LIME Season 4 Final submission


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LIME Season 4 Final submission

  1. 1. LIFEBUOY SUPERFAST HANDWASH CASE STUDYTeam Name: Indian ExpressTeam Members Sarvasidhi Phaneendra Kumar Tarun Gupta Varun Yadav
  2. 2. Target AreasFocus area 1Conversion of Bar soap users into Liquid Hand wash users.Focus area 2Suggesting innovative ideas for Marketing of Lifebuoy Liquid Hand wash segment.Focus area 3Suggesting a new variant, to increase the penetration for Liquid Hand Washcategory for Lifebuoy. Also, to give the appropriate launch strategy.
  3. 3. Approach: Online Survey/Field Visits Field Visit (FV): A visit to Big Bazaar, Reliance Mart & 3 small retail stores was made and the customers were asked a set of questions. I total of 103 people were surveyed during field visits. Online Survey (OS): An online survey using conditional questioning was circulated among several colleges & companies. A total of 127 people responded to the survey. *The questionnaire for both the surveys was same.
  4. 4. Question Set 11. Do you use Liquid Hand 2. Rate Liquid hand wash 3. Bar Soap unhygienic wash over soap for Vs Bar shop in terms because it is touched cleaning your hands? of germ protection during use by different and cleansing power? people whereas Liquid hand wash provides exclusivity of usage. Agree/Disagree? Field Visit Field Visit: Germ Protect Field Visit 26% Bar 41% 44% 47% Agree Bar soap Liquid Liquid Hand Wash 53% Disagree 59% Equal 30% Online Survey Online Survey Online Survey: Germ Protect 8% 16% 19% 19% Bar Agree Bar soap Liquid Disagree Liquid Handwash Equal 81% 84% 73% Focus area 1
  5. 5. LearningDeduction: • Consumers from online survey showed a greater inclination towards usage of liquid hand wash over bar soap where as consumers surveyed at retail stores and small kirana stores showed a higher propensity towards usage of bar soap. • Consumers from online survey rated liquid hand wash to be more effective in cleansing power and complete germ protection ,where as a majority of consumers surveyed at retail stores and kirana stores were unaware of the efficacy of complete germ protection and therefore preferred bar soap. • Consumers who were the part of the online survey agreed more to the fact that it is unhygienic to use a bar soap as it is touched by others also where as majority of consumers who were surveyed at retail stores and small kirana stores were indifferent and still preferred bar soap.Strategy Insight 1A: •There is a greater tendency among urban India to use a Liquid Hand wash. Hence a strategy needs to be devised to increase the exposure of Semi urban India to Liquid Hand wash. •Efficacy of Complete germ protection in comparison to a bar soap for a Liquid Hand wash needs to be highlighted. Focus area 1
  6. 6. Question Set 1 (Contd.)People using Bar soap instead of Liquid Hand Wash, were asked another set of questions:1. Is pricing the major factor 2. Do you perceive that 3. Do you think Bar Soap for choosing Bar soap Bar soap and Liquid lasts longer than a Liquid over Liquid Hand Wash? Hand Wash are Hand Wash? equally effective in germ protection? Field Visit Field Visit 3% Field Visit 10% 28% Yes Yes Yes No No No 72% 90% 97% Online Survey Online survey Online Survey 11% 23% Yes 42% Yes No Yes No 58% No 77% 89% Focus area 1
  7. 7. LearningDeduction: • Consumers who preferred bar soap over hand wash in the online survey were not as price sensitive as consumers who were surveyed at retail stores and small kirana stores. The consumers at retail stores and small kirana stores perceived hand wash to be a costlier substitute to soap. • Then our question probed at their perception about the efficacy of bar soap over liquid hand wash as these questions were directed towards consumers who preferred bar soap. More consumers surveyed at retail stores and small kirana stores were indifferent and they perceived both liquid hand wash and bar soap as equally effective. • The consumers who preferred bar soap over liquid hand wash both in online survey and who were surveyed at retail stores and small kirana stores were of the view that bar soap lasted longer than liquid hand wash.Strategy Insight 1B: • Perception over the effectiveness & longer lasting bar soap need to be addressed. • Pricing plays a crucial part in a consumer choosing one brand over another, when the brands are offering substitute products. Focus area 1
