim that she just doesn’t roll a lot of parenting wants. Regardless, Violet learns all her skills quickly.
  18. 18. Speaking of teaching and learning, Plum gets to go to his first day of school and learns homework skills from Lime. He then settles onto the couch to skill with his sister.
  19. 19. Soon he’s maxing skills too.
  20. 20. Coral is now a visionary. Her new LTW is to woohoo 20 sims, which is so not happening.
  21. 21. “Congratulations on growing up! Boo! And boo again!” “I don’t think I like being a child anymore.” Lily introduces poor Plum to the recent family tradition of being repeatedly awakened by malevolent ghosts.
  22. 22. The ghosts are still extremely active, which is kind of weird since nothing like the house or beds have changed recently. I don’t know why they’re so pissy this generation. Sinjin gets Chris, who ought to know better than to wander by the graveyard, and Ericka, who also gets scared by Lily.
  23. 23. Eggshell is proving to be a popular member of the house. It’ll be interesting to see what she grows up like. Slate has gotten old in the meantime.
  24. 24. Clever little Amethyst maxes all her skills. Now she gets free time, but the slightly serious little thing just wants to play chess all day.
  25. 25. Ghost Peach, when she’s not joining in the scaring, likes to dig invisible holes, which I find kind of amusing.
  26. 26. Violet is such a cutie. I just took a bunch of pictures of her. I guess it’s mostly because she’s the last baby of the generation. Also, although she didn’t participate much in her skilling, Coral does enjoy playing with her little daughter.
  27. 27. Eggshell finally grows up and she turns out to be a Jack Russell terrier. Cute! She and Slate don’t have much of a relationship since he pretty much ignored her as a puppy, so that’ll need some work before they can have puppies of their own. Eggshell is Amethyst’s favorite dog, and now that she doesn’t have to skill, she spends a lot of time playing fetch with Eggshell.
  28. 28. Plum is continuing to max his skills.
  29. 29. It’s Amethyst’s and Violet’s birthday! Let’s see the first teenager and last child of the generation.
  30. 30. Here’s Amethyst. I think she’s soooo pretty. She rolled Pleasure/Grilled Cheese.
  31. 31. And here’s Violet, who is also really pretty, although definitely has a different face from her older sis.
  32. 32. This is usually the kind of picture where I put a joke about the younger child asking the older child why they aren’t playing, but instead I’ll just say Plum is still working on his skills and Violet gets to start on hers, because I’m feeling boring at the moment. :P
  33. 33. Slate growls at Eggshell for using “his” doghouse. Not really conducive to puppy-producing there, Slate. Be a little nicer, would you?
  34. 34. True Love: mopping up your husband’s pee puddle even while he is being scared for the second time by your family’s ghost dog.
  35. 35. Amethyst heads off to work in education (I think – forgot to write it down), while the younger two work on their own educations.
  36. 36. Now that all three kids are school-aged, it’s time to have the headmaster over. Everything goes well and Amethyst, Plum, and Violet get into private school.
  37. 37. “Dad, these ghosts are out of control! I’ve been scared more times than I care to count since I turned into a kid!” “Sweetie, trust me, you don’t need to tell me that.” “What’s the deal with them?” “I wish I knew . . . I wish I knew . . .”
  38. 38. Even as a teen, Amethyst still loves to play fetch with Eggshell.
  39. 39. Plum and Violet both have 10 neat points, so they race downstairs first thing in the morning after waking up to see who gets to clean whichever dog beds are dirty. Neat little weirdos.
  40. 40. Timberwolf’s time has come. All of the adults are there to see him off, as well as Slate and Eggshell. The sims find comfort in their spouses, but the dogs just howl and howl. Pet deaths are always so sad.
  41. 41. Violet begins maxing her skills and Amethyst comes home from another day of work as an overachiever.
  42. 42. Sky: “Well hello there, Plum! You’re not trying to sleep, are you?” Neon: “Chris, we hate you so much!” Chris: “Why?!!” Amethyst: “Not again.” Ugh. The ghosts are relentless.
  43. 43. And, like her siblings before her, Violet gets initiated into childhood by being scared by one of her ancestors. Sigh. It’s amazing these kids aren’t constantly passing out.
  44. 44. Even when they’re not scaring someone actively, the ghosts like to go into bedrooms where people are sleeping and make noise, waking the sleepers up. Then they scare them.
  45. 45. Slate and Eggshell got their relationship high enough to try for puppies, and it wasn’t long before Eggshell was ready to have them. Eggshell had four little puppies: two smooth- coated females named Champagne and Cornsilk, and two shaggy- coated males named Almond and Bisque. Even though they’re all black, I went with whitish names to honor their mother and hoped that maybe they’d have some white on them when they grow up.
  46. 46. Plum has maxed all his skills!
  47. 47. Amethyst works hard and plays hard. She continues in the education career, but she finds time to swing around Plum, who has free time now that he’s finished his skilling. She also likes to dance a lot, harkening back to her great- grandmother, Rose.
