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Encore act 4, scene 3
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Encore act 4, scene 3



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  • 1. Welcome back to SiMania Admods: The Musical! When we left off atthe end of scene 2, Christine and Raoul were about to have a doublebirthday, to childhood and the toddler years, respectively. Let’s seehow they look . . .(Erratum: last chapter I said Rolfe was family but he’s actually pleasure.He just rolled wants for the wedding because he’s an elder and thatconfused me momentarily.)
  • 2. Here’s Raoul. He sure is a cutie. It’s too bad he doesn’t have theskin. His personality is 5/4/9/5/9. It’s interesting that he and hissister are so nice, because Marty only has one nice point and Stevenonly has four.
  • 3. Here’s Christine, still adorable. She got a new haircut forchildhood that shows off her face better. In the picture atleft, she’s wondering why her mom did the chest poundgesture at her. I just loved the face she was making.
  • 4. Pregnant Marty once again madebest friends with her child on hisbirthday, though this time it wasright after the cake instead ofbefore. Steven made bestfriends with Raoul the next day.This family is very close.
  • 5. The four puppies – Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, and Baritone– are still a handful. Pee puddles everywhere and puppiesgetting into everything. I liked the picture of Contraltoappraising Rolfe’s choice in leisure activities – what anobservant puppy!
  • 6. Earthy Isaac was still hanging around afterthe party long enough for Marty to cheatat chess. He never caught on, though.Before I learned that finicky pets neededthe most expensive bowl (thanks,Haleigh!), I gave up on Putzie eating andjust had people feed him treats severaltimes a day. On her birthday, Christinemaximized her creativity due to spendinga lot of time as a toddler on thexylophone.
  • 7. The children’s new life stages bring newopportunities for learning. Raoul getstaught all his skills by his familymembers, and Christine heads off forher first day of school. In their sparetime, the siblings play together at thetable to raise their relationship.
  • 8. The puppies finally grew up and I am very disappointed. Ishould have realized earlier that all their personalities werethe same as Diva, and what that probably meant. Yep,they’re all clones of their mother. I like beagles and they’recute, but I didn’t really need five of them. Not only did theynot inherit Putzie’s blue mask, they didn’t inherit a singlething from him! At least now they can go pee on their ownoutside.
  • 9. And surround and overwhelm poor neighborhood kids, like cousinLloyd here. I don’t know what Putzie’s deal is in this picture but Iwould be scared if a dog made that face at me.
  • 10. With two kids and one on the way, we really didn’t need sixdogs in the house. Soprano and Tenor (female and male,respectively) had already made friends in the house so theygot to stay and Lydia can decide which one she wants tobreed next. Contralto went to Betty and Baritone went toTom, but not before peeing in the graveyard one more timelike his uncle Doody. Tsk tsk. Now all the spares and theirfamilies have a dog as well.
  • 11. “So . . . about the baby . . .”“What?! We’re having another baby?! That’s great news!”“Um, we only found that out last chapter, Steven. Keep up.”“But you’ve been two days pregnant for like a hundred slides.”“Yeah, well, someone likes to take a lot of pictures.”
  • 12. Christine is a slow skiller, but she plods along and eventually fills up one bar after another.Luckily she didn’t take as longto learn to do her homework.
  • 13. Raoul continues his learning too. Whileteaching him to talk, Marty finallyexperiences her second bump. Gettingcloser to the last kid of the generation.Something I want to point out – see thatthe bottle in the speech bubble isdifferent than the one on the ground?The one in the bubble is my default, sothe one on the ground must be Katie’sand is overriding mine. Funny how thesethings work.
  • 14. Christine and Raoul are best friends nearly right away.Christine adores her younger brother and is constantlywanting to play with him. All those tickles and peek-a-boosmade them best friends fast.
  • 15. Um, Steven? You’re supposed to be bathing some of our filthybeagles.“Yeah, but they jumped out of the tub, so I thought, hey, why wastewarm water?”You’re bathing in dog water? Eww . . .
  • 16. I love these conversations. They are just so wacky. I imagine this oneis about recycling puppy appearances and personalities so we getclones, and how it’s a good thing I intervene so that doesn’t happen tothe babies. Or something.
  • 17. Christine is very playful and loves to tell jokes. Here, her jokeabout an astronaut was so funny that Steven broke his leftwrist slapping his own face. Ouch.
  • 18. While she’s pregnant and off from work (currently as an acclaimedmuralist, though she hasn’t been to a day of work so far), Marty likesplaying the piano. She finally reaches the zone. I love that theychange into concert clothes. Best zone, imo.
