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Guide to working with the Schroth Realty Group (consumer)
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Guide to working with the Schroth Realty Group (consumer)


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Published in: Real Estate, Business

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  • 1. 678-348-0866 Your guide to working with the Schroth Realty Group
  • 2. 678-348-0866 Preparing for our Meeting Thank you for inviting us to meet with you regarding the sale of your home! This is our guide to working with us when selling your home. Our business model is designed to front load as much of the sales process as possible to allow for a smoother, less complicated transaction along the way. This guide is designed to: 1. Help you get to know us and how we do business 2. Prepare for our meeting so we can make the best use of our time 3. Understand what we do get to your home sold fast and for the best price Please take to time to review this information and our website in advance of our meeting. When we come to your house we want to spend our time finding out about your needs, reviewing your house and answering your questions. We don’t “list” properties, we market them and sell them!
  • 3. 678-348-0866 Mission Statement & Service Pledge To be a leader in the residential real estate industry and a resource for all things related to homes sales, restoration and renovation. To help our clients maximize their revenue when they sell and get the best price and terms when they buy using superior marketing, sales and negotiating skills. Set ourselves apart from part-time and social agents by maintaining a superior knowledge of the marketplace, utilizing technology to its fullest and operating as a professional services business. The SCHRÖTH REALTY GROUP • Not take your listing if we don’t think we can sell it • Be respectful of your time • Communicate with you regularly and candidly • Return calls ASAP • Be available 24/7 during time sensitive negotiations • Be honest, even if it is info you do not want to hear • Keep your information confidential • Keep you abreast of comparable properties • Let you know of changes in the market • Always follow your instructions • Make sure buyers are qualified to buy • Act in your best interest • Be the voice of reason under stress • Share my rolodex of real estate professionals
  • 4. 678-348-0866 No Risk Guarantee First off, I won’t take your listing if I don’t think I can sell it. Entering into a listing agreement with a realtor can be risky business. Every realtor promises the world when it comes to effectively selling your home, but how many back up their promise? We don’t want unhappy customers. If you ever feel we are not providing the level of service to get your house sold we will gladly release you from the listing agreement. with no penalties or obligations (prior to receiving an offer). According to a recent survey, 72% of home sellers were dissatisfied with the performance of their realtor (even if that agent had sold their property). However, most listing agreements lock the seller into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods with heavy cancellation fees. Our Pledge is to provide you with the highest level of service, and my commitment to this pledge is 100%. If you don’t think we can do the job, FIRE US! All we ask from you is… • Let us know what is not working for you • Give us 10 days to try and make it right
  • 5. 678-348-0866 Our Goals In The Shortest Time We have 4 goals for each of our listing clients For Top Dollar On the Best Terms With Least Amount of Stress Our goals are to sell your home…
  • 6. 678-348-0866 SELL SMART ™ Preparation on the front end increases you net on the backend “SELL SMART”™ Program • An honest evaluation – It’s your home, until you decide to sell, then it is a commodity. As a seller, being emotional will cost you big-time! We’ll help you to be objective. • Proper staging – There is no judgment here, but you don’t sell your house the same way you live in it. Staged homes sell faster and for more money – by a long shot. • Professional inspection – Where do deals fall apart? After the buyer’s inspection. We get in front of the issues that will kill a deal or encourage renegotiating. • Home warranty – Clark Howard and I agree as to their real world usefulness but when it comes to wiping out buyer objections it can’t be beat. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin Simply put, buyers want a home that is move in ready and up to date. On average, everything you leave for a buyer to do will cost you twice as much.
  • 7. 678-348-0866 4 Factors When Selling Condition 4 major factors ultimately determine the success in selling your home Location Price Agent Factors that influence the sale of your home
  • 8. 678-348-0866 Location & Condition Location You’ve heard it a thousand times, location, location, location. This is the one factor, for better or worse, you can’t change. If it’s desirable you have more control, if it's not exactly “hot”, you will have to use the factors you CAN control to offset the location. Remember being convenient to your job or close to family may be great for you but that may not mean a “hill of beans” to the buyers. You can CHANGE condition! Location… Not so much. Condition Here is one of the factors your CAN CHANGE! You want top dollar? Then you need top condition. Unfortunately, your offers decrease at an increasing rate when condition is less than optimal. What we mean is, if a property needs say $2,500 to get the condition up to snuff, the market will typically discount it more than double that.