  8. 8. Solution – Strategy Insights 1A+1BSolution 1 has been derived from a case study that was conducted at Harvard for theEconomist magazine. According to this solution, the pricing for Liquid Hand Wash andBar soaps should be like this: Product Rupees Liquid Hand Wash (a) 65 Hypothetical Bar Soap (b) 20 rates Liquid Hand Wash+ Bar Soap (c) 65Two important things to take care:1. The pricing of (a) & (c) should be same or almost same.2. All (a), (b) & (c) should be displayed at the same place. So that the customer can see all 3 at the same time. In the case study, it was found that 84% of the people ended up picking the option (c), considering it to be a better value proposition. If the product (a) was removed from the above set, then the same percentage reduced to 24% for option (c), and 76% people bought the option (b).Hence the above strategy can work perfectly to convert bar soap users into Liquid Hand washusers also. Focus area 1
  9. 9. Solution – Strategy Insights 1A+1BSolution 2 is based on the perception among people that Bar soap lasts longer and is cheaper thenthe liquid hand wash. We believe that the Hand wash can last longer and hence eventually will be equally competitive in terms of pricing with a Bar Soap because : 1. There is no wastage of soap while using hand wash through the bottle. 2. The Bar soap is moist after use, which leads to wastage of soap during next use. 3. The refill packs of 200 ml are almost of the same price as an equal weight soap bar. Hence, we propose a line to be written on the Liquid Hand wash bottles, that is : Lasts longer than your soap This line will immediately hit the perceptions in users mind about Bar soaps lasting longer and being cheaper, which will in turn make users try Liquid Hand wash. Focus area 1
  10. 10. Question Set 2For the people who agreed to using Liquid Hand wash in question set 1, another set of questions were asked: 1. Your most preferred brand 2. Given a condition to 3. Does price play a crucial of Liquid Hand Wash? switch from your factor in deciding your current brand, which brand of Hand Wash? brand will you prefer to switch to? Field Visit Field Visit Field Visit 21% 45% Lifebouy 43% Lifebouy Yes 55% Others 57% Others No 79% Online Survey Online Survey Online Survey 41% Lifebouy 46% Lifebouy 39% Yes Others 54% Others No 59% 61%
  11. 11. LearningDeduction: • Lifebuoy is not the most favored brand of Liquid Hand Wash and it’s biggest competitor is Dettol. • People not using Lifebuoy currently, were given a condition to switch their brand, Lifebuoy was chosen by % of the people as their most favored brand to shift. • Price plays a crucial part for picking up the brand of Liquid Hand wash for 60% of the consumers. Lifebuoy is priced at Rs. 54 for 215 ml, hence the approx price for a 250 ml of Lifebuoy is 63.Strategy Insight 2A: • Since Lifebuoy is the most preferred brand to shift to by a customer of competitor brands, hence come up with a strategy to shift them to Lifebuoy. • Make Lifebuoy Price competitive. Focus area 2
  12. 12. Question Set 2 (Contd.)Forming questions to understand Lifebuoy’s placement against it’s biggest competitor Dettol ? 1. Rate progress modernity as 2. Rate packaging design 3. Rate the Overall perception offered by these 2 brands and usability of the of the brands? (lifebuoy & Dettol) ? following brands? Field Visit Field Visit Field Visit 33% Lifebouy 48% Lifebouy 40% Lifebouy 67% Dettol 52% Dettol Dettol 60% Online Survey Online Survey Online Survey 45% Lifebouy 46% Lifebouy Lifebouy 47% 55% Dettol 54% Dettol 53% Dettol
  13. 13. LearningDeduction: • Lifebuoy is considered to be a less progressively modern brand. • There is no distinction/positive in packaging design of Lifebuoy w.r.t other brands. • The overall perception of Lifebuoy is slightly weaker then its biggest competitor Dettol.Strategy Insight 2B: • To project Lifebuoy as a Progressively modern brand. • Make significant improvement in packaging design. • Make use of the other products in HUL kitty to improve the overall perception of the lifebuoy brand. Focus area 2
  14. 14. Solution – Strategy Insights 2A+2BSolution 3 is based on the data collected above that given a chance to people to shift from theircurrent brand, Lifebuoy came out to be the most preferred choice. To capitalize on this we propose: Lifebuoy Refill packs given free with Surf ExcelThis will have the following benefits:1. Customers who do not use a Liquid Hand wash currently, will be tempted to buy a bottle since they already have a refill pack.2. People who are currently not customers of Lifebuoy, will use the refill from Lifebuoy in their presently favored brand bottle. This will give people a chance to use Lifebuoy liquid hand wash and hence possibly shift to Lifebuoy as the favored brand. Focus area 2
