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  • 1. He who has not seen Scotlanddoes not really know Great Britain
  • 2. Most of the industry is concentrated inLowlands, in the Clyde Valley. Glasgow is its largestand busiest town. Glasgow is the heart of industry. It is a centre of business and trade.
  • 3. The Highlands of Scotland are among theoldest mountains in the world. Ben Nevis isthe highest mountain in the Grampians. Its height is 4,406 feet (1,343m)
  • 4. Scotland is a land of famous lakes. They are called «Lochs» there.One of the most favourite lakes is Loch Ness. It attracts millions of tourist by its legendary monster.
  • 5.  Edinburgh castle Holyrood House, a big royal palace which is the residence of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh. Greyfriars Bobby, a symbol of devotion to a man University of St. Andrews is the oldest and best university in Scotland. It is situated in the town of St Andrews.
  • 6. Scotland is a birthplace of some famous people.Among them are George Gordon Byron, WalterScott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns andArthur Conan Doyle.
  • 7.  Scottish men wear a national dress, the kilt. It is made of wool and looks like a pleated skirt. To make a kilt takes 8 meters of tartan cloth. The kilt is worn with a tweed jacket, long socks, a beret and a leather sporran. Scotland also has its own typical musical instrument, the bagpipes. It consists of wooden pipes and a leather bag covered in tartan.
  • 8. In summer Scottish people traditionally meet togetherfor competitions called Highland Games. Thousandsof visitors come to see sports like tossing the caber(when a tall pole is thrown into the air as a test ofstrength) or throwing the hammer. The games alwaysinclude Scottish dancing and bagpipe music.
  • 9. Thank you for watching Mady by Pavel Bogomolov, 7a Gasanguseynov Arslan, 7a Levin Daniil,7a