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Brow tattoos and jewelry inserts
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Brow tattoos and jewelry inserts

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  • 1. Brow Tattoos and Jewelry Inserts What is body art? Throughout history fashions have constantly changed. One of todays favorite looks,especially with the young and cool, is to go in for body piercing and becoming more popularis eyebrow tattooing, which will leave a permanent mark or design. Temporary tattoos are also popular and are a benefit if you havent quite made upyour mind on the look you want to achieve. Jewelry inserts in the eyebrow can achieve atruly noticeable effect. Getting Tattooed The procedure is the same as in all permanent tattooing and simply involvespuncturing the skin with a very fine needle fitted to a specially designed machine that alsoinserts tiny drops of colored ink into the holes. The time taken for tattooing is dependant on the size of the design so larger and moreintricate the design, the longer it will take. As even the most energetic tattoo artist can tireafter 2-3 hours it is sometimes necessary to return one or more times to finish the moreelaborate designs. Expect some bearable pain and a small amount of bleeding. Usually you will consultwith the tattoo artist who will show you designs that he, or she, thinks will appeal to you. A pattern of the chosen design is then applied to the area of your skin that will beworked on so the tattooist has a ˜template as a guide. Of course it is possible to havea free hand tattoo of your own design but you do need to have confidence in the creativeability of your tattoo artist. If you go this route beware of smudging. Temporary tattoos simply require the application of a transfer of the chosen design tobe applied to any area of the body and can last up to two weeks. It is not practical if youwant a temporary transfer type tattoo actually in the eyebrows but temporary tattoos canlook great (and think about amusing) on the upper eyelids. Eye contact is more often than not first contact so imagine the message you can sendout when you blink a little slowly. Is Tattoong and Eyebrow Piercing Dangerous? Any puncturing of the skin can cause infection or an allergic reaction. However, if youtake care the risks can be minimized. It is vital to go to a recognized professional tattoo or body piercing salon that is cleanand well run. An autoclaved heat sterilization machine (regulated by the Food and DrugAdministration in the USA) should be used to clean all non-disposable equipment after eachclient. If you are outside the USA check out the required regulations and always insist that abrand new needle is used and be sure to watch it being taken from a sterile sealed package. All equipment must be of the highest standard with unused sterile needles. You mustNEVER come into contact with a needle which has been used on another person. This person may have been infected with hepatitis C, hepatitis B, tetanus, tuberculosis,
  • 2. or HIV. The practitioner must wash his/her hands and then put clean sterile gloves on afterwhich he/she must not touch anything other than the area to be tattooed or theequipment. Dont go to a salon that uses a piercing gun that cannot be sterilized with theautoclave machine as the risk of infection can increase. The ink, especially the red ink, can sometimes cause tiny bumps to appear on yourskin and in some people the tattooed area can become scarred. If in doubt start with a smalltattoo where it is unlikely to be noticed. Bacterial infection can occur so look out for signs of heat, redness, swelling and pusforming in the area that has been tattooed or pierced.. If you notice any of these symptomsseek immediate medical advice. Delay can be dangerous. Tattooing can be a life enhancing experience. Clever design and deciding upon themost appealing area of your body that will provide the most impact for your chosen bodyart will bring attention to your most attractive features. Never forget that first impressions count for so much as we always look into andaround the eyes of others when we first come into physical contact with them. Jewelry. Some people can have an allergic reaction to certain metals, such as nickel and brass.If you can, use gold or steel or titanium. After Care Absolute hygiene of the skin in and around the pierced area is essential if you want toavoid any complications however small, or seemingly insignificant. Keep the area clean with a medicated cleanser and gently turn any jewelry insertsaround a few times daily to allow the cleanser toget into the pierced openings. Keep out ofthe sun for a few weeks to avoid any reaction from sunburn as the area will be extrasensitive. As long as you understand the risks and do your research properly you will be able tohave beautifully tattooed and/or pierced eyebrows that will make you the envy of yourfriends. If at any time after you have had a tattoo and you decide that you dont like or wantto change it, just check out my tattoo removal guide. Anything is possible if you really wantit.Read More