  • 9. 678-348-0866 Price & Terms The “SELL SMART” ™ program emphasizes all the other factors that we can control FIRST, only going to price after we have exhausted all other measures. Of course if the time and effort to modify condition are too great, price becomes a valuable resource. Correct pricing is critical for getting the highest net on your sale. Pricing The list price of your property is the great physician that can cure almost any ill. It can compensate for just about any shortcoming but it's not the first tool we pull out of our real estate tool belt. Reckless pricing can be dangerous. “SELL SMART” ™ Program
  • 10. 678-348-0866 The Fundamentals “I am passionate about my career and have been on crusade to raise the standards and perception of my industry for 21+ years. I began my real estate career after a number of frustrating experiences with agents who knew little about real estate, less about customer service and nearly nothing about sales and negotiations.” – Tom Schroth It's not that complicated… Selling your home is all about MARKETING & EXPERIENCE Marketing Skills – Look at other agent’s business cards, listing presentations, websites and other marketing materials. Do they represent themselves with the same professionalism and quality your home deserves? Experience – Years in business does not guarantee experience, like any profession, proficiency comes with practice not just time. Real estate offices are filled with part-time and “social” agents, choose carefully. A transaction this big calls for a full-time EXPERIENCED professional. Selecting a qualified agent is easy – Just look at how they market themselves!
  • 11. 678-348-0866 A Real Estate Consultant There IS a difference – Who do you want representing you? Advocate | Trusted Advisor | Subject Matter Expert | Skilled Negotiator Advocate: We work for you, on your behalf, representing you and your best interests while protecting your rights as a consumer and providing you resources to aid in the transaction. Trusted Advisor: We work hard to connect with our clients at a deeper level — to understand their needs so we can give them the advice and counsel they need to get the results they desire. Subject Matter Expert: We are specialists in residential real estate with a resume of training and certifications. Our expertise includes an extensive knowledge of construction, remodeling, design and staging to enable you to make wise, well-informed choices you can be confident in. Skilled Negotiator: A successful real estate transaction is made up of small steps, each one a separate negotiation. Differing agendas and personalities call for carefully calculated steps to reach a mutual agreement, while getting you the best price and terms. People Skills: There is confidence and there is arrogance. A passionate, strong, sell-assured agent with a dash of humility is what you want. A cocky, arrogant one will work against you alienating everyone in the transaction, including the other agents.
  • 12. 678-348-0866 About Tom Schroth My name is Tom Schroth, and I’ve been a full-time Atlanta real estate agent for 20 years. I once had a successful career in corporate America, but while going through the experience of buying a home, I became aware of the poor service and overall lack of knowledge and skill that seemed to be prevalent among the Realtors I worked with. I was convinced that the principles I’d seen that led to success in the corporate world—things like knowing your industry, respecting your clients and serving them well—could also be applied to the real estate industry as well. So I set out to do just that. Twenty years later, I have built a thriving real estate business based on the simple premise that buyers and sellers deserve to work with Realtors who are professional, knowledgeable and care about the clients they represent. Most importantly, I will simplify the often-complex world of Atlanta real estate for you, so that you enjoy a transaction that’s smooth, profitable and hassle-free. Why am I a Realtor? Because it’s something I really enjoy! As a real estate agent I get to form great relationships with a wide range of people and then help them with one of the largest and most complex purchases they’ll make in their lifetime. But it can also be one of your most satisfying purchases when you work with the right real estate professional. Personally, every client I work with provides me with a unique challenge and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. In addition, I have a passion for building and construction, which makes real estate a natural outlet for me both professionally and creatively. I live and work in East Cobb and am an active part of the community. While I do handle real estate in many areas of Atlanta I specialize in the East Cobb and Roswell communities. Obviously I’m a fan and huge advocate of these areas and can easily communicate the benefits of the East Cobb and Roswell to buyers and represent sellers faithfully. Licensed agent & broker with over two decades of real estate experience
  • 13. 678-348-0866 Not All Are Created Equal Ask other Atlanta real estate agents whether they… • How long they have been in business as a Realtor • Depend on real estate as their main source of income or just an extra income • Are a full time agent or just part time real estate hobbyist • Are a Licensed Real Estate Broker (Not just holding a “sales person” license) • Obtained their license as part of a 4 year undergraduate college degree • Are an active real estate investor experienced with both rehabs and rentals • Have extensive “real world” corporate sales and marketing experience • Completed a Bachelors of Business Administration in Sales & Marketing • Took concentrated university coursework in Contract Law and Business Finance • Have experience as a building contractor / renovator / home inspector • Are a Crown Financial Ministries graduate • Participate as an active real estate investor • Started, owned and operated their own National Real Estate franchise • Have owned 15 properties personally Licensed agent & broker with over two decades of real estate experience
  • 14. 678-348-0866 Goldilocks Real Estate Team When is it a hobby and when is it a business? When are you so big you lose touch with your customers? I built a business that I would want to hire to work for me. Big enough to have critical mass and operate like a business but not so big that you lose the personal touch. - I am involved with each and every transaction - I have admin & marketing specialists that extend my abilities - I have systems & procedures so we can get repeatable results - A team means we are never too busy to give you the attention you deserve Not too big and not too small… Just right!
