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Gen10 prologue
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Gen10 prologue


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  • 1. It had been months, and nightmares still plagued Lily Doran every night. She was lucky if she got more than three hours rest before she was awake again.
  • 2. Every nightmare forced her to unwillingly relive the night that shattered her life and ultimately stole her family from her. She had to do something. She couldn’t go on like this.
  • 3. Eglantine, the nymph who had become as close as a sister, had presented her with a possible solution. It was risky. It was scary. It might not work. It would alter her personality. Yet, it might work. It might be the only solution. It might allow her some peace and a chance at happiness.
  • 4. She had had the machine for weeks. She had gone back and forth, weighing the options in her mind, reviewing the pros and cons.
  • 5. She knew that the final decision was hers alone, but she made three phone calls for additional advice.
  • 6. Desdemona, her older sister, had always known what to do and how to take care of things.
  • 7. “Lily, you know what you have to do,” was her sage advice. “The sooner you decide, the better off you’ll be.”
  • 8. “I know. But what if it’s worse than it is now?”
  • 9. “What could be worse than waking up in terror every night?! It’s worth the risk Lil.”
  • 10. Lily assured Desdemona that she would make a decision soon and thanked her for her advice. She hung up the phone and dialed the next number on her list.
  • 11. Fortunata was the sibling she had always been closest to. Nata knew her the best, knew the right questions to ask.
  • 12. “What about having that family you always wanted? Will that still be an option?”
  • 13. “Nata, that’s what scares me the most. What if I lose that? Will it be worth it? I’ve already lost family. Am I giving up the possibility of finding it again?” She couldn’t keep the emotion out of her voice.
  • 14. “Lily, you haven’t lost us. We’ve just been scattered. You know we’ll love you no matter where we end up and no matter what you decide.”
  • 15. “I miss you Nata. I miss you all,” she said as she hung up the phone.
  • 16. Her final phone call was to Grey. The eldest of the current Doran clan, Lily knew he would help her weigh the pros and cons.
  • 17. “Lil, what would be the benefits? What’s the downside?”
  • 18. “Well, a good night’s sleep would be nice,” she tried to joke.
  • 19. “You know what I mean,” he gently chided. “I’m not the one who needs the list Lily.”
  • 20. “I know.” She thanked Grey and hung up the phone, only a smidgen closer to making her decision than she had been an hour ago.
  • 21. Delaying for yet another night brought the same nightmare, the same terror, the same lack of sleep.
  • 22. She couldn’t put it off any longer. The benefits definitely outweighed the drawbacks.
  • 23. Contemplating for the rest of the early morning, she didn’t even notice the sun rising overhead.
  • 24. Her decision made, she bent over the control panel of the machine. The directions for operating it had been drilled into her head by Eglantine as she had learned them. It was surprisingly easy to program.
  • 25. It whirred to life, startling her for a moment. She grabbed a hold of the handles, a last moment of doubt niggling at the edge of her mind.
  • 26. Gently placing her head inside the machine, she wondered what it would feel like.
  • 27. When she lifted her head out, there was a certain peace she hadn’t felt in a long time.
  • 28. For the first time in a long time, she was able to appreciate the joy and beauty of the world she was in.
  • 29. Welcome to Generation 10 of the Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy. Lily Doran is the chosen heir. She was a Family sim and is now Grilled Cheese, with a 7/1/5/10/8 personality spread. Desiderata Valley is where she will settle in and make her way.