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In this slideshow we provide you with the Essential Questions to ask when developing a marketing plan.

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Uncover opportunities i

  1. 1. { Uncovering new Opportunities With a Personal Marketing Plan
  2. 2. The Public Market - then
  3. 3. The Public Market-now
  4. 4. The Job Market-then
  5. 5. The Job Market-now
  6. 6. { Globalization You can find and be found by anyone who is connected to the internet. The Impact Marketing is a two-way communication, non-local process. The Hidden Market Grows Public postings generate high volume, low-quality responses. Employers try to avoid this. The Impact – Savvy Job Seekers look for opportunities and employers (not just jobs). What has changed?
  7. 7. { Love these changes? Hate these changes? It does not matter! They are here to stay. Your can be defensive and reactive… Or you can seize the opportunity, be proactive and… Plan for Change
  8. 8. { First – Your Value Proposition: What can you do for them? Forget the past! Forget your “Job Title” Forget your Skills (for the time being) What will be the benefit to an organization of your presence in their organization? What Results will you produce? Marketing Yourself - 101
  9. 9. { Second– Core Competencies: How will you deliver on your Value Proposition? Now focus on your past (and present!) What job skills, transferable skills and personal traits, enable you to deliver on your Value Proposition How do you produce results? Marketing Yourself - 101
  10. 10. { Third– Possible Job Functions: Based on your Value Proposition and your Competencies… What Job Roles/Titles might you pursue? Identify five to 10 Preferred Job Functions that would enable you to use your competencies and deliver on your Value Proposition. Marketing Yourself - 101
  11. 11. { Fourth– Who is your customer: Who might value what you offer? What industries or fields, in particular, would value your offering? Identify five to 10 fields or industries that need and would value what you do. Marketing Yourself - 101
  12. 12. { Fifth– What kind of Organization makes sense for your offering: Are there any requirements that are needed in your target? For example: company size, geographic requirements, culture/values, et c… Not all of these may apply, but… Identify any additional organizational preferences Marketing Yourself - 101
  13. 13. {Kenyan Proverb “Knowledge is only rumor, until you know it in your muscle.”
  14. 14. { Taking Action: Start with your Marketing Plan, then use formal and informal research to build a list of: TargetCompanies and contacts at those companies