Part 3-2 Generation Red


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Part 3-2 Generation Red

  1. 1. We’ll begin with anupdate on how theJohnson household isfaring. Yes Aiden, youdid set the pancakeson fire. Don’t worrythough, I didremember to install afire alarm in thishouse.
  2. 2. Aiden is pretty goodwith the kids. Hedoesn’t do any diaperduty, but he does feedthem, play with themand read to them.
  3. 3. Back at the Geebivhouse, a second graveis missing from thebackyard. *sigh*Uma still shows up inthe family tree, butRoy is blank. Stillholding out hope thatI won’t have to rebuild.Hopefully we’ll get toGen 10 before toomuch more goes awry.
  4. 4. Scarlett wasted littletime inviting Gilbertto move in and gettingstarted on GenerationFour.
  5. 5. Apparently hercustom hair is notbinned for maternity.
  6. 6. Or, it is for hermaternity PJ’s but nother maternityeveryday wear.Demi and Obsidianare pretty glad to haveher back home.
  7. 7. They take turnsstalking her withjokes, gossip andgames.You might notice thenew addition to thehouse they arestanding in.
  8. 8. With Generation Fouron the way, a newroom was added to thehouse.
  9. 9. Coming off the stairslanding is a new,larger kitchen whichflows down into a newdining room.
  10. 10. Generation Four’scolor is orange, hencethe decorativescheme. Because ofthe raised floor therefrigerator cutsthrough the ceiling abit, but I can live withit and it doesn’t effectfunctionality.
  11. 11. This view is just toshow that you can seeinto the living roomtoo.
  12. 12. The sunken diningarea is one of myfavorite parts of thehouse so far.
  13. 13. I think it came outquite lovely.
  14. 14. Demi maxes hercreativity whileObsidian watches.I made a mistake withDemi last update. Sheactually fulfilled asecond LTW to earn$100,000 in the lastchapter. I forgot thatshe had topped hercareer before that andmy notes were a bitconfused.
  15. 15. Obsidian had maxedhis creativity long ago,but he’s now at topenthusiasm for musicso he glows when heplays. Sometimes hechanges into formalwear, sometimes hedoesn’t. I haven’tfigured out acorrelation yet. Thebackground cheeringevery time he finishescracks me up though.
  16. 16. The old dining roomwas turned into askilling room with aflower station, sewingmachine and potterywheel. Scarlett isworking on flowerarranging badges.
  17. 17. Since Obsidian ispermaplat, I have himuse the energizerwhen he needs too.He uses it in the mostunique manner I’veever seen anyone doso. The loss of his armwas only temporary ashe regeneratedanother one. Ooh,maybe it’s the TARDISin disguise.
  18. 18. Demi did not have thesame problem. Hertrip to the energizerwas just fine.
  19. 19. It was around thistime that I hadObsidian pass alongthe goodies he hadstashed in hisinventory. Most of it’sjunk, but the genielamp is in there, as isthe illegally procuredbone phone that wasused in ourunsuccessful attemptto bring Roy back.
  20. 20. Soon it was time forGeneration Four toarrive.I realize that Gilberthas hardly been seen.He is working on hisLTW to top theathletic career as wellas maintaining J’AdoreBakery. He also has afear to marry Scarletthanging out in hiswant panel, so they’restill only at engagedstatus.
  21. 21. Gilbert was there forthe birth though, andshowed properenthusiasm for it.Everybody was happyto welcome the newbaby.
  22. 22. Say “hello” to JaffaGeebiv. His color isorange, and he isnamed after a type oforange first cultivatedin the area aroundJaffa, Israel.Jaffa has his father’shair (Gilbert dyes hisblack) and his greeneyes.
  23. 23. As mentioned above,Gilbert has also beenputting time in at thebakery.
  24. 24. The bakery underwenta slight remodel aswell. The Geebiv’s areloaded. They canafford it.The dining area wasexpanded, displaycases rearranged, acoffee barista stationwas added, and asmall second floor wasput on.
  25. 25. The thought behindthe second floor wasfor when Scarlett waspregnant and wouldgo with Gilbert to helpout. It was locked offto the public and has afull bath and smallsitting area as well asthe bed.
  26. 26. All the display caseswere moved to oneside of the cashregister to alleviatecrowding and keepcustomers fromgetting stuck in thecorner.
  27. 27. The tables werebasically left alone.Lamps were added anda few more flowers.
  28. 28. The seating area wasalso updated withsome more comfychairs.
  29. 29. Finally, a coffeestation was added forthose who wanted alittle latte with theirpastry.
  30. 30. Ever concerned for herbaby boy, Denise wasone of the firstcustomers after theremodel wascompleted.A peek in Gil’s wantpanel showed the fearof getting married wastemporarily gone, so…
  31. 31. He hurried home,found Scarlett, andquickly slipped a ringon her finger.I should mention toothat I thoughtScarlett’s dress neededa little somethingmore, so me and myrudimentary skillzgave her some polkadots. It just suits herbetter.
