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  • The TSP is interesting not only from a theoretical point of view, many practical applications can be modeled as a traveling salesman problem or as variants of it, for example, pen movement of a plotter, drilling of printed circuit boards (PCB), real-world routing of school buses, airlines, delivery trucks and postal carriers. []
  • Presentazione Ver. 2.7.0

    1. 1. Contact Informations Giovanni Battista TATEO SlideShare Presentation - Professional Experiences - Mine Interests - Mine reading list [email_address] giovannibattistatateo
    2. 2. I'm working at Mer Mec S.p.A. as Senior Machine Vision Engineer. MER MEC is an Italian company based in Monopoli (Apulia), leader in the design and development of measuring systems for diagnostics and maintenance of the railway infrastructure. MER MEC is one of the four companies of the Mer Mec Group that is an international holding company. Professional esperiences
    3. 3. Track Inspection Systems Professional esperiences
    4. 4. Tomorrow … Professional esperiences - Automatic detection and inspection (verification of assembly compliance) of the SNCF (France's national state-owned railway company) rail fasteners - Design and Implementation of a 3D Image Processing Tool to detect, identify and check the Sleepers mounted on Italy's railway network
    5. 5. 2011 Professional esperiences - Design and Implementation of a 3D Image Processing Tool to detect, identify and check the Eurobalise mounted on Italy's railway network - Design and Implementation of a 3D Image Processing Tool to detect, identify and check the Axlecounter Pedals mounted on Italy's railway network
    6. 6. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS (HARDWARE AND IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE) FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE: § Automatic inspection of safety appliances of railway wagons. Committed by Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) Pueblo, Colorado; § Automatic inspection (presence and correct mounting) of Ingolstadt-Nurnberg high-speed line (German national railway company) rail fasteners; § Automatic detection of fastener "markings" on the rail foot for SBB CFF FFS (Swiss railway) 2010 Professional esperiences
    7. 7. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS (HARDWARE AND IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE) FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE: § Feasibility study to use the fasteners inspection system in wet (rain) conditions; § Misfit Rail Pad Detection - peoblem analysis; § Automatic inspection (presence and correct mounting) of Seoul Metro (Seoul Subway Lines 1 to 4) rail fasteners; 2009 Professional esperiences
    8. 8. - Automtic identification and inspection of South Korea (Korail) rail fasteners; - Automatic identification and inspection of Qinghai–Tibet (China) rail fasteners; 2008 Professional esperiences
    9. 9. 2007 Professional esperiences - Automatic detection of sleepers filming through the visual inspection system - Identification and inspection of SBB CFF FFS (Swiss railway) Eurobalises boe using 3D measure profiles;
    10. 10. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS (HARDWARE AND IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE) FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE: § Automatic optimization of the rail fasteners recognition models; § Automatic inspection (presence/correct mounting) of SBB CFF FFS (Swiss railway) rail fasteners; 2006 Professional esperiences
    11. 11. DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS (HARDWARE AND IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE) FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF RAILWAY INFRASTRUCTURE: 2005 § Automatic recognition of three-dimensional objects inside a robotic cell on the International Space Station (Italian Spatial Agency); 2005 Professional esperiences
    12. 12. 2004 § Real time adjustment of the digital camera exposure time; 2004 Professional esperiences
    13. 13. May 2002 – November 2003 Professional esperiences Junior Machine Vision Engineer @ Delta Sistemi s.r.l. Vision Systems, Machine Vision and Image Processing Software applied to industrial quality check. - Telephon display check at Dial Face / Alcatel - Bari - Feasibility study for a watermarked paper inspection at Zecca di Stato (Foggia) - Feasibility study for a pick and place system at Officine Minnetti - Pistoia - Ball bearing quality check at SKF (Bari) - Assembly check of the 'Sigaro' coil at Federal Mogul Ignition Srl - Carpi (MO) - Assembly check of first/second gear synchronizer at Getrag (Modugno, BA) - Feasibility study for a quality check of neon lamps at Osram (Bari) - Feasibility study for assembly check of injection pump at Bosch Tecnologie Diesel e Sistemi Frenanti Italia SpA - Modugno (BA) - Feasibility study for a quality check of alimentar products at Charlie Brown -Bari
    14. 14. September 2000 – December 2001 Professional esperiences Jr. IT Consultant @ In 1993 TTS was founded as a spin-off of an Italian Research Institute. Company business profile has been widened complementing traditional research activities in simulation of manufacturing systems with the development of customized IT solutions for companies, together with technology transfer actions. Projects: § Discrete Event System Simulation § IST-MPA (Modular Plant Architecture) project § INCOMPRO (INtelligent COMposite PROducts) project
    15. 15. Mine Interests Operations Research Modeling & Simulation Algorithms Optimization Industrial Automation Robotics UAV Problem Solving Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) Genetic Algorithms (GA) Swarm Intelligence (SI) Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) Genetic Programming (GP) Artificial Intelligence Information Technology Programming Languages: C++ Java ANSI-C Visual Basic Pascal Assembler 8088 RPG-III Vision Systems Machine Vision Image Processing Professional & Social Networking
    16. 16. Mine Interests Genetic Algorithms (GA) Applications - Image processing pattern model optimization - Pipeline computer architecture optimization - Gas turbine efficiency optimization - Determination of the law that best represent a natural phenomena - Optimization and planning: Traveling Salesman problem (TSP) - GA in Business and Their Supportive Role in Decision Making; (i) Finance Applications (ii) Production/Operation Applications (iii)- Role in Decision Making - Learning Robot behavior - UMTS Network Planning
    17. 17. Mine Interests Genetic Programming (GP) In artificial intelligence, genetic programming (GP) is an evolutionary algorithm-based methodology inspired by biological evolution to find computer programs that perform a user-defined task. It is a specialization of genetic algorithms (GA) where each individual is a computer program. Web links Genetic Progamming org A Field Guide to Genetic Programming Genetic Programming FAQ
    18. 18. Mine Interests Swarm Intelligence (SI) Web links Biomimicry Abounds in the Bay Area Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behaviour of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence.
    19. 19. Ant Colony Optimization Mine Interests The ant colony optimization algorithm (ACO) is a probabilistic technique for solving computational problems which can be reduced to finding good paths through graphs. A classic example of the construction of a pheromone trail in the search for a shorter path is shown in Figure 2 and was first presented by Colorni et al. (1991). In Figure 2A there is a path between food and nest established by the ants. In Figure 2B an obstacle is inserted in the path. Soon, ants spread to both sides of the obstacle, since there is no clear trail to follow (Figure 2C). As the ants go around the obstacle and find the previous pheromone trail again, a new pheromone trail will be formed around the obstacle. This trail will be stronger in the shortest path than in the longest path, as shown in Figure 2D. “ Shorter paths can be completed quicker and more frequently by the ants, and will therefore be marked with higher pheromone intensity.”
    20. 20. Mine Interests Operations Research Operations Research (OR) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions.
    21. 21. Problem Solving Mine reading list Image Processing Artificial Intelligence
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