EetacApp	  A	  new	  revolutionary	  application	  for	  EETAC’s	  students	                           and	  teachers.	   ...
Table	  of	  Contents	  1.    Concept:	  2.    How	  it	  works?	  Stories:	  3.    Flows	  diagram:	  4.    Indoor	  Posi...
Concept	  !   The	  EetacApp	  offers	  orientation	  service	  inside	  the	      campus,	  where	  the	  app	  user	  can...
How	  it	  works?	  Stories	  •      This	  Monday	  was	  about	  to	  start	  badly	  for	  Bob.	  Just	  landing	  from...
SIGN	  UP                                          SIGN	  IN                     PRESENTATION                        MAP  ...
Indoor	  Positioning	  &	                Routing	  !   We	  use	  a	  GPS	  for	  outdoor	  positioning	  and	  Google	  A...
Entity-­‐relationship	  6	  entities	                                                                              Locatio...
Cases	  of	  use	                                        User Managment                              Authentication!   Onl...
Presentation                      Components	  model	               IPAuthenticationManager                               ...
Technologies	         10	  
Technologies	  !   Web	  Server	      !   Tomcat	  7.	      ! RESTfull	  Service	  using	  Jersey	  Implementation.	      ...
Technologies	  !   Indoor	  Positioning	      !   RedPin	  or	  Ericcson	  Labs	  Indor	  Maps.	  !   Maps	  and	  Routing...
Gant	     13	  
Additional	  Features	  !   Integration	  with	  Atenea	  and	  SIA	  (Problem:	  today,	      APIs	  don’t	  exist).	  ! ...
Conclusions	  !   Eetac	  app	  can	  work	  like	  a	  social	  network	  of	  CBL	      students	  giving	  a	  new	  wa...
END	  Any	  question?	           16	  
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Eetac App by BASTET


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Presentation of EetacApp by BASTET team for DXAT.