  32. 32. The wedding wassweet and simple.These guys are cutetogether, if a bitunconventional.
  33. 33. Soon after themarriage, it was timefor Jaffa’s birthday.Friends and familywere invited.
  34. 34. Wait. Where are Demiand Obsidian?
  35. 35. Oh yeah. *eye roll*Keeping up withfamily tradition.Although this is thefirst time the familyhas asked for helpadding a little magicto the act.
  36. 36. Awww. Isn’t Jaffacute?! I would say helooks just like hisDaddy, but since Gilhas had surgery Iwouldn’t really know.There are strongfeatures that go backto Denise though. Nosign of the Geebivmaw.
  37. 37. Speaking of Denise, Ihad Jaffa go ask her forattention so theycould build up somekind of relationship.
  38. 38. This is what happenednext.Denise tends to get abit of a bad rap. Idon’t really have aproblem with her.She’s a lonely oldwoman who dotes onher son. Kind of sad ifyou think about it.
  39. 39. You can see someresemblance betweenthem here. It will beinteresting to see whathappens as Jaffa growsup.
  40. 40. The party was a goodtime and Scarlettintroduced Gil to theGeebiv way of endingany and all parties.No wonder Mr.Romance wanted tojoin the family.
  41. 41. Toddler trainingbegan the next day.Obsidian was the firstone up so he got pottyduty.
  42. 42. Scarlett is nowpermaplat from herinfluence bar. Themusic career stillhasn’t come up on thecomputer.She started the daywith Jaffa and smartmilk.
  43. 43. Then she taught himto walk. The raindidn’t last long andthey enjoyed a fewhours outside playing.
  44. 44. Jaffa has alsodiscovered thejukebox and enjoysmusic and dancing asmuch as the rest of thefamily.I just realized I haven’tgiven you his stats yet.Jaffa is a personalityclone of his father.They’re both 1/7/2/6/9Libra’s and their OTHis arts & crafts.
  45. 45. In case you werewondering, Demidotes on her grandsonjust as much as hisother grandparentsdo.
  46. 46. We interrupt thisupdate for Recipe forDisaster #4:1. Since Ebony kept showing up everywhere and puking, go play her lot with the intent of having her get better.2. Instruct her love, Audrey, to make some lunch to get Ebony’s hunger bar up.3. Pay no nevermind to the fact that Audrey has almost no cooking skill points.
  47. 47. 4. Let curiosity get you when Ebony goes running for the kitchen.5. Panic when you realize that you did not install a fire alarm in the house because it wasn’t going to be played.6. Panic some more when you realize that your sim!Husband is on fire along with Audrey.
  48. 48. 7. Instruct Ebony to put out the flames.8. Watch in horror as you realize that Audrey is no longer on fire because Audrey is no longer there.9. Have Ebony continue to extinguish sim!Husband.
  49. 49. 10. Shake head in disbelief as Ebony doesn’t care that Grim has arrived for her girlfriend but is more concerned with the emptiness of her belly.11. Marvel that sim!Husband survived the fire.
  50. 50. 12. Gigglesnort at Ebony giving Grim “the look” because he is blocking the fridge.
  51. 51. 13. Gigglesnort some more when it looks like Grim answers, “FINE!” and leaves.14. Contemplate exit without save and decide not to because you don’t want to replay just so Ebony will get better again. Decide to roll with the punches.
  52. 52. Ebony finally was ableto get into the fridgeand fill her belly. Ittook three more days,but she became wellagain too. I’d love toshow you pictures ofher all upset aboutAudrey’s death, butthey don’t existbecause she justwasn’t. Audrey’s urnoccupies a place ofhonor on a table in thebedroom.
  53. 53. Back at the Geebivhouse, Melissa thetroublemaker fromcollege walked by.
  54. 54. Obsidian was outsideand they greeted eachother.Soon after, Adriancame by as well.
  55. 55. Melissa flirted withhim and they fell backin love after thedebacle over Julie.Obsidian still hadhearts in hisrelationship panel anddid not take kindly toAdrian and Melissa’sPDA’s.
  56. 56. Slapping ensued. Theup side is thatObsidian no longerhas hearts in his panelfor anyone but Demi.
  57. 57. It didn’t effect Melissaand Adrian’srelationship at all, butthe townie walkby islikely wondering whatthe hell she is walkinginto.
  58. 58. Melissa returned tosteal the newspaper.
  59. 59. Scarlett maxed herenthusiasm for musicand dance. The musiccareer still hasn’tshowed up on thecomputer.
  60. 60. Obsidian rolled thewant to retire so I lethim. He can help takecare of Jaffa if Scarlettever gets her job plushe’ll be there whenScarlett and Gil go tothe bakery.
  61. 61. He spends his sparetime working on apottery badge.