  15. 15. Solution – Strategy Insights 2A+2BSolution 4 is designed to make the brand “Lifebuoy” relate to the people from different regions ofIndia and the world. We propose Lifebuoy coming up with packaging of Liquid Hand wash bottles in: Regional Languages This will have the following benefits: 1. People who are not acquainted with “English” will also be driven towards the brand. 2. Customers from the region will be able to relate better to the brand. Focus area 2
  16. 16. Question Set 31. What is most important 2. Rate you perception about characteristic that you the suitability of these look forward to in a brands with respect to Liquid hand Wash? kids? Field Visit Field Visit Anti bacterial 20% 38% Skin Care 33% 6% Cooling fresh Lifebouy 13% Sun block Dettol 67% Natural Ingredients 23% Online Survey Online Survey 15% Anti bacterial 4% 40% Skin Care 45% Lifebouy 10% Cooling fresh 55% Dettol Sun block 31% Natural Ingredients Focus area 3
  17. 17. LearningDeduction: • We asked consumers about what is the most important characteristic they look forward to in a liquid hand wash, that in turn may be a deciding factor to buy one. The consumer of online survey preferred Anti-bacterial and Skin Care as the most important variant. Whereas surveys at retail stores and small kirana stores insisted more on Anti-bacterial characteristics and were indifferent to skin care and natural ingredients. • When consumers were asked as to which brand (Lifebuoy/Dettol) do they perceive more suitable for kids. Our online survey showed that people were more or less satisfied by both the brands with Dettol having an edge; and survey at retail stores and small kirana stores consumers perceived Dettol to be more suitable for kids as they perceive it to provide more protection.Strategy Insight 3A: • The new variant should have Antibacterial/Skin care characteristics. • Placing the new variant for Kids will indeed lead to penetration for Lifebuoy brand. Focus area 3
  18. 18. Solution – Strategy Insights 3ASolution 5 is based on the results of the survey that we got from Question set 3, we suggest thenew variant for Lifebuoy to be : Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soft Wash for Kids This variant will have the following benefits: 1. The above variant plays on the psyche of the people, telling then that this variant will give better protection against bacteria/germs. 2. The addition “Soft Wash” will convey that it will be tender to the skin. 3. Positioning this variant for kids, will positively reinforce mothers to buy this variant for her kids because variant specifically focuses on Kids. We can also use tag lines like “ Give your Child the protection he needs” Focus area 3
  19. 19. Solution – Launching StrategySolution 5 (a) Since the variant focuses on Kids, the best place to launch this product is by : Tie-up with SchoolsLifebuoy Liquid hand wash dispensers can be placed in schools toilets, mess area etc. Product displays across malls & retail stores Product displays will help the family as a whole to get aware of the product. This above marketing strategies will have the following benefits: 1. Both the marketing strategies are cost effective, with good a impact to expenditure ratio. 2. The above strategies are focused approach towards our target segment Focus area 3
  20. 20. Solution – Launching StrategySolution 5 (b) Antibacterial Soft Wash for Kids LifebuoySince we are focusing on a target segment for whom the biggest selling point will bethe variant, hence we propose the variant name to be the focus, so the first thing thatthe customer sees is the Variant Name and then it is verified by Lifebuoy as a brandwith Lifebuoy written towards bottom. Focus area 3
  21. 21. Solution – Launching StrategySolution 5 (c) Engaging the shopper The below strategy can be used for launching of the new variant as well as to increase the penetration of the existing variants. A free trial kiosk can also be provided in malls, where users can given a trial of the new variant. Focus area 3
  22. 22. Solution – Launching StrategySolution 5 (c) Engaging the shopper: Kirana Stores The kirana stores can also have innovative ways of products display like some mentioned below. An unmanned free trial kiosk can also be provided in kirana stores in the form of dispensers, where users can come a take a free trial of the variant. Focus area 3
  23. 23. Words of WisdomAbove we have given a 5 solution strategy targeting the 3 focus areas outlined inthe beginning of the presentation.There is a way to do it better, find it.Thomas EdisonThank youWould Be Awaiting a Positive Response…