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  • 2. USA is thethirdlargestcountry in the world
  • 3. Washington D.C is thecapital
  • 4. USA has borders with Canada in thenorth and Mexico in thesouth.
  • 5. The climate is arctic in thenorth and tropical in thesouth.
  • 6. The westcoastofthe USA facesthe Pacific Ocean and theeastcoastfacesthe Atlantic Ocean.
  • 7. It is 4000 km from New York in theeast to Los Angeles in thewest.
  • 8. Therearefour time zones in the USA.
  • 9. Someoftheworld’slargestmountain ranges, largest lakes and longest rivers are in the USA.
  • 10. Someofthe tallest and oldesttrees in the world growhere.
  • 11. The weatherconditions in the USA can be extreme.
  • 12. Thereareoftentornadoes in theMidwest.
  • 13. Therearehurricanesalongthe Atlantic coast and in theGulfof Mexico.
  • 14. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina caused a major flood in the city of New Orleans. Manypeople lost their lives and thousandsbecamehomeless.
  • 15. The first Europeans in America weremostlywhite Protestants.
  • 16. Graduallypeople from all parts ofthe world immigrated to the USA. Todaythe USA is a multiculturalsociety.
  • 17. Many Americans have twoidentities. They have strong ties to thecountrythey or their familie arecoming from. Theyareknown as African Americans, Italian Americans, Norwegian Americans and so on.
  • 18. The Native Americans were living in North America longbeforethe Europeans arrived. Nowtheyare just a smallminoritygroup.
  • 19. The USA is a republic. Politicalpower is dividedbetween:
    The President
    The Congress
    The Supreme Court
  • 20. The President is the head ofthestate.
  • 21. A president is elected for fouryears and he can be re-elected for anotherfouryears.
  • 22. The President is also head ofoneofthepoliticalparties in the USA: theRepublican Party and theDemocratic Party.
  • 23. The Congress is dividedintothe House of Representatives and theSenate.
  • 24. Congresscontrolsthemoneythe President need to carryout his policies.
    Congressalso makes thelawsofthe USA.
  • 25. The Supreme Court decideswhatthelaws in America means.
  • 26. Sometimestheyfindthat an old law is againsttheConstitution. Theycanchangethelaw and say it is no longer valid.