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  • Number of live voice contact center seats is first number
    Movement into region is second number and third number
  • Lots of points to be made here – Mckinsey study – 800,000 seats moving in next 5 years to India, Gartner group – 2.5M agents in US growing to 3 by 2005. We’ve done our own study with our marketshares – 450,000 seats by 2005 – 600,000 back office seats.
  • Toda la infraestructura y el ciclo de vida y performance
  • Guatemala es la primer economía del area centroamericana+panamá con un 32.5%, seguida de Costa Rica y El Salvador, 2da. Y 3ra. Posición respectivamente; ello de acuerdo a cifras de 2005.
  • There are private training facilities that specialize in customer care management and government owned institutions that provide skill-set development training.
    Technical Institute for Training and Productivity  (INTECAP).
    32 educational branches at a national level.
    There are 8 specialized schools teaching English as a second language, graduating over 3000 fully bilingual students per year.
    There are 9 Universities in Guatemala City alone. Most of the Universities have educational exchanges with US Universities
    Over 160,000 enrolled population. The most university students in the Central American region.
    Largest trained work force in Central America, and strong educational infrastructure
    Largest private university in Central America and third largest public university
    Over 2M computer literate
    Guatemala has the ability to offer a highly qualified and educated bilingual workforce, since most Guatemalan institutions require the TOEFL Exam as a requisite of graduation.
  • Studio C uses art and vanguard technology to provide wholesome entertainment, enhance an appreciation of native Latin American culture and diffuse quality education in the region through the creation of effective educational materials.
    In its short existence, Studio C has proven that world class work can be done in Guatemala and Central America. Its crowning achievement to date is its having been selected as one of only four visual effects studios to be awarded work on Disney’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” nominated for the Academy Award. However, it has also been involved in a broad array of other feature films such as Universal Picture’s “The Chronicles of Riddick” and “The Interpreter”, “The Ring 2” produced by Dreamworks and “Fever Pitch” produced by 20th Century Fox.
    Television production such as “Mi Guatemala”, and live theater projects have an important place in the work of the Studio C team. Meanwhile, it is also moving forward with the production of didactic medias to be enjoyed by children and teenagers. These include the interactive books on CD “El Perrito Veloz” and “El Raton Aviador”, and “Viaje a Latinoamerica” which takes viewers on an enchanting and educational trip through Latin-America
    Studio C was founded in 2001 by Carlos Arguello who moved back to Guatemala to pursue his dream of establishing a forefront art and technology center there after a lengthy, brilliant, award-winning career working for world-renowned television and movie companies in San Francisco and Hollywood. Doing the work is a team of more than 40 young digital artists, designers, animators, producers, directors, illustrators, writers, editors, photographers, musicians, and computer technicians. They are dedicated to passionately producing short and long format films, visual effects, television programs, title sequences, documentary films, and other forms of visual media.
    The enormous success of Studio C has generated plans for rapid expansion and diversification. Its continued showcase work on special effects and animation for feature films will soon be combined with its own television and cinema productions. To assure highly-capable personnel for its projects, it is in the process of establishing a University for Arts and Technologies for young men and women who wish to achieve knowledge of digital techniques at the university level. It will serve as a conduit to exciting new careers in film and television. Studio C is also in the process of putting into practice its social responsibility conviction by setting up a non-profit foundation to promote its educational and cultural enhancement projects.
  • Coecys estuardo robles

    1. 1. Aprovechar la tecnologia en la globalización de servicios: el outsourcing, la exportación y la inversión extranjera en tecnología Estuardo José Robles
    2. 2. Contenido  Mercado mundial de outsourcing  Tipos de outsourcing  Oportunidades de Guatemala  Algunos casos de éxito en Guatemala  Como aprovechar estas oportunidades
    3. 3. Tendencia o Realidad?
    4. 4. Mercado Mundial de Servicios  Comercio Mundial  Mercancias US$ 12,062,000,000,000  Servicios US$ 10,660,600,000,000  Crecimiento 9% anual  Mercado del Outsourcing  US$ 310,000,000,000 100x PIB Guatemaala
    5. 5. Movimiento de Empleos Call Centers Canada – 250,000 35,000 last year 25,000 this year US – 2,500,000 holding CALA – 335,000 20,000 last year 40,000 this year E. Europe – 25,000 3,000 – last year 10,000 – this year EU – 1,500,000 holding Africa – 55,000 8,000 last year 12,000 this year 2005: 161,000 asientos 2006: 350,000 asientos Hasta 2010: mas de 2 Millones China – 30,000 4,000 – last year 6,000 – this year Japan – 45,000 holding Philippines – 35,000 10,000 – last year India – 100,000 15,000 – this year 30,000 last year ($2k-$5k) 40,000 this year Australia/ New Zealand – 150,000 6,000 last year 8,000 this year
    6. 6. Migración al revés? 14% To Canada 29% From Europe 17% To Developing EMEA 45% 18% From USA From APAC 15% To CALA 53% To APAC 1% de 2 Millones = 20,000
    7. 7. Tipos de Outsourcing  BPO – Business Process Outsourcing  Offshoring/Nearshoring/Homeshoring  Call Centers/Shared Services/Back Office  Maquila de Software  Desarrollo Web  Soporte Tecnico  Servicios Profesionales (presentaciones, diseño grafico, arquitectura)
    8. 8. Estructuras Complejas de SI Servidores Aplicaciones Servidores Base Datos Firewall Seguridad DNS Time R Legacy Systems (Antiguos) R Web Server Citrix, etc R R Internet OSA OSA OSA Cliente R Enlaces Capa Disbrib Total para el usuario OSA Sist Seguridad Procesos Manuales
    9. 9. Ejemplos de Outsourcing  Servicio al cliente  Telemercadeo  Maquila de Software (TCS)  Digitación de formularios médicos  Interpretación de rayos X  Compras en la web (boletos aéreos)
    10. 10. Oportunidades de Guatemala Cercania con EEUU Centro de Mesoamerica Aptitud al servicio Gente trabajadora L.A. (4.5hr) N.Y. (4hr) FL (2hr)
    11. 11. Estabilidad y Crecimiento Percentages Central America: Real Growth Rate GDP 2005 - 2007 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 4.6% 5.2% Costa Rica El Salvador Honduras Nicaragua Guatemala Panamá 2006 2007
    12. 12. BB- (1)  BB+ (stable) Ba2  Ba2 (stable) (positive) BB BB (stable) (stable) Level 6  level 5 FMI: “Guatemala es pilar de estabilidad centroamericana” Institutional Investor: “Guatemala es el país de centroamerica con las mejores reformas desde 2003” World Bank: Guatemala, 10 paises mas reformistas del mundo World Economic Forum Guatemala, #1 de los 125 paises en mejoras Indice de Competitividad Global Bear Stearns: “Guatemala está sub-calificada”
    13. 13. Telecomunicaciones Redundancia y continuidad 99.98 % en la ultima milla 99.99 % back bone Recuperación de desastres, colocación 3 Cables submarinos (Emergia Maya Arcos) 2 lineas de fibra hacia Mexico 4 Carriers principales 16+ ISPs Capacidad instalada hasta STM64 Tarifas mas bajas de la región, E1 = $1,000 MPLS, 100% desde 3 años atras. Teledensidad: 54%
    14. 14. Fuerza laboral Educada y abundante University Population in Central America 170,000 200,000 105,889 120,000 114,729 120,000 100,000 0 Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panamá • • • • • Població n joven: 70% menor 30 añ os Ingles en las universidades 5 facultades de ingenieria 200,000 tecnicos INTECAP 170,000 alumnos universitarios
    15. 15. Población Joven Guatemala tendera en menor escala hacia los cambios demograficos de dependencia. Enorme potencial futuro
    16. 16. Algunas empresas ya instaladas
    17. 17. Casos de Éxito en Guatemala  Varias categorias:  Call Centers  BPO  Tier 1 Support  Diseño y Animación  Maquila de Software  Exportación de productos: Sofex, Hardware
    18. 18. CALL CENTERS en Guatemala Aproximadamente 10 call centers atiendendo internacionalmente generando 4,000 empleos (mitad hacia mexico, mitad EEUU) Y otros 65 call centers atendiendo mercado local y centroamericano
    19. 19. Current State: International Centers -Transactel mas de 1,000 empleados -CapGemini mas de 4 años. -Digitex empresa española -Call Universal con inversion de India. -Atento #5 global (#1 español), mas de 1,600 en Guatemala -24/7 Customer inversion India -Asistencia Global -ACS mas de 8 años en data entry en Guatemala. -Telgua servicio al cliente
    20. 20. Current State: Areas of Expertise Telermarketing, Information, Credit Collection, Reservations, Subscriptions, HelpDesk, Database maintenance, Market Research, Donations handling, Fraud Control, etc. In markets such as Central America, Mexico, US (English & Spanish), Puerto Rico, Spain and Argentina.
    21. 21. Algunos clientes internacionales
    22. 22. Studio C  Llego a tener mas de 100 diseñadores  The Chronicles of Narnia  The Chronicles of Riddick  The Interpreter  The Ring 2  Fever Pitch
    23. 23. Software y Servicios Web  Solucion Web  Biznet  Aldea  Sofex Systems
    24. 24. Como aprovechar estas oportunidades  Buscar empleo en firmas establecidas  Capacitación importante  (el ingles es fuerte valor agregado)  Agremiarse, asociarse (Agexport)  Cuidar la calidad y la reputación  Aprovechar la Web. Registrar en directorios en-linea como proveedor  Apalancar relaciones con EEUU
    25. 25. Estuardo José Robles