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PowerPoint Slideshows How-To

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A short demonstration of how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation

A short demonstration of how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation

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  • 1. PowerPoint Slideshows The good, the bad & the ugly
  • 2. PowerPoint
    • Can be a great supplement
    • Adds visual interest
    • Is a powerful tool
      • But …
  • 3. With Great Power, Comes great responsibility!
  • 4. Setting up your slides
    • Use the ‘KISS’ method
    • Use bullet points
    • No more than 4-5 points per slide
    • No more than 6-8 words per bullet point
  • 5. Slides – The Bad
    • This page contains too many words for a presentation slide. It is not written in point form, making it difficult both for your audience to read and for you to present each point. Although there are exactly the same number of points on this slide as the previous slide, it looks much more complicated. In short, your audience will spend too much time trying to read this paragraph instead of listening to you.
  • 6. Slides – The Good
    • Show one point at a time:
      • Will help audience concentrate on what you are saying
      • Will prevent audience from reading ahead
      • Will help you keep your presentation focused
  • 7. Animation
    • Do not use distracting animation
    • Do not go overboard with the animation
    • Be consistent with the animation that you use
  • 8. Fonts
    • Make sure your font can be easily read
    • This is an 18-point font
    • This is a 24-point font
    • This is a 32-point font
  • 9. Fonts
    • Stick with a standard font
    • Some fonts are often too difficult to read off a screen
  • 10. Backgrounds
    • Stick with something simple
    • Make sure the text stands out
    • High contrast
    • Use the same one for the entire presentation
  • 11. Backgrounds – Bad
    • Avoid backgrounds that are distracting or difficult to read
    • Always be consistent with the background that you use
  • 12. Backgrounds
    • Using a photo as a background can be difficult
    • Often the text can get lost into the background
  • 13. Backgrounds
    • Use a smaller picture with a text box
    • Or make a slide with the picture only
    • Like this:
  • 14.  
  • 15. Wrap it up
    • Use an effective and strong closing
      • Your audience is likely to remember your last words
    • Use a conclusion slide to:
      • Summarize the main points of your presentation