  • 19. Marty quickly changes back to her pjs after one particularly rousingperformance, just in time to give birth to the third child. Rolfe? Youmay want to turn around and pay a little attention here.
  • 20. Secondary family Marsha and primary family Steven are delighted thatthere’s going to be a new baby, but what is Marty getting 1,000 points for?Why, meeting someone new, of course. Hmmph, romance sims. She reallyhas never given up on those wants, so it’s a good thing she’spermaplatinum.
  • 21. Amazing! Another blue baby! This one is named Erik, and has Steven’s darkblue eyes and Marty’s brown hair (yes, I’m pretty sure it’s brown this time).Erik is the real name of the phantom. He is jealous and possessive ofChristine, but also incredibly musically talented and with a real tender spotfor the young soprano. He finally gives her up after realizing the depth ofher love for Raoul. And yes, I just named three siblings after a love triangle.Whoops!
  • 22. Christine is as shocked as I was to see another blue sim in the house.“But I’m supposed to be heiress! I will brook no competition!”Um, yes you will, because I say so. Chill, child. It’s anyone’s game atthis point and you do also have the eyes and red hair. However, thisdoes mean we have two potential heirs!
  • 23. Oh my god, a hand-off! Is Marty having twins? No, this romance simjust got tired of holding her new baby for two whole minutes.
  • 24. Hey Aria, you just missed scaring Marty while she was pregnant again.“Oh darn.”She’s still the only one that’s figured out how to come in the house.Mark appears to play with the dogs pretty frequently, however.
  • 25. Ahahahahahaha! My writing of Christine resenting Erik’s birth is not justauthorial fancy. She actually hates the little guy from his birth, evidencedby her thought bubble and negative relationship points, both daily andlong-term. I find this oddly hilarious.Also amusing: despite there being a ton of toys in her room and justoutside the door, Christine climbed on her bed first thing in the morningand started daydreaming. I’ve never seen a kid do that before.
  • 26. Christine may hate him, but everyone else adores Erik. Since Raoulis still occupying the nursery, Erik moves into the so-far empty boys’room so he won’t wake Raoul up or vice-versa.
  • 27. Christine brings home her first Afrom school. Meanwhile, Raoulcan’t stop thinking about whenhe’ll be able to bring home hisown good grades.
  • 28. That day is coming sooner than he thinks, since it’s Raoul’s birthday.Soon he’ll be in school like his big sis and best bud. Unfortunately forhim, it’s a Friday, so he’ll have to wait several days.
  • 29. Aww, finally these two friends can hug. Raoul continues to be a littlecutie-pie.
  • 30. Aria is at work again. She seems to be very concerned bothwith the contents of our refrigerator and also that Martydoesn’t get too comfortable in the house.
  • 31. Christine spends every morning on her bed, usuallydaydreaming about her cousins. Raoul, on the otherhand, plays with toys like a normal kid. Now that he’s achild, he moved into the now-decorated boys’ room andErik took over the nursery.
  • 32. *Record scratch* Uh, why is Christine daydreaming about the ugly guy that Marty fell in love with before Steven? Did Marty tell her some inappropriate bedtime stories or something? “And that, dear, is why your father looked even cuter than usual.”On the bright side, herrelationship with Erik has decayedto zero, so now she just feelsapathy towards him instead ofactively despising him.
  • 33. Christine is the only one that feels that way, though. Super-friendly momMarty made best friends with Erik the day after he was born. Wow!
  • 34. Raoul continues to be obsessed with school. He’s always thinking ortalking about grades and school stuff. And then trying to impress girlswith that. Good luck, Raoul.
  • 35. Christine continues to work on her skills, but because she is so slow,Raoul is rapidly catching up with her.
  • 36. Headmaster time! Marsha changes out of her nightie for a raremoment to greet and schmooze the headmaster.
  • 37. Meanwhile, Marty burns the salmon and sets the kitchen on fire.Way to go, Marty.
  • 38. While Marsha gave the tour, Marty put out the fire and cooked anotherbatch of salmon, which the headmaster was pleased with. BothChristine and Raoul got into private school, despite the fact that Raoulhasn’t been to school yet.
  • 39. Because she is secondary knowledge, Marty wanted the kids to getinto private school. This is what I got when her wants refreshed afterthat happened. Meet someone new, be BFF with earthy Isaac, fall inlove with Isaac, make out with five sims, buy a vacation home,woohoo five sims. She’s also afraid of losing ugly guy as a best friendand being rejected for a kiss by Isaac. She’s incorrigible. She keptrolling wants to fall in love with Isaac over and over, so it’s a goodthing she’s no longer in oceanography and bringing him home.
