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Biobanking 2010 Ta

  1. 1. Biobanking Conference 2010 Analysing the trends and understanding the complexities of biobanking 4th - 5th February 2010, Earls Court Conference Centre, London, UK BOOK NOW! Key Speakers Julie Corfield, R&D Site Biobank Head, Astrazeneca Anne Bahr, R&D Data Privacy Coordinator, Sanofi-Aventis Dr. Maria Krestyaninova, Biomedical Informatics Coordinator, European Bioinformatics Institute Dr. Kristian Unger, Research Associate Division of Investigative Science, Imperial College London Kate Rolfvondenbaumen, Regulation Manager, Human Tissue Authority Alastair Kent, Director, Genetic Interest Group Dr. Alison Parry-Jones, Manager, Wales Cancer Bank Marc Martens, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP Morag McFarlane, Chief Scientific Officer, Tissue Solutions Dr. John Cason, Senior (Non-Clinical) Lecturer in Virology, King’s College London School of Medicine Dr. Michael D. Leek, Vice President, The Weinberg Group Dr. Martin Frey, Senior Product Manager Storage Technologies, Hamilton Bonaduz Dr. Ulla Krüppel, International Marketing, Chemagen Biopolymer-Technologie Jonathan Horan, Product Manager, Vitro Silver Sponsor Associate Sponsors R Driving the Industry Forward | Organised By Media Partners To Book Call: +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 |
  2. 2. Conference Introduction Biobanking Conference 2010 4th - 5th February 2010, London, UK Silver Sponsor: Dear Colleague, NEXUS Biosystems is a worldwide developer of enabling technologies and automation systems for life science research. Products include the Universal iobanking is changing rapidly. Biobanks are playing a vital role in the today’s B Store, Universal LabStore, and Universal BioStore family of automated -20C research and development in the fields of drug discovery and bioscience. The and -80C sample storage and retrieval systems, the Aurora Biotechnologies line of high performance biobanking sector has expanded at a tremendous rate in recent years, and has microplates, and the XPeel, a high throughput plate seal removal system. also been facing many legal, financial, ethical, scientific challenges. For further information please visit: isiongain is happy to announce its inaugural Biobanking Conference which V Associate Sponsors: will examine major trends in the biobanking industry and its changing scope. By attending Visiongain’s Biobanking conference delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of the emerging opportunities, challenges and advancements made in the field of biobanking. For further information please visit Why Attend? For further information please visit Key benefits For almost 50 years HAMILTON products have successfully served researchers in laboratories all over the world. A long history of successful products began in 1947 with • Assess the increasing need for developing biobanks the development of the MICROLAB® syringe by the company’s founder. The commitment R to precision, accuracy and quality has earned HAMILTON high customer satisfaction. With • Understand the ethical and regulatory issues the MICROLAB® STAR workstation, HAMILTON has again achieved technological leadership. In addition to this open DNA extraction platform, HAMILTON offers modular automated storage solutions with the ASM -20°C • Implement strategies to develop a cost-effective biobank system and the SAM -80°C. From sample preparation to storage: One solution from the technology leader. • Examine the importance of patient involvement in biobank projects For further information please visit • Learn about data protection and quality management in biobanking Media Partners: is the leading industry-sponsored portal for the • Discuss most acute and challenging scientific and policy related matters pharmaceutical sector. Supported by most of the leading pharmaceutical corporations, provides dynamic real-time news, features, • eize this opportunity to network with leaders from pharma-biotech, S events listings and international jobs to industry professionals across Europe and the US. healthcare and regulatory agencies For further information please email: BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is owned by BIOTECHNOLOGY WORLD. I look forward to meeting you at the conference It is based and located in Warsaw, Poland. Biotechnology World was Best regards founded in 2007 to provide the world’s biotech and pharma information and market to make it universally accessible and useful for scientific and business processes. Its first step to fulfilling that mission was building the BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE platform that will allow a quick spread of information in different channels. BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE offers companies completed internet public relations, publication and marketing solutions. One of the mains goals of BIOTECHNOLOGY EUROPE is to integrate the Biotech and Pharma Sector in Europe to Pranita Nangia global biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science activities. Conference Producer For further information please visit Future Pharmaceuticals has forged powerful relationships with key Driving the Industry Forward | industry leaders to provide a platform for successful brand recognition, and for senior decision-makers to have the means to procure and plan implementation strategies