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Unitils Testing FrameWork presentation

Unitils Testing FrameWork presentation

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. [email_address]
  • 2. Agenda
    • Api Description
    • Features
    • Unitils Design
    • Supported Module System
    • Unitils by Example
  • 3.  
  • 4. Unitils test Tool
    • Unitils is an open source library aimed at making unit testing easy and maintainable. Unitils builds further on existing libraries like DBUnit and EasyMock and integrates with JUnit and TestNG .
    • Unitils provides general asserion utilities, support for database testing, support for testing with mock objects and offers integration with Spring and Hibernate . It has been designed to offer these services to unit tests in a very configurable and loosely coupled way. As a result, services can be added and extended very easily.
  • 5. Currently Unitils offers following features
    • Assertion utils
      • Equality assertion through reflection, with different options like ignoring Java default/null values and ignoring order of collections
    • Database testing utilities :
      • Test data management
      • DBUnit
      • Test database maintenance
      • Testing with Hibernate
  • 6. Currently Unitils offers following features
    • Mock object utilities
      • Simplify EasyMock mock object creation
      • Simplify mock object injection
      • EasyMock argument matching using reflection equality
    • Spring integration
      • ApplicationContext configuration and easy injection of spring managed beans into a unit test
      • Support for using a Spring-configured Hibernate SessionFactory in unit tests.
    • The project started begin 2006 from an Ordina J-Technologies discussion group on unit testing. The result was a list of guidelines and Unitils emerged in an attempt to write code to support these guidelines.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Open & extensible architecture
    • Module system
      • Listener hooks up modules into tests
      • Support for JUnit 3 / 4 + TestNG
  • 9. Module Systems
    • Database Module
    • DBUnit module
      • Test data management
    • HibernateModule
    • Hibernate Configuration,Verify database mapping
    • SpringModule
      • Load application Context, retrieve spring beans
    • EasyMock Module:create mocks,lenient reflections arguments matching.
  • 10. Database testing
    • Control over test data
      • Unit test database without data
      • Small test data sets
    • Limited sharing of data sets
      • Test class or method level
  • 11. Class-level data file
  • 12. Method-level data file
  • 13. Specify file name explicitly
  • 14. Result data file
  • 15. Hibernate support
    • Simplify configuration
    • Automatically check consistency of
      • mapped classes with database
  • 16. Assertion utils
  • 17. Maintainability
    • Only check what’s essential
      • Ignore type of numbers
      • Ignore certain properties
      • Ignore order and type of collections
  • 18. Ignore order and type of Collections
    • Leniency option: collections
  • 19. Unitils Configuration
    • As with many projects, Unitils needs some configuration of its services. By default, there are 3 levels of configuration, each level overriding the settings of the previous one
      • : default configuration that is shipped with the distribution of Unitils
      • : can contain project-wide configuration
      • : can contain user-specific configuration
  • 20.  
  • 21. Programme a tester
    • Employees : DTO Object
    • IEmployeeDao : interface that declare CRUD opperations
    • EmployeeDaoImpl :a spring hibernate implementation
    • DataSource.xml :Spring Config DataSource
    • HibernateSessionFactory.xml: Spring Config of the hibernate SessionFactory
    • Dao.xml : DAO Beans
  • 22. Programme de test
    • HibernateMappingTest
    • EmployeeDaoTest :
    • EmployeeDao Testing Class
    • : unitils config file
  • 23. Configuration Unitils « »
  • 24. HibernateMappingTest
    • @SpringApplicationContext annotation instructs Unitils to create a Spring ApplicationContext, in which the DataSource.xml and HibernateSessionFactory.xml files are loaded
    • HibernateUnitils Unitils contains a very simple but powerful mapping test. This test checks whether the mapping of all Hibernate mapped objects is consistent with the database
  • 25. HibernateMappingTest «   propety title of class Employees result goes titleD »
    • junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Found mismatches between Java objects and database tables. Applying following DDL statements to the database should resolve the problem:
    • alter table public.employees add column titleD varchar(0);
  • 26. EmployeeDaoTest
    • Creating an application context and retrieving a Spring bean
    • we tell the system to find a bean of type employeeDao in the application context
    • Loading a test data set
    • Checking the result
  • 27. Links
    • Unitils website:
    • Unit testing guidelines: