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Building partnerships panel estuardo robles   summit circuit 2008 - panama-2
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Building partnerships panel estuardo robles summit circuit 2008 - panama-2


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Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. United Horizons Panel and Discussion: Aligning Partnerships for Regional Growth Barbados, Bogota, Guatemala Estuardo José Robles Summit of the Americas 2008 - Panama
  • 2. Partnerships Panel Agenda • Panel Introduction (10 minutes) – Nearshore region in perspective – Contact Center needs – How to facilitate regional growth (for all) • Panelist Presentations (15 minutes each) – Barbados – John Jordan – Bogota – Virgilio Barco – Guatemala – Mario Lopez • Open Discussion (30 minutes)
  • 3. Nearshore Region • • • • • • Definition: < 4 hour flight from southern US Mexico, Central America, Carribean, Colombia The best location The best customer service oriented people The greatest cultural affinity to US Most stable (at least comparatively) • The greatest potential to win from Global BPO
  • 4. Nearshore Region: finally on investors’ radar screen Colombia
  • 5. Nearshore Region Populations
  • 6. Nearshore Region Limitations 100 • Scalability • Scalability • Scalability • Scalability • Scalability • Scalability 90 Dominican 80 Jamaica Costa Rica 70 Panama Barbados Guatemala El Salv Colombia 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Summit Countries Philippines
  • 7. Macro Level What major forces are further integrating our region into one? If we can’t control them, how do we take advantage of them? • PPP-Colombia • CA-4 / CBI-Caricom • CAFTA-DR / EU-FTA • Telecom / Air Travel
  • 8. Free Trade and Integration Projects 300 MW PANALUYA GUATE NORTE GUATE ESTE O IND IO L R EL CAJON 100.0 HO HO 300 MW AHUACHAPAN NEJAPA 15 SEPTIEMBRE PL.NI. PAVANA Line of 230 KV between all countries GU GU ES ES SUYAPA MODELO ENERGÉTICO NI NI 300 MW TICUANTEPE CR CR 300 MW CAÑAS 300 MW PA PA PARRITA SIEPAC Fecha entrada: Mayo 2007 RIO CLARO VELADERO CO CO PPP Plan Puebla Panama (Colombia) • CA-4 / CBICaricom • CAFTA-DR / EU-FTA
  • 9. MAYA 1 CARRIBEAN NAP - DR ARCOS GLOBAL CROSSING EMERGIA Fiber Connectivity Connectivity and redundancy are no longer an issue in the region, with redundant rings between most cities and regional carriers with exits through several of the 5 major undersea cables. PANAMERI CAN (projected)
  • 10. Reductions in Airfare
  • 11. Micro Level What individual actions are taking place that are further integrating our region in BPO terms? If we can’t control them, how do we take advantage of them? • Zagada Markets • Summit Circuit and other events (Techdo) • Call Center Institute • Individual companies on the move…
  • 12. Micro Level Individual companies on the move: • Atento: more than 22 call centers • Transactel in 4 countries in 2008 • Dell Panama and El Salvador • ACS Jamaica and Guatemala • Sykes Costa Rica and El Salvador • Stream, DR, Costa Rica, Guatemala • Digitex in 4 countries • NCO, Sitel, TP, GE, PSPT, to name a few….
  • 13. Meso Level Certain actions by individual markets can have an effect on the region’s growth • • • • • Events in conjuction / regional pavillions Regional Website Information sharing Standardization / Sister Cities in Global BPO Lead Referrals / Positive Recommendations Premise: how do we think regionally to gain the most from globalization of BPO… That is aligning partnerships!