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this is a generic presentation of IMPLEX HRMS, the most comprehensive HR solution to address all of the Human Resources requirements in Saudi Arabia and the GCC (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman)

this is a generic presentation of IMPLEX HRMS, the most comprehensive HR solution to address all of the Human Resources requirements in Saudi Arabia and the GCC (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman)

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  • 1. Human Resource Management System Customer Focus & Strategy Tariq A. Al-Damouk ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 1
  • 2. Contents  What is HRMS?  Solution Components  Solution Features  Solution Benefits  Solution Main Functions  Organization Structure  Budgeting & Manning  Recruitment Management  Resources Management  Performance Appraisal Management  Compensation Management  Before We Run HRMS...  Application Demo. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 2
  • 3. What is HRMS? HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a business support and enablement functions that involve the employee life cycle from hire to retire, which aims to integrate, streamline and control all employee centered processes, policies and procedures. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 3
  • 4. Solution Components Organisation Structure Report Generator Recruitment Management Budgeting and Manning Resource Management Time & Attendance Control Succession Planning Training Management Compensation Management Housing Management Performance Evaluation Alerting & e-Notification My HR & Self Services Workflow ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 4
  • 5. Solution Features  Ease of use  Web Based  Parameters Based Application  email Integration  Multilingual Interface And Bilingual Data Entry  Rich Employee Database  Components Integration  Flexible Reporting  Importing To Different Formats (Excel, Word, PDF ...etc)  Database Independent  Powerful Security Control ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 5
  • 6. Solution Benefits  Enabling Paperless Work Environment Using The Workflow Capabilities.  Enabling Quick Process Steps & Actions Through The Workflow Capabilities.  Providing Better Manning Management.  Increasing The Budgeting Accuracy for Compensation & Payroll Processes  Establishing Communication Enhancement Between Company’s Organization Departments  Improving HR Service Level.  Providing Efficient Recruitment Planning & Management.  Increasing Visibility of Organization Competencies & Skills That Lead to Better Succession Planning.  Providing Efficient Training Planning & Management. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 6
  • 7. Organization Structure  Building Oorganizational Structure.  Building Positional Structure (Work Flow & Reporting Structure).  Building Grading & Levels  Building Extensive Job Description  Defining Headcount & Monetary Budgets  Monitoring Your Budget Utilization  Monitoring Skills & Competencies ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 7
  • 8. Resource Management  Building an Extensive Employee Database (With Approval Cycle)  Managing Vacations & Leaves  Managing Penalty Recording & Rewarding Processes  Controlling Business Travel Budget  Managing End of Service Process  Managing Promotion Process  Providing Employee Work History  Providing Integrated Document Archiving Feature  Enhancing Letters Management  Providing Photo Capturing Facility ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 8
  • 9. Compensation Management  Unlimited Number of User Defined Incomes & Deductions  Tax Handling - Allowing Multiple Tax Types According to Rules & Regulations  Benefits Management - Building a Group of Benefits, Each Group May Contain Multiple Benefits Such as Social Insurance, Health Care, Saving Funds, etc.  Loan Tracking  Payments Outside Payroll Cycle (Such as Ramadan or New Year Bonus)  Providing Multi-Currency Payroll For The Same Employee  Providing Multi-Currency Payment For The Same Employee  Salary Grades and Steps  ERP Data Based Bonus Management. (Production , Sales,..)  Allowances, Commissions & Yearly Profit Bonus  Integration with ERP systems ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 9
  • 10. Time & Attendance Control  Providing Flexible Calendars & Shifts Definition  Providing Planned Shift Definition & Automatic Generation  Enabling Integration With All Types of Time & Attendance Machines  Managing Standard Rates Overtime With User Defined Rates Per Employee Category (Grade, Job, Position,..)  Controlling Overtime, Late Attendance, Absence, Public Holidays and Day-Off Rules  Providing Full Tractability & Analysis  Generating Attendance Reports  Providing Buses Management ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 10
  • 11. Recruitment Management  Automating The Process From Vacancy Recognition To Applicant Evaluation Until Issuing The Hiring Letters  Monitoring Recruitment Costs Starting From Advertising To Employee and/or Employer’s Travel Cost  Enabling Vacancies Automatic Detection & Definition  Managing Recruitment Process (Requests, Approvals & Transactions)  Maintaining & Searching Applicant Database  Providing Applicant Skills & Competency Management  Managing Applicant Interviews & Exams ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 11
  • 12. Performance Appraisal  Building Multiple Appraisal Models (360 Degree) Based on Employee or Group of Employees  Providing Auto Scheduling For The Evaluation Process  Defining Evaluation Criteria & Scales to Meet The objectives of Your Organization  Using Appraisal Results For Employee Compensation & Annual Allowances  Tracking Employee Evaluation Curve ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 12
  • 13. Training Management  Defining Activities to Represent All Types of Courses (Computer Session, Language Courses, etc.)  Building Sub-Levels For Each Event to Have Structured Events  Managing Internal & External Training  Tracking Employees’ & Instructors’ Attendance and Interfacing With HR Time Management  Managing Enrolments & Creating Waiting Lists For Full Events  Defining Training Programs Needed For Certain Positions  Controlling Training Costs Through Tracking Events Costs, Earnings, etc  Training Evaluation Based on User-Defined Parameters  Employee’s Evaluation Based on User-Defined Exams.  Automatic Map Training Evaluation Into Employee Records Through Interfacing With Performance Evaluation Module. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 13
  • 14. Before We Run HRMS  HR Processes Definition/Description  Organization Structure (Organization & Positions)  Grades Structure  Policies & Procedures  Employee Detailed Data (HR Data, Basic Benefits Data, Documents, ...etc)  Employee Balances (Vacation Dues, Tickets, Loans...etc) ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 14
  • 15. Implementation Phases  Phase I  Organization Structure Module Basic  Resource Management Module Basic  Compensation Management Module Basic  Time Attendance Control Module Basic  Report Generator Advanced  Workflow Advanced  Phase II  Recruitment Module Advanced  Appraisal Module Advanced  Phase III  Training And Development Management Advanced Jan Feb. Apr. May Mar. Jun. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 15
  • 16. we welcome all inquiries from Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. ١٤٣٠/١١/١٢Page 16