based on the topics covered. Positioned to be an authoritative resource within top Who should attend? pharma companies as well as small, specialty, and biotech, Future Pharmaceuticals magazine is geared to create a deep penetration into a highly targeted and responsive audience, bridging VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of: the gap between the industries’ top issues and the solutions top-tier vendors can provide. • Biobanks For further information please visit: • Tissue bank InPharm is the online platform for exclusive pharmaceutical news, • Biorepository comment, contracts, services, jobs and events and is home to • Molecular Diagnostics, Pharmafile and Pharmafocus. • Clinical Genetics, Pathology • Histopathology For further information please visit: • Medical Genomics ‘Pharma Connections Worldwide® is the leading professional • Non-clinical Biosample business networking website focused in the Pharmaceutical, • Data Privacy Office Biotechnology and Life Sciences research industry. Our goal is to • Health Science Policy provide a conduit for delivery of premiere content coupled with the right clientele in order to • Scientific and Quality facilitate business development opportunities among industry professionals responsible for • Toxicology, Clinical chemistry making key decisions in a global marketplace. ‘ • Laboratory and Inventory For further information please visit: • R&D • Quality Control • Pharmacogenomics • Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities: • Strategic Outsourcing This event offers a unique opportunity to meet and do business with some • Clinical Research • Translational Medicine of the key players in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. If you have a • Personalized Medicine, service or product to promote, you can do so at this event by: • Bioanalytical Chemistry • Hosting a networking drinks reception • Clinical trials and Non-clinical R & D • Pharmacogenomics • Taking an exhibition space at the conference • Proteomics • Advertising in the delegate documentation pack • Personalised medicine • Providing branded bags, pens, gifts, etc. • Business development • Strategic alliances If you would like more information on the range of sponsorship or exhibition possibilities for visiongain's Biobanking Conference 2010, please contact us: Others: Christopher Clegg, +44 (0)20 7549 9943 • Consultants& Academics • Regulatory bodies • Researchers Ronald Magali, +44 (0)20 7549 9934
  3. 3. Day 1 Biobanking Conference 2010 Thursday 4th February 2010, London, UK 09:30 Registration and refreshments 14:50 Challenges for the governance of biobanks • he mixed message of regulatory bodies: ‘dangers’ and ‘profits’ T 10:00 Opening address from the chair • he challenge for biobankers: answering the message bottom-up with T Jonathan Horan their governance strategy Product Manager • ransparency to the public and patients, avoiding unwarranted expectations T Product Manager • ow to deal with the feed-back issue? (of individual results to participants) H • he traditional view and the good reasons for this view T • hould GWAS change the traditional view of (non) individual feed-back? S BIOBANKING - wHERE IS IT HEADING? • hould GWAS and international cooperation change the traditional view S of the promise of privacy? 10:10 Biobanking in 2010 • he continuous dialogue with stakeholders T • Analysing the current biobanking landscape • overnance as self-regulation and an investment in trust G • Recent advancements in sample collection and processing Evert-Ben van Veen • Perspective on future initiatives in biobanking Director Medlawconsult 10:50 Biobanking to sustain R&D in pharma • General aspects-purpose and scope 15:30 Afternoon Refreshments • A-Z perspective of establishing a biobank 15:50 Security, Traceability and Interchange: information • Challenges and needs challenges for biobanks Julie Corfield • Legal and ethical issues in data security R&D Site Biobank Head • aintaining traceability and process integrity throughout the sample life cycle M Astrazeneca • sing IT to facilitating sample interchange and harmonise associated information U Jonathan Horan 11:30 Morning refreshments Product Manager Vitro 11:50 Biobanks - A Patient and Citizen Perspective • Broad versus narrow consent 16:10 Legislation & Biobanks- can they co-exist? • Feedback of results • mpact of legislation and HTA regulation on research (including the benefits) I • Public and private sector biobanks (and crossover issues between them) • hen is an HTA licence required W • Disease specific and population biobanks and public engagement • he different requirements for use of tissue from the living and tissue T from the deceased • Collaboration - harmonisation or standardisation? • on-consensual use of DNA N • Return on investment from a societal perspective Kate Rolfvondenbaumen Alastair Kent Regulation Manager Director Human Tissue Authority Genetic Interest Group 16:50 QA in biobanking and its importance for the 12:30 Utilising retrospective versus prospective samples generation of experimental data for research- the hurdles and challenges • A of issued tissue/ biobanking material has a high impact on the Q • Legal, ethical and consent requirements potential of cancer biomarker research • Harmonisation of sample handling/processing and QA systems • A checkpoints in the process of tissue collection and extractions are Q • Clinical information/matched samples - requirements vs reality controlled by using SOPs (standard operation protocols) • Cost and time implications • ontrolled specimen quality maximises the usability of clinical specimens C in terms of the number of potential users and applications and the Morag McFarlane quality of the resulting data Chief Scientific Officer • he maximum average quality of biobanking material is tissue-specific T Tissue Solutions • xamples for techniques well applicable on low-quality RNA: MicroRNA E and qRT-PCR 12:50 Networking lunch • ultiplex PCR – an approach to control the influence of DNA quality on M the quality of array copy number data wHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? • emonstration of the influence of DNA quality on data quality and how D bioinformatics deals with the problem Dr. Kristian Unger 14:10 Biobanking: an attempt at a global regulatory approach Research Associate Division of Investigative Science • Typology of biobanks and their respective regulatory framework Imperial College London • urrent legal issues in biobanking (privacy issues, ownership rights, C informed consent, etc.) 17:30 Closing remarks from the chair17: • Import and export of biobanking materials: a need for harmonisation? Marc Martens 17:40 Networking drinks Partner Take your discussions further and build new Bird & Bird LLP relationships in a relaxed and informal setting Due to unforeseen circumstances the programme may change and visiongain reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers c Copyright visiongain Ltd, 2009
  4. 4. Day 2 Biobanking Conference 2010 Friday 5th February 2010, London, UK 09:30 Registration and refreshments 12:30 wales Cancer Bank- Experiences of formulating an access policy and issuing samples to the research community • hat will be made available? Sample availability and processing W 10:00 Opening address from the chair • eciding on an appropriate access policy D • echanisms to ensure transparency M 10:10 Learn about data protection in biobanking • harging for samples C • ersonal Data Protection: The main principles P • aterial transfer agreements M • ow can samples from clinical studies be re-used for research? H • ogistics and training L • nformed consent in practice: Specificities imposed by French, Italian and I Dr. Alison Parry-Jones Spanish authorities Manager Wales Cancer Bank • tandardising practices: What level is possible in a multinational S pharmaceutical company? 13:10 Networking lunch Anne Bahr R&D Data Privacy Coordinator 14:30 High performance DNA isolation in european Sanofi Aventis biobanking projects • loser insight in european biobanks C 10:50 SIMBioMS_ - IT solutions for data collection, • he chemagic separation technology T harmonisation and analysis in large-scale biomedical • Automated DNA isolation from Blood, Saliva, Swabs genomics projects • Large sample volumes up to 10 ml • andling and combining sample data (SIMS), assays and measurement H • High throughput applications e.g. > 1.000 samples/d data from a wide range of technologies (AIMS), and for browsing, summarizing and annotating its complex data content (SAIL) Dr. Ulla Krüppel Senior Product Manager Storage Technologies • rovides support for multi-partner biomedical data management from the P Hamilton Bonaduz moment of study design to the data analysis • ample annotation and tracking, sample size estimation in cross- S 14:50 Presentation to be announced collection meta-studies, genetic and molecular data consistency, and practical aspects of data standardisation and harmonisation in Dr. Martin Frey collaborative discovery projects International Marketing Chemagen Biopolymer-Technologie Dr. Maria Krestyaninova Biomedical Informatics Coordinator 15:10 Afternoon refreshments European Bioinformatics Institute FUTURE PERSPECTIVES 11:30 Morning refreshments 15:30 Commercialisation challenges RECENT CASE STUDIES • nalysing quality and logistic issues A • iscussing regulatory issues related to commercialisation of stem cells D from biobanks 11:50 The infectious diseases biobank at King’s Dr. Michael D. Leek College London: Facilitating translational Vice President research of pathogens The Weinberg Group • ocal need for the resource L 16:10 Public attitudes to tissue and organ donation • ioBank organisation and operation B • ethods of engaging the public on complex and sensitive issues M • utcomes O • esults from several OL research projects relating to tissue and R organ donation • uture challenges F Becky Seale Dr. John Cason Consultant Senior (Non-Clinical) Lecturer in Virology Opinion Leader King’s College London School of Medicine 16:50 Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference * Invited
