Atma yoga teacher training - History of Yoga 1:  Yoga speaks
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Atma yoga teacher training - History of Yoga 1: Yoga speaks



What is yoga? Let's take a look at how it is described in the Ancient sanskrit texts. ...

What is yoga? Let's take a look at how it is described in the Ancient sanskrit texts.

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Atma yoga teacher training - History of Yoga 1: Yoga speaks Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Yoga Speaks…
  • 2. So we begin
    What does yoga mean?
    Yug: – yoke – connect – unify – bridge – reunite…
    By what means?
    To whom?
    To what end?
    Let’s start with a definition…
  • 3. A closer look
    Yoga is the disruption of the habits of the mind
  • 4. This yoga was described by the ancients but it was not invented by them. Yoga did not emerge from with in time, rather they felt time runs through it. While the ancients recognized that certain ideas (jnaja) and even so called magic (karma kandha) had been present from the early days of creation they insisted that yoga was spoken to them by one who predated the dawn of time.
  • 5. Then the observer becomes situated in her true form
  • 6. This mind reeling possibility grew more dizzying as the ancients described not only an absolute nature but an absolute progenitor responsible for all souls originating in an absolute realm.
  • 7. A realm of supra mystical proportions wherein none of the laws of our world’s physics apply. A place of unending magical adventures and heart melting relationships. A world beyond even the heaven’s of angels and demigods.
  • 8. It was with this unknown and immaterial realm that yoga concerned itself. But not in a dry, didactic way.
    Yoga is no school of thought or philosophical treatise on the purpose of life or the nature of reality.
    Yoga is rather a living ecology.
    It is a dynamic and experiential activity which defies intellectual comprehension.
  • 9. Yoga is in fact a living being.
  • 10. Imagine a living entity capable of hiding or revealing as little or as much of itself as it wished. Allowing us to see only what it felt would tantalize. Allowing us to experience only what was appropriate for our consciousness.
  • 11. In this way, over the millennia, we would encounter yoga in many and varying forms and persons.
    Yoga would judge us and then present an experience that could redeem us.
    It would not offer answers rather it would demand questions of us.
    It would then show the means to uncovering our nature and piercing the many colored veils of the mind.
  • 12. But by what means?
    Attention, mantra, activism
    To whom?
    The absolute truth
    To what end?
  • 13. Yoga has a voice
    We will learn to listen to the tradition and allow it to to speak for itself
    Humbly discriminating we will explore and inquire with an open mind.
    We will apply our intelligence using the three fold checks and balance system.
  • 14. Three fold checks & balance
    Yoga deals with the unobservable, so it must rely on a very stringent system of verification.
    An impeccable lineage & peer review
    100% reliable teachers & selfless
    and consistency with the body of sacred texts
  • 15. So it has begun…
    Now, when a sincere seeker approaches an enlightened teacher, with the right attitude of discipleship (viz. ,free of preconceived notions and prejudices, and full of intelligent faith and receptivity) and with the right spirit of inquiry, at the right time and the right place, communication of yoga takes place.