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Eetac App by BASTET

  1. 1. EetacApp  A  new  revolutionary  application  for  EETAC’s  students   and  teachers.   1  
  2. 2. Table  of  Contents  1.  Concept:  2.  How  it  works?  Stories:  3.  Flows  diagram:  4.  Indoor  Positioning  &  Routing:  5.  Entity-­‐relationship:  6.  Use  case  diagram:  7.  Components  Model:  8.  Technologies:  9.  Gantt  diagram:   2  
  3. 3. Concept  !   The  EetacApp  offers  orientation  service  inside  the   campus,  where  the  app  user  can  explore  the  buildings  and   find  the  best  route  to  go  to  any  room.    ! EetacApp  follows  web  2.0  ideas  since  users  can  give  their   opinion  about  sites  or  pictures  (the  users  take  and  upload   pictures)  ! EetacApp  is  a  useful  tool  designed  for  Eetac  students  and   teachers  but  also  for  visitors  which  don’t  know  the   campus.    !   What  is  the  difference  with  Foursquare  and  other  similar   apps?  Indoor  positioning  and  routing.   3  
  4. 4. How  it  works?  Stories  •  This  Monday  was  about  to  start  badly  for  Bob.  Just  landing  from   London  at  13:17  am,  he  could  definitively  not  remember  the   explications  about  how  to  reach  the  conference  room.  And  he   should  be  the  first  one  to  speak!  Luckily,  he  downloaded   EetacApp  before  leaving,  following  his  colleague’s  advice.   Within  a  few  moments,  the  application  gave  him  the  quickest   way  to  the  place.  •  The  new  poster  displayed  in  the  room  B-­‐332  was  very   interesting  for  Julian.  So,  as  he  was  sitting  waiting  the  teacher   to  come,  he  used  its  EetacApp  to  check-­‐in.  As  he  had  hoped,   there  was  already  a  picture  of  the  poster  in  the  B-­‐332  picture   gallery.  By  clicking  it,  he  displayed  the  poster’s  comments   thread.  After  reading  them,  he  added  his  own  thoughts  and   went  to  the  given  project  Web  page.  •  After  the  presentation  of  Urbanization  in  room  V-­‐212,  the  group   was  very  pleased  to  see  their  friends  have  already  taken   pictures  and  upload  them,  creating  several  threads  about  the   main  debated  issues.     4    
  5. 5. SIGN  UP SIGN  IN PRESENTATION MAP If  you  have  registred  before, the  next  Activity  i s  the  Map. You  can  l ogin  with  facebook  or  google    (OpenID). MAPS Flow   EXPLORE Swith PROFILEdiagram   Best route  to  reach  the  location. CHECK-­‐IN EXPLORE PROFILE You can  make  a   check-­‐in  i n  Site  (add  to  favorites  at  same   time)    and  add  new  picttures  or  comments.  You  can  read  the   last  comments  related  with  the  site  or  related  with  the   pictures. You  can  a dd  new  comments   to  a   picture. CHECK-­‐IN CHECK-­‐IN  o  EXPLORE CHECK-­‐IN  o  EXPLORE (Selected,  pictures) (Selected,  comments) 5  
  6. 6. Indoor  Positioning  &   Routing  !   We  use  a  GPS  for  outdoor  positioning  and  Google  API   for  outdoor  routing.  !   There  are  several  options  for  indoor  positioning  &   routing  using  WIFI:   ! Redpin  (  FREE  [Only  provide  positioning]  +   A-­‐STAR  algorithm  [provide  the  routing].   !   Ericsson  Labs:  Indoor  Positioning  (   [LIMITED  USAGE  (50.000  query)]   ! Micello  (  [Javascript  API,  We  must  to   send  our  maps  to  the  company.]   6  
  7. 7. Entity-­‐relationship  6  entities   Location!   Location:  Where  is  the  user   0..* 1 1 (dynamic)?     User 1 -idUser Where  is  a  Site  (static)?   -username Check-in Site -idSite -password -idCheck 1 0..* 0..* 1 -name -surname -date!   User:  User  information.   -description -email -description 1 1!   Site:  Site  information.  Each  site  has  a   1 0..* 0..* Location,  Pictures  and  Comments.   Picture Comment profile -idComment -idPicture 0..1 -idUser!   Check-­‐in:  Relates  a  User  with  a  Site,   -idUser -date 1 0..* -date -text while  the  user  is  in  that  Site.  !   Pictures  can  be  the  Site’s  ones,  or  User’s  profile  picture.  !   Comments:  Each  Picture  could  have  comments;  each  Site  has  comments.   7  
  8. 8. Cases  of  use   User Managment Authentication!   Only  one  kind  of   editName login user.   editProfile editDesc logout changePicture register!   4  blocks:   ... !   User  managment.   User Operations Site Managment !   Authentication.   getRoute addFavorites User  Operations.   seeMap check-in addComment !   exploreSite addPicture !   Site  Managment.   getNearSites check-out 8  
  9. 9. Presentation Components  model   IPAuthenticationManager IPUseManager IPSiteManager IPUserOperations +login(in  username,  in  password)  :  boolean +editProfile(in  User)  :  boolean +checkin(in  site,  in  comment,  in  picture)  :  boolean +getRoute(in  location,  in  site)  :  List  <Location> +logout(in  username)  :  boolean +addFavorite(in  site)  :  boolean +explore(in  location)  :  List  <Site> +register(in  User)  :  boolean +delFavorite(in  site)  :  boolean +seeMap(in  location)  :  Map +addComment(in  comment)  :  boolean +getNearSites(in  location)  :  List  <Site> +addPicture(in  picture)  :  boolean PAuthenticationManager PUserManagment PSiteManager PUserOperationsBusiness  Logic IBLSiteManager IBLAuthenticationManager IBLUserManager +allSites()  :  List  <Site> IBLUserOperations +changeName(in  idUser,  in  username)  :  boolean +getSite(in  idSite)  :  Site +getUser(in  username)  :  User +changePicture(in  idUser,  in  picture)  :  boolean +addPhoto(in  idSite,  in  picture)  :  boolean +calcRoute(in  location,  in  location)  :  List  <Location> +addUser(in  user)  :  boolean +allUsers()  :  List  <User> +addComment(in  idSite,  in  comment)  :  boolean +getNearSites(in  location)  :  List  <Site> +addFavorites(in  idSite,  in  idUser)  :  boolean(idl) +getMap(in  location)  :  Map +delFavorite(in  idSite,  in  idSite)  :  boolean +getLocation(in  user)  :  Location +usersCheckin(in  site)  :  List  <User> +getFavoriteSites(in  idUser)  :  List  <Site> +addCheckin(in  user,  in  site)  :  boolean BLAuthenticationManager BLUserManagment BLSiteManager BLUserOperationsIntegration IISiteManager IIAuthenticationManager IIUserManager +getSite(in  idSite)  :  Site +addPhoto(in  idSite,  in  picture)  :  boolean IIUserOperations +getUser(in  username)  :  User +changeName(in  idUser,  in  username)  :  boolean +addComment(in  idSite,  in  comment)  :  boolean +addUser(in  user)  :  boolean +changePicture(in  idUser,  in  picture)  :  boolean +addFavorites(in  idSite,  in  idUser)  :  boolean +getMap(in  location)  :  Map +delFavorite(in  idSite,  in  idSite)  :  boolean +getLocation(in  user)  :  Location +getLocation(in  site)  :  Location +getFavoriteSites(in  idUser)  :  List  <Site> +getComments(in  site)  :  List  <Comment> +getComments(in  picture)  :  List  <Comment> IAuthenticationManager IUserManagment ISiteManager IUserOperations 9  
  10. 10. Technologies   10  
  11. 11. Technologies  !   Web  Server   !   Tomcat  7.   ! RESTfull  Service  using  Jersey  Implementation.   !   Wicket  MVC  framework  for  developing  web   applications  in  java.   !   Hibernate  for  the  mapping  between  java  objects  and   database  tables.  !   Mobile  App:  Android  2.3.3  !   Database:  Postgres,  because  scalability  is  better  and   better  performance  on  Hibernate  than  MySQL.   11  
  12. 12. Technologies  !   Indoor  Positioning   ! RedPin  or  Ericcson  Labs  Indor  Maps.  !   Maps  and  Routing   !*_search_algorithm   (aplicación  de  Luismi).   12  
  13. 13. Gant   13  
  14. 14. Additional  Features  !   Integration  with  Atenea  and  SIA  (Problem:  today,   APIs  don’t  exist).  !   Integration  with  Facebook,  Twitter  and  Foursquare   (Using  places  of  foursquare  and  announcing  by   tweets  and  wall  posts).  !   Give  the  possibility  to  the  users  to  create  sites  and   add  videos  at  sites.  !   Import  student  calendar.   14  
  15. 15. Conclusions  ! Eetac  app  can  work  like  a  social  network  of  CBL   students  giving  a  new  way  of  communication   between  them.  !   In  the  future,  Eetac  app  can  be  exported  to  any  other   campus  or  create  a  new  app  like  UPCApp.   15  
  16. 16. END  Any  question?   16  
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