  5. 5. Registration Form Biobanking Conference 2010 4th - 5th February 2010, London, UK For multiple bookings Photocopy this form Conf. code TA Biobanking Conference 2010 Standard Prices Conference only Fee: £1299 VAT: £194.85 Total: £1493.85 4th - 5th February 2010 Academic rate Fee: £899 VAT: £134.85 Total: £1033.85 Location: arls Court Conference Centre E Address: Warwick Road Promotional Literature Distribution London Distribution of your company’s promotional literature to all conference attendees SW5 9TA Fee: £999 VAT: £149.85 Total: £1148.85 Details How to book Forename: Surname: Email: Web: Job Title: Company: UK Office: Tel: +44(0) 20 7336 6100 Main Switchboard Number: Fax: +44(0) 20 7549 9932 Visiongain Ltd Address: BSG House 226-236 City Road London EC1V 2QY UK Country: Postcode: General information Venue: Earls Court Conference Centre, Warwick Road, London, SW5 9TA. Phone: Fax: From West Brompton station, the venue is directly opposite the station exit. Walk to the left-hand side. From Earl’s Court station, exit through the Warwick Road exit and walk down the left-hand side of the Email: building. Payment terms: Visiongain require the full amount to be paid before the conference. Visiongain Signature: Ltd may refuse entry to delegates who have not paid their invoice in full. A credit card guarantee may be requested if payment has not been received in full before the event. Visiongain Ltd reserves the I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of booking right to charge interest on unpaid invoices. Substitutions/name changes or cancellations: There is a 50% liability on all bookings once made, whether by post, fax, email or web. There is a no refund policy for cancellations received on Methods of payment or after one month before the start of the event. Should you decide to cancel after this date, the full invoice must be paid. Conference notes will then be sent to you. Unfortunately, we are unable Payment must be made in sterling to transfer places between conferences and executive briefings. However, if you cannot attend the By Mail: Complete and return your signed registration form together with your cheque payable conference, you may make a substitution/name change at any time, as long as we are informed in writing by email, fax or post. Name changes and substitutions must be from the same company or to Visiongain Ltd and send to: visiongain Ltd, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, EC1V 2QY, UK organisation and are not transferable between countries. By Fax: Complete and fax your signed registration form with your credit card details Invoice alterations: There will be an administration charge of £50 for any changes to an invoice, excluding substitutions/name changes, requested by the customer. This will be charged to the to +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 customer by credit card prior to the changes being made. By Phone: Call us on +44 (0) 20 7336 6100 with your credit card details Indemnity: Visiongain Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to the conference/executive briefing content, timing, speakers or venue without notice. The event may be postponed or cancelled By Credit Card: Fill in your card details below and fax back to +44 (0) 20 7549 9932 due to unforeseen events beyond the control of visiongain Ltd. If such a situation arises, we will try to reschedule the event. However, visiongain Ltd cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage or By Bank Transfer: expenses, which may be incurred by the customer as a consequence of the event being postponed or Visiongain Ltd A/C: visiongain Ltd cancelled. We therefore strongly advise all our conference clients to take out insurance to cover the cost of the registration, travel and expenses. Barclays Bank Sort Code: 20-71-64 Data Protection: Visiongain Ltd gathers and manages data in accordance with the Data Piccadilly Branch Account No: 6038 7118 Protection Act 1988. Your personal information contained in this form may be used to update you on 48 Regent Street Swift Code: BARC GB22 visiongain Ltd products and services via post, telephone, fax or email, unless you state otherwise. We may also share your data with external companies offering complementary products or services. If you London, W1B 5RA IBAN: GB80 BARC 20716460387118 wish for your details to be amended, suppressed or not passed on to any external third party, please send your request to the Database Manager, visiongain Ltd, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, Please debit my credit card: EC1V 2QY. Alternatively, you can visit our website at and amend your details. Access MasterCard Visa American Express Please allow approximately 30 days for your removal or update request to be applied to our database. Following your removal or update request, you may receive additional pieces of communication from visiongain Ltd during the transitional period, whilst the changes are coming into effect. Fee: The conference fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference papers provided on the day. Card number: This fee does not include travel, hotel accommodation, transfers or insurance, (which we strongly recommend you obtain). VAT: VAT will be charged at the local rate on each conference. Delegates may be able to recover VAT Expiry Date: incurred by contacting Eurocash Corporation plc +44 (0) 1273 325000, Eurocash specialise in recovering cross-border VAT. Security number (last 3 digits on back of credit card): How we will contact you: Visiongain Ltd’s preferred method of communication is by email and phone. Please ensure that you complete the registration form in full so that we can contact you. Signature: Unable to attend Cardholder’s name: Obviously nothing compares to being there but you need not miss out. Simply tick the box and send with your payment. You will receive your copy of the event CD Rom two weeks after the event. Yes, please send me a copy of the CD for Price£550 VAT:£82.50 Total:£632.50 News updates Office use only Please tick if you do not want to receive email news updates in the future