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OACAC Millennials Rebooted Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Millennials (and their parents) Rebooted Text OACAC 2011 Jeff Kallay - VP Consulting a.k.a.“Apostle of Authenticity”
  • 2. Manage the Expectations 15 American Generations 4 Cycles = 4 Stage/2 Stroke Generation X Millennials Millennials Rebooted What does it all mean? Discussion and Media Resources
  • 3. Disclaimers
  • 4. “In America, each generation is a new people.” Alec de Tocqueville, 1830
  • 5. 4Number of books by Howe and Strauss Generations, 13th Gen, The Fourth Turