A report of health clinic organised at saraswati kunj slum supported by convergys


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A report of health clinic organised at saraswati kunj slum supported by convergys

  1. 1. A Report of ‘Health Clinics to Provide Quality Health Services to the Underprivileged Children Living in Slum’‘‘Clinic Organised from 15th January’13 to 15th March’13’’Implemented by: Supported by:SUKARYA CONVERGYS
  2. 2. Introduction: Sukarya a non govt- organization based at Gurgaon is workingwith the mission to ensure equitable access to quality health services for allincluding the poorest sections of the society, especially women, adoles centsand children, serving the health needs of the underserved and un -reachedcommunities through comprehensive health care services.Project Area: Saraswati Kunj is Slum under HUDA Govt. It is situated in theGurgaon District near Sushant Lok E-Block, Phase-1. Adjacent areas are DLFPhase-V, Wazirabad, Sushant Lok E block etc. Saraswati Kunj is a slum cluster inGurgaon District with area of approximately 2 acres.There are around 7000 families living in this colony. Out of that approx 3500 arewomen, 2600 are men and 900 are children. Majority of the population ismigrated from the states of Bengal (60%) and followed by U.P. (20%) and Bihar(20%). There are about 80% of Muslim religion and 20% are Hindus. Themajority of the people living in the slum in S araswati Kunj are illiterates,unskilled and unorganized labour. Men are working as Rickshaw pullers, Coolie,Daily labourers, Factory workers, Rag pickers, Street vendors etc and womenare mostly unemployed and some are working in construction sites as d ailylabours.Major problems faced by the slum dwellers are health problems, loweducation/illiteracy, lack of sanitation and hygiene facilities, inadequate waterfacilities etc. and the govt. do not pay attention to their well -being. They andtheir children are deprived of all the basic rights, which although areguaranteed by the constitution.Sukarya with the support of Convergys organised 4 health camps for children,Saraswati Kunj Slum from 15 th January to 15 th March’13.Target Location – Slums area of Sukarya office surroundings & Saraswati Kunj,Gurgaon.Target Group – Children (0-13 Yrs.) living in Slums and its surrounding.Objective: To improve the health & nutritional condition of the vulnerable children living inSaraswati Kunj Slum by providing quality primary health services through clinics and healtheducation through community outreach.
  3. 3. Activity undertaken from 15th Jan’ to 15th March1. Community Mobilization: To organise and to avail services of health camps in Saraswati Kunj Slum and its adjacent area, regular visit to project area is visited and door to door mobilization is done in Slum and its adjacent area, also, to mobilize community to avail our services, we also conduct group meeting with stake holders at at “Chai Dhaba”, “Pan Shop” etc. and to make larger community aware about health camp, loudspeaker was also used. Mobilization was used as tool to ensure the active participation of community in clinic organised for children. And also, make them aware of services under the new initiative of ‘Sukarya and Convergys’ in their Slum for their children.2. Providing Quality Health Services to the Underprivileged Children Living in the Slums:2.1. Clinic in Slum: with the support of Convergys, Sukarya organised four health clinics for children, all clinic were organised at Saraswati Kunj Slum.2.1.1. Clinic Organised, Children Treated and Medicine were Disbursed: from starting to organise health camp, it was ensure that there should be participation of target group i.e. Children under the age of 0-13 years. And to ensure the participation of children and make our rapport stronger, we regularly visited the Saraswati Kunj and discuss about availability of doctor and medicine as prescribed by doctor. So, during the clinic, children were treated and as per prescription of doctor, medicines were disbursed. Doctor also provides Suggestions & counselling according to need of need of patients. Total 4 clinics were organized in month of Feb’& March in which total 63 children have been treated.
  4. 4. Health Check up of Children in campMedicines were given as per prescription of Doctor.
  5. 5. Details of Children Treated in Health Clinic. Total no. of clinic Total no. of children Follow up the children for organised treated in clinic. regular treatments 4 63 39 2.2. Growth Monitoring of Children: During the clinic, it was ensure that we should monitor the growth of children as there are lots of children are under weight and malnourished in the slum. And to monitor the growth of each child…. 2.2.1. Developing a Health Card of Each Child: During the camp, it was ensured that we should develop a health card of each child containing family history and height and measurement of children. And for this, one child – one health card was issued to child who visited health camp and monitoring is done with the help of prescription and his/her weight and height and history of diagnosis during the clinic. Each Child was issued Health Card having Name, Family History, Height, Weight and history of diagnosis and treatment of children.
  6. 6. 2.2.2. Height and Weight Measurement of Children: During the Clinic, height and weight were measure and it was enter in its health card to check his/her status i.e. they are malnourished, under weight or not. Height and Weight measurement of each child were done under supervision of Supervisor.2.3. Counseling: When there is any child found Anemic, malnourished, under aged, etc, then we ensure that for improvement of health status of their child, Parent were counseled on different aspects of child health. It was done by doctor and Counselor. Counseling of Child’s Mother by counselor and Doctor.2.4. Food Supplement for Anaemic children: During the clinic, we also provide food supplement to those children to whom doctor prescribed a supplement on subsidies rate.
  7. 7. 2.5. Follow up of the targeted Children for health check-up during clinic: As per need of children the follow up was done by visiting their home day before clinic to ensure his/her visit for health check-up.3. Health Awareness Session with Parents: Health Sessions focusing on building awareness on sanitation, personal hygiene, and good nutritional practices was conducted during the camp. We Conduct one health session with community of Saraswati Kunj Slum on general health and hygiene (the importance of brushing teeth, taking a bath, washing hands and clothes, importance of eating nutritious food) Health Awareness Session with patients on general health and Hygiene4. Program visibility: To ensure the visibility of program, 2 banners covering services and logos of donor and Sukarya were developed and display during the camp. Sukarya has ensured visibility of Program and Convergys through its banners and meetings. Observation:  Community is supportive as contractor, compounder & slum dweller cooperated us to arrange venue & inform community about availability of doctor in the slum  Children are benefitted from the clinic as their parent visit twice & thrice to the clinic & express their gratitude for wellness.  Parents of children especially mothers are in hurry during health checkup, their concentration goes for attending homes to do home chores as they work in five to six homes in a day.
  8. 8.  There is huge health need in community as slum dweller lack basic health facilities & their education & awareness level is too low Children age group 0-6 months are not getting breast milk, mainly dependent on packet milk for nutrition as their mother is house cleaner & they don’t have time to breast feed their children. Recommendation: Extension of time: Project should extend for at least one year to know the impact of our services in the community. Formal cum health education Class should be conducted thrice in a month for mother & child in the community. **************