  48. 48. “Chris, we hate you so much! Your guts: we hate them. Boo!” “Seriously? Can I never have a moment’s peace?!”
  49. 49. Having four puppies in the house is challenging. They always seem to need to go when everyone’s in bed. Some of them occasionally go outside, but some of them have picked one corner of the living room to turn into a lake. The one solitary puddle is from a visitor being scared by the ghosts. Sigh.
  50. 50. Mornings before school are free time, where I let the kids do anything they want except jump on the bed. However, most of the time they just want to hang out with each other. That’s sweet.
  51. 51. Plum’s birthday has come around. We’re getting very close to the end of this generation.
  52. 52. Here’s Plum, a handsome young man. He rolled Romance/Fortune as his combo.
  53. 53. The headmaster came just before the weekend, so the kids are only now heading to private school for the first time. Hanging out together in one room means that the obligatory uniforms picture is nicely staged. Well done, kids.
  54. 54. Plum also gets a job in education along with his older sister, and thanks to private school, he gets a promotion and is an overachiever after his first shift. This definitely buoys his fortune side up.
  55. 55. When they got home from work that day, both of the teens had homework to do. Life is never easy for a potential heir or heiress, at least not until they’re adults.
  56. 56. Chris maxed journalism while still waiting for law enforcement to come up.
  57. 57. Violet maxed her skills fairly quickly and spends her free time playing with the puppies. She looks a little disturbed by whatever Cornsilk just did.
  58. 58. “Alright, team, we’ve all maxed our skills. Now you know what we’re going to do?” “Goof off?” “Awww yeah!” “Thanks for the pep talk, Plum.” “Hey, what’s a brother for?”
  59. 59. Lime is really, really, really old. There’s only the barest sliver in his life bar, so I let him retire and spend the last bit of his time at home with his family and especially his wife.
  60. 60. Chris finally found a job in law enforcement! Now he can complete his fourth LTW.
  61. 61. For some strange reason, Champagne grew up a few hours before the other puppies, so she nuzzled her brothers and sister a couple times. She has a bit of a white chest, brown markings, and a bobbed tail from her mother, with black, sleek fur from her father. Her body shape is kind of in between the two, although leaning a bit more towards Eggshell’s. Interesting mix.
  62. 62. Nice hat, Almond.
  63. 63. Finally the other puppies grew up. From bottom right clockwise are Almond, Cornsilk, and Bisque. Bisque is the only one with Slate’s longer ears and no white whatsoever, while Almond is the only pup with a curled tail. Cornsilk is an extremely solid- looking dog.
  64. 64. As an adult, Bisque immediately gets into a growling match with his dad over nothing apparent. I know Slate’s a bit territorial, but it looks like he passed that on to one of his sons.
  65. 65. Did you forget about the awfulness of the ghosts for one second? Well, we can’t have that happening. They’re awful, by the way. Truly. And they really hate Chris and scare him more than anyone else. I have no idea why, but I really pity the poor guy.
  66. 66. Now that he’s retired, Lime spends most of his time with Ericka, being romantic. He’s secondary romance and she’s primary, so they roll up lots of wants for each other.
  67. 67. Having six dogs in the house, four of them almost completely untrained, is a real hassle. Instead of playing around, the kids end up shouldering a lot of the burden of training and cleaning up after them. Of course, neat little Violet envies that Amethyst got to clean the pet bed.
  68. 68. You guys, Bisque is a total jerk. He’s constantly picking at Slate, and eventually cows him. On top of that, he growls at poor Mr. Ramirez, who’s just happy that he met someone new. Huh. Anyway, Bisque is like an uncontrolled aggression-machine. It’s up to Haleigh which dog she keeps, but I cautioned her against Bisque.
  69. 69. Chris is now Captain Hero! His next LTW is to be Hall of Famer, but he didn’t reach it in time.
  70. 70. Speaking of time, Lime’s has come. He got a good send off from Grimmy and the girls, but none of his family was there to see him go. This wasn’t from a lack of trying, though . . .
  71. 71. All six dogs had to run up the stairs first, blocking all the sims trying to come up at the same time. The dogs made it up but Ericka just missed seeing her husband go. Sad.
  72. 72. There isn’t time to get too down for too long, because Violet’s birthday, and thus the end of my turn, has arrived. Everyone is there to celebrate her . . . everyone except Lime, that is. Still, he is remembered, if at least only for his will.
  73. 73. Here’s Violet, who is a very lovely girl. She looks quite a bit like her mother. She rolled Popularity/Knowledge.
  74. 74. That’s the end of the story for this generation of Hues.
  75. 75. Check back next time to see which of these three lookers is chosen as heir, which of the dogs gets kept, whether the ghosts will be as mean to Haleigh as they were to me, and just how the Hues progress in general. More than halfway done, baby! Don’t forget to check in with us at SiMania! Thanks for reading!