Engaging in online forums for your brand
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Engaging in online forums for your brand






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Engaging in online forums for your brand Engaging in online forums for your brand Presentation Transcript

  • How to engage Forumsfor your brand
  • You may hear about Forum is OLD, DYING,OUTDATED& No one uses them they never evolve
  • Actually they just Do not understand forums Do need to make a bold statement to appear confident Really??
  • Seeding forum still works. Why? Place your audiences  Raise their concerns  (Eager to) Get suggestions / solutions  Share their thoughts Customers engage and believe the conversations there  Once one question posted, a bunch of answers given out for help  Good guys with high reputation  Powerful recommendations Frequency of visits ~ like ~ frequency of advertisements
  • Sound thoughts?! You may say Yes to FORUMsSo what I could expect
  • Diversified activities on forums to ..Spread out What your products are Product features Product benefits Call-to-action
  • Firstunderstand forum
  • Power of forums Search engine  Typing a question into Google.. (or keyword, topic, etc.)  There is a fair chance that you will end up at a forum  Once a post is there, it exists there forever Online community dedicated ( to your industry)  Engaging in a meaningful, passionate way  Engaging round specific topics and interests (Find more on your own  )
  • Nature of forums & Structured Online Communities Community space, not your space -> learn forum guidelines Each forums as its own country -> different rules to followEhh.. Wanna do it your way? Ready to get  Backlash  Tarred as a spammer  Forgiveness? Not on forums
  • Forum Engagement To contribute forums Not to take advantage of it Not to siphon people off to your website
  • Then Join in & Contribute to forumsTo get what you aim to
  • Pre-action Find the right forums  Right audiences  Active forums (# members, # posts on daily basis, etc.)  Ignore forums overrun by spam  Avoid forums hosted by competitors Guidelines are your friend  Know a vision statement for the community (what is allowed, what isn’t, what sort of people will be welcome and attracted to forums)  Respect it, learn from it Observe the Norms  How top posters share, how others contribute  How staff members share
  • Action Create an account as soon as possible Signature: where you link and identify yourself Contribute ON the community Contribute good stuffNotice: Don’t (be the first) to mention your stuff Ever in doubt, ask the staff Why to follow them? Do it yourself, you will experience the reasons 
  • do use the forum more than spreading links communicate with other forum members actively participate in forum discussions stick in there for the long haul SUM UPdon’t spam forum users with tons of links join a forum just to advertise lie about products or services break the rules
  • Reference http://onlinebusiness.about.com/od/gettingtrafficmarketing/tp/forum-marketing.htm http://www.blueglass.com/blog/forum-marketing/ http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-marketing/how-to-engage-in-online-forums- for-your-brand/ And my own experience  Industry: Software Testing  Business model: B2C & B2B  Products: qTrace, qTest (www.qasymphony.com)  Forums: sqaforums, softwaretestinghelp, qualitytesting (to name a few) Contact for sharing and learning: kynam112111@gmail.com