  62. 62. He’s becoming quitegood at it.
  63. 63. He has also planted agarden and smallorchard in the back.
  64. 64. Jaffa helps him outthere often.
  65. 65. Gratuitous cutepicture is cute.Scarlett and Obsidianare the two who arehome most often.Demi and Gil bothstill work.
  66. 66. Birthday time camepretty quickly and Gilwas there so got thehonors of bringingJaffa to the cake.
  67. 67. Friends and familywere invited again andagain two people werenoticeably missing.
  68. 68. This time they createdtheir own magic andno assistance wasneeded from the goodwitch.
  69. 69. I’m not sure if Jaffa gotany Geebiv traits. Hesure is cute though.
  70. 70. Even when he’s tellingJulie a scary story.Julie was a cheerleaderin college so she showsup in her Llamacostume whenever shecomes over or is on acommunity lot.
  71. 71. Scarlett and Gil endedthe party in theirusual manner.
  72. 72. Jaffa was exhaustedand autonomouslymade his way to theright bed. I love itwhen the pixels aresmart. :)
  73. 73. Since Gil and Scarlett were bothrolling a vacation want, Idecided to send them beforeJaffa started school the nextmorning.
  74. 74. Their destination wasTwikki Island wherethey all made abeeline to the beach.
  75. 75. Scarlett and Jaffaimmediately got towork building a sandcastle while Gil wentto sunbathe. He thencame over and gotstuck in the sandcastle while trying toflirt with his wife.
  76. 76. He finally was able toget the kiss he wanted,much to Jaffa’sdisgust.
  77. 77. Next stop, one of theruins. Jumbok? Idon’t remember whichI sent them to.They enjoyed thepineapple surprise.
  78. 78. They also enjoyed thefountain.
  79. 79. Soon Jaffa was ready tomove on though.
  80. 80. But not before Giltook a break andScarlett learned thelocal gesture from anative.
  81. 81. Next on the itinerarywas a helicopter tourwhich was a greatsuccess.
  82. 82. The next day theyheaded over to thepirate ship at SouthBeach where Gilsampled more of thelocal delicacies.
  83. 83. Jaffa climbed aboardthe ship and startedexploring.
  84. 84. He had the most funfighting the DredPirate with his cutlass.
  85. 85. Gil raised the colors.
  86. 86. Scarlett visited thecaptains cabin. Noparanormal visitorsshowed though.Finally, theypurchased some localattire and headedback to the hotel.
  87. 87. After changing theirclothes they headedback to the beachwhere Scarlett decidedto learn the fire dance.
  88. 88. As she finished herlessons, Gil and Jaffawere able to bond abit.
  89. 89. Exhausted, Jaffa madehis way in to bed andScarlett and Gil tookadvantage of the quiettime to dance to theirown music on thebeach.
  90. 90. The followingmorning was their lastday so the family tookadvantage of thebeach before it startedto rain and they had toleave.
  91. 91. On their way out, theyasked a tourist to takea picture of them.
  92. 92. Their return homegave Jaffa quite a scarewhen Obsidian triedto repair thedishwasher.
  93. 93. He was pretty grumpyfor a while afterwards.
  94. 94. Gil got working onmore skills for hiscareer. He’s the onlyadult that isn’tpermaplat yet.
  95. 95. Scarlett was verysupportive.
  96. 96. His age advancing,Gilbert decided to usethe educationbookcase to finish offhis body skill points.
  97. 97. Obsidian was able toharvest the orangetrees and made thefirst glass of juice inthe family.
  98. 98. Jaffa got his A+ atschool. I think thiswas his second day.
  99. 99. Gil was very proud.Gil and Scarlett didn’tdo a whole lot withJaffa when he was aninfant and toddler, butthey’re awesome withhim now that he’s akid.
  100. 100. Over at the Johnsonhouse, the toddlersgrew up.Dixie Carr on theupper left, JulesJayapalan on theupper right, andRobert Cormier below.Then I realized I neverbuilt bedrooms forwhen the childrengrew up over there, sothere was a quick anddirty remodel to addtwo more bedroomsoff the kitchen.
  101. 101. There are also twomore pregnancies.Jordan is expectingher second and Missywas finally able toconceive (due to thehack that I found thatallows largerhouseholds).
  102. 102. These pregnanciesweren’t sped up.Jordan gave birth toKatherine first. Likeher brother Robert,she also has hermother’s genetics.Jordan is one of theladies with a LTW for 3college grads, so she’llhave one more.
  103. 103. Missy traumatized theother children whenshe gave birth thefollowing day.
  104. 104. This is her son, Peter,who has his Daddy’seyes but Mommy’shair and skin tone.
  105. 105. With that, I’ll leaveyou with morepictures from Gil andScarlett’s latestventure to J’Adore.I suck at the business.It’s only at level oneright now. I’ll keep itin the family in case Ihave an heir with aninterest, but this willprobably be the lastwe see of it.