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SAAS based Home Security system using IP camera.

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Cloud Computing

  1. 1. 1 Project Description2 Technologies3 System Architecture4 Project Implementation5 References & Conclusion
  2. 2. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) PaaS (Platform as a Service) SaaS (Software as a Service )Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet.
  3. 3. To create a prototype for video Recording from IP camera on Cloud (Amazon EC2 Server) Designed for Wireless IP camera Alerts user on motion detection Video footage backup on cloud for a day or month
  4. 4. Functional Requirements:  IP Camera  Video stream  Server:  User Account registration and management  Image Processing: Video Recording and Motion detection  Android Phone  Receives alert on motion detection  View Video Stream
  5. 5. Communication Technologies TCP/IP HTTP Protocol Wi-FiHardware Technologies IP Camera  Video Streaming Axis 207W © Axis Corporation 2006
  6. 6. Software Technologies Python/Django Framework  Frontend – django(website)  Back end – Python Database : Mysql Python DB Interface : MySQLdb Image Processing  Motion Detection: OpenCV  Video Recording: openCV with python Andriod Application  Receive Motion Detection Alert
  7. 7. Server(AmazonEC2) User account management Motion Detection Alert Video RecordingIP cameraMobile Device Socket Client Stream MJPEG
  8. 8. User Interface Account Registration User Profile:  Edit settings  Start / Stop Video recording  Set Motion Detection Alert  Configure IP camera
  9. 9. Image Processing Video Recording Using Python and OpenCV Motion Detection Python & OpenCV library
  10. 10. ANDRIOD APPLICATION  Start Socket Client  Stream Connection  “socket://cameraurl ”  Receive Motion Detection Alert  Via GPRS connection or Wi-Fi connection11/11/12
  11. 11. 11/11/12
  12. 12. The surveillance system can detect and track moving objects in a video sequence, and is resilient against temporal illumination changes. The system also adapts itself to long lasting changes in the background over time A brief overview of the system is given in Fig.11/11/12
  13. 13. The foreground is extracted from the video scene by learning a statistical model of the background, and subtracting it from the original frame.The background model learns only the stationary parts of the scene and ignores the moving foreground.The system uses the Gaussian Mixture Model for modeling the background adaptively. Hence the motion regions are identified in the frame, which constitute the regions of interest (ROI) for our system. The ROI might consist of a human figure, an animal or even a vehicle.
  14. 14. Foreground extraction using Background Subtraction A statistical background image of the video scene is obtained. This background image is subtracted from the current frame image and thresholded. The foreground regions of interest are extracted from the thresholded image after appropriate morphological operations. The algorithm flow for Static Background Subtraction is depicted in Fig.3.11/11/12
  15. 15. (a) Original Image(b) Estimated Background Image(c) Subtracted Image (a)-(b)(d) Thresholding(e) Erosion(f)Dilation
  16. 16. FRONT END – DJANGODjango is a collection of libraries written in python programming language.To develop site using Django you require python code that uses libraries.UI developed for our projects uses following featuresThe website allows user to register account.Registration details required are name, Email, password, birth date, address.After registration email confirmation is done.
  17. 17. It provides funtionality for configuring Ip camera.Allows user to know camera status if camera is live or notAdmin panel allows user to start/stop recording of video.User can set motion detection for specific time specified.
  18. 18. Open cv library with python is being used for purpose of video recording from IP Camera. Python code allows video recording using Open cv library and python functions. Video is captured from url stream and then stored on server.11/11/12
  19. 19. HARDWARE USED – AXIS 207 IPCAMIP Camera is video camera that can be viewed over local area network or internet. The camera is monitored locally from computer via network to which camera is attached.Installing IP Camera is creating home video survillance system that can be used to monitor property at home when owner is at work or vacation.IP Camera can reside on an IP network and video stream can be accessed or saved remotely.
  20. 20. IP Cam takes video in the form of frames in JPEG format and sends them at transmission rate up to 30 frames/sec. The images can be combined and edited using expensive editors. Using these editors images can be combined and stored on our website. This can be on daily , weekly or monthly basis and it will be stored in user account on website and can be viewed as and when required by user.11/11/12
  21. 21. Thank You Thank you
  22. 22. Thank YouRoger Mendes