SHRM for Engg.


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SHRM for Engg.

  1. 1. “Change begins when someone sees the next” - William Drayton
  2. 2. Student A Student B YOU ARE HERE All colleges approach theStudent C Student D same corporate to come an take their students Corporates are looking for a STUDENT that is DIFFERENT and PRODUCTIVE from DAY ONE HR people come If not – YOU keep If he /she likes you – appearing form WOW – you are interviews HIRED SO -IT’S THE SAME STRUGGLE……. WE DON’T KNOW WHY WE ARE REJECTED
  3. 3. How does SHRM facilitate SHRM talks to HR Students professionals HR professionals /SMEsSHRM comes to college – TO TRAIN THE STUENTS Industry SHRM brings HR professionals back to college for Seminar/Forum/Workshops HR people have deep interactions with the students (2) Get exposed to college Infrastructure An influence is created on HR professionals leading to CAMPUS recruitments
  4. 4. The way out is = Academic Alliance An initiative to bring together HR professionals and Students aspiring to start a successful professional career in IT / Marketing / Financial Sector/ HR Profession.
  5. 5. What does SHRM do …..Simply put – SHRM is “ Body of HR professionals who have come together to : – learn , enhance, deploy HR tools and Techniques – Ensure that Fresh and right talent is hired and retained by understanding the need of the organisation”
  6. 6. LINK…LEARN…LEAD…Partnership bonus •Institute level Students •Annual case study contests •Top 4 – hosted on website •Top 2 – Awarded cash prizes •All India level •Best academic paper Faculty •Represent SHRM in an annual leadership forum
  7. 7. Offerings under Academic Alliances SHRM – HR Integration Program For “Engineers and MCA”Content : Modules which will focus on 1. Performance Management 2. Competency based interview
  8. 8. Performance Management Learning outcomesAppreciation of leaders and leadership role andrelated key competencies for successUnderstand how a fresher can significantly impactkey processes of a projectPerformance ManagementPerformance CoachingDevelop competencies and raise performancelevels
  9. 9. Competency based technical interview :Learning outcomesExplain the complexities of such an interview throughpractical exercises and discussionsShowing - Interview responses, Identifying the STARquestions asked , How evaluation is madeExplaining whether responses given by the studentmet the parameters set , indicators given forevaluationMaking the students understand the DOs and DON’Tsof technical competency based interview
  10. 10. What is the outcome of the program• Student will know : – What does the interviewer want in a Technical and competency driven interviews – Why the student is not able to clear the Tech and HR interviews – What is the expectation of an HR and Technical HR – How a student is measured as a • Team player • Performer • People management skills
  11. 11. Execution and Deliverables• Training hours : 24 hours• Training by : SHRM’s own subject matter experts• Deliverables : SHRMI • SHRM training and content • Mentorship for students undergoing this training • 1 HR Conclave/seminar/workshop/Interaction with the students • HR professionals for this conclave -10 to 25 Middle and Senior level HR managers • Mock HR interviews and competency based Test • Participation certification from SHRMI • One year Annual Membership
  12. 12. Kindly visit our websites• Our website••