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    • Juno (2007) is a comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Ellen Page stars as the main character, a teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy. Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman are also on the film.
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    • Juno MacGuff, a sixteen-year-old girl, discovers she is pregnant by her friend and longtime admirer, Paulie Bleeker. At first she intends to have an abortion but she changes her mind and decides to make a plan for the child's adoption. With the help of her friend Leah, Juno searches the ads in the “ Pennysaver” and finds a couple she feels will provide a suitable home. Along with her father, Mac, Juno meets the couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring.
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    • Vanessa is extremely anxious of Juno and their first converstaions are uneasy. However, Juno and Leah saw Vanessa in a shopping mall being completely at ease with a child, and Juno encourages Vanessa to talk to her baby in the womb, where it kicks for her. On the other hand, Juno forms a friendship with Mark, with whom she shares tastes in punk rock and horror films. Juno hangs out with Mark a few times, ignoring a warning from her stepmother Bren that she should not spend time alone with a married man.
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    • As the pregnancy progresses, Juno fight with the emotions she feels for her baby's father, Paulie, who is clearly in love with Juno. Juno maintains an outwardly indifferent attitude toward Paulie, but when she knows that he has asked another girl to go to the prom, she is hurt and confronts him.
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    • Juno visits Mark when their interaction becomes strongly emotional. Mark then tells her that he will be leaving Vanessa. Vanessa arrives home, and, to her shock, Mark tells her he does not feel ready to be a father and that there are still things he wants to do first. Juno watches the Loring marriage fall apart, then drives away and cries by the side of the road before coming to a decision. Returning to the Lorings' home, she leaves a note and disappears before they answer the door.
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    • After a discussion with Mac, Juno accepts that she loves Paulie. Then tells Paulie that she loves him, and Paulie's actions make it clear that her feelings are reciprocated. At his track meet, when Paulie notices Juno is not in the stands and realizes she must be in labor, he go to the hospital to be with her. He arrives and find Juno has given birth to their son. Vanessa comes to the hospital where she joyfully claims the newborn boy as a single adoptive mother.
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    • On the wall in the baby's new nursery, Vanessa has framed Juno's note, addressed only to her, which reads "Vanessa: If you're still in, I'm still in. Juno." The film ends in the summertime with Juno and Paulie playing guitar and singing together, followed by a kiss.
  • 9.
    • Staring:
    Ellen Page as Juno McGuff Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker
  • 10.
    • Jennifer Garner
    • As
    • Vanessa Loring
    Jason Bateman As Mark Loring
  • 11. Allison Janney As Bren (Juno’s Stepmother) J.K. Simmons As Mac (Juno’s Father)
  • 12. And: Olivia Thirlby As Leah (Juno’s Friend)
  • 13. Directed by: Jason Reitman Produced by: John Malkovich Lianne Halfon Mason Novick Russell Smith Written by: Diablo Cody Selection of the Music by: Mateo Messina Running time: 96 min.