  • 15. 678-348-0866 Traditional Marketing • Oversized sign --- We have a big sign, it’s simple, easy to read and instantly recognizable. It’s a custom design and stands out. Why other agents have small, stock, company issued signs escapes me! • Lead Capture --- We get prospects to call, text or sign in to get info, we capture the phone # or email and follow-up! • Picture on the sign --- I’m not vain and would rather not have my face on the sign but I'm the brand, agents and consumers know and trust me. Take what works and do it better than anyone else! Marketing Highlights 45 point “Marketing Plan” (Available upon request)
  • 16. 678-348-0866 Hi-Tech Marketing GEEK squad has NOTHING on us! We love technology and implement it where it will help us do a better job for our clients. Syndication – All listings get pushed to consumer sites like Trulia, Zillow, Homes, etc. We take the extra step of customizing each feed’s results to set your house apart. True custom website – Go ahead and look at other agent’s sites. Where would you rather surf? We attract visitors from all over the internet that are looking for homes to buy including YOURS! Real time listing feeds – When a buyer searches an address they get data straight from the MLS. Our multiple listing feeds get us top placement with the search engines. Embrace useful technology, learn it and use it Blogging - Our blog establishes us as the subject matter expert in all things real estate from buying and selling to renovation and repair. We regularly publish articles for both the consumer and to the community of real estate professionals. Email campaigns – We have thousands of subscribers and leverage them to create a buzz about your home for sale. Social Media – We are active in the Facebook community and post about the community, how-to’s around the house, do it yourself projects as well as exclusive promotions – All to create engagement with potential buyers and sellers.
  • 17. 678-348-0866 Yes, They REALLY Said This! “Tom was great to deal with and one thing that really stood out was his vast network of people to help us with everything from financing to renovations. Tom’s “Connections” were professional and reasonably priced. We felt like a real estate insider! Thanks Tom” S. Montane “Tom has been a great agent guiding us through the process of selling our current home and buying our next home. He is straightforward and honest which we have greatly appreciated. Tom also has a great sense of humor and that is most definitely needed during this process! My husband and I would highly recommend Tom as a real estate agent. ” The Myles “We had a property we bought as an investment and was just not worth the hassle for us so we decided to sell. We were realistic about the house needing work but it was just one more thing we did not want to deal with. Our first interaction with Tom were as a Realtor, helping us map out a plan to sell but he also was able to provide us with some of his crews to do the work we need to prepare the house for sale. He recommended we not rush to put the house for sale and take the time to get it 100% ready. He managed all the repairs and updates and made the process relatively painless (not to mention very reasonably priced) When we listed with Tom it sold FAST and with a clean inspection. We have never had a real estate agent provide such a wide range of service before. Thanks Tom!” John Mondava Dear Tom, I would like to thank you for all that you did to help us sell our home. We know that you have a “special gifting” for this type of work and we are thankful to the Lord for sending you our way. We’ve used you in a number of different ways to accomplish His will for our lives at this moment in time. May God bless you in all that you put your hands to. Sincerely, Ron & Sherry Floda. “Tom: Thank you for all the effort and time you put in helping me find a new home and selling my “old” home. I realize you put many hours into showing me many houses. After deciding to have a new home built, you kept up with the building process which was a great help to me. You knew just when to put my old home on the market and the fact that it sold so quickly relieved me of any anxiety. With your help the closing of both homes went smoothly. Thanks a million!!” Mannie Peppers “My wife and I have owed a number of properties over the years so we have worked with a number of realtors, Tom and his team provided great service and were very knowledgeable. They made the process relatively simple and were very professional.” T. Skerrit See many more testimonials online at We love to hear from satisfied customers and are blessed to call many friends!
  • 18. 678-348-0866 Your Turn – Q & A’s Rate the condition of your house 1 – 10: ________ What shortcomings do you know will concern a buyer? ______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ What price did you have in mind? _______________________________________________ What is it based on? __________________________________________________________ What price would you accept if you were already listed 6 months? _____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Please take some time to complete this section and have questions ready for us
  • 19. 678-348-0866 MLS – Epic Fails I How do you forget the photos? What are you using for a camera?
  • 20. 678-348-0866 MLS – Epic Fails II Hard to tell from the photo but these are the same houses! Which house would you put on your “Must See” list?
  • 21. 678-348-0866 MLS – Epic Fails III The AVERAGE smart phone takes better photos. This is a NICE house!
  • 22. 678-348-0866 SOLD! The SCHRÖTH REALTY GROUP is ready to get your home sold TODAY! We look forward to our meeting. We will need around 30 minutes up to one hour. Our goals will be to: - Tour the house as if I were the buyer’s agent seeing it alone for the first time - Review this seller’s pre-listing guide - Show you how we will market your home - See if you are comfortable with me and my style - Determine whether your property is a good fit for our portfolio - Answer any questions you have