  • 40. Birthday time for little Erik. Even Christine manages to get excited.Now we can finally work on their relationship.
  • 41. Isn’t he adorable? Like I said, it’s anyone’s game at this point, at leastbetween the two of them, because technically the skin is the onlyrequirement. I do wish he had the eyes though, but he’s such a cutie Ican’t rule him out. His personality is 7/3/9/5/1, making him our onlymean sim of the generation. Interestingly, except for having threefewer nice points, this is the same personality as Steven.
  • 42. Time to teach Erik his skills. AndSteven, I really don’t think that’sproper technique for potty training.I’ve always thought this glitch was aparticularly creepy one.
  • 43. I set the kids down at the table in the morning to start work ontheir relationships before the older two go off to school. I lookedat the relationship panels and realized that while Erik was gainingpoints with both of them, Christine’s hadn’t budged and Raoul’sbarely had. They must only be talking to each other instead of toErik. Therefore I had to separate them for some one-on-one timeand Christine was up first since she has the worst relationshipwith poor little Erik and needed the most remedial socializing.
  • 44. Putzie’s time has come. He lived a full life and broughtfour new puppies into the world, despite not contributingany of his genes. He was too finicky to eat dog food, buthe was a good dog and much beloved by his family.Just once I would like to see a death scene withouteveryone jockeying for positions and complaining thatthere’s nowhere to stand. You’re outside, people, find aplace!
  • 45. “Argh! I want to clean this toilet but there’s an old woman on it!”“What do I have to do to get a little privacy in this bathroom? Imean, seriously.”
  • 46. Uh, Rolfe and Marsha? Listening to the dulcet tones of you twomaking out is probably not helping the kids study. And really,Christine needs all the help she can get. Raoul has now surpassed herin skilling.
  • 47. Christine got exhausted one Saturday afternoon despite the fact thatall she had been doing was studying next to a snapdragon. A quicknap in a recliner got her back in shape to study some more, but therecliner has been forever glitched as open since then.
  • 48. Finally Christine and Erik made best friends! Erik had a reallypositive relationship with Christine from the beginning and was100/100 by the time this happened, but Christine sure has come along way from her days of thinking of Erik with a big X.
  • 49. Why hello, Betty and Isaiah. These two are married to each other,if you remember, and they both happened to show up at thehouse at the same time.
  • 50. After being invited in, Betty caught upwith her parents while Isaiah spoiledthe dogs. Betty then made friends withthe teenage cashier that Steveninexplicably brought home from work(which worries me a little) over juiceand robbers. At least Marty didn’t getmysteriously furious this time!
  • 51. Raoul and Christine continue tohave divergent paths first thingin the morning. Christinemostly thinks about hercousins, despite the fact she’sonly met Lloyd so far. I thinkit’s so interesting that she’sapparently so thoughtful all onher own.
  • 52. After another long stretch of being pregnant and having myriad daysoff, Marty is finally heading in to work at her art job. If she getspromoted to visionary, this will complete her second LTW.
  • 53. The day he’s been waiting pretty much his whole life for finallycame and Raoul got to go to school. He’s excited to do hishomework, which surprises no one.
  • 54. Our boys in stripes make best friends quickly. They had a muchbetter relationship towards each other than Christine didinitially. I guess Raoul had nothing to be jealous of since he’s notin the running for heir anyway.
  • 55. Um, Steven? Mopping a puddle in the rain is highly unproductive.Notice that a walk-by has been accosted by one of the dogs. No onecan walk by the house without being sniffed or asked to play by oneof the beagles.
  • 56. Yay Marty! There’s that second LTW completed! Her new lifetimewant is to become a cult leader, which is the same as Steven’s secondone. Unlike Steven, Marty went to college so she can actuallycomplete this want.
  • 57. “I am really worried about that girl. I mean, that’s just not normal.”Me too, Marty. What in the world is she writing in her diary?!
  • 58. And we’ll wrap up with another so-called “cliffhanger” birthday party.Will Erik and Christine suddenly turn ugly? Will either of them fail togrow up? Will something unexpected happen? Probably no to all ofthose, but you’ll just have to read the next scene to find out! Sorry thatI had to make four of them this round, but there would have been onehuge third scene otherwise.Visit us at SiMania for more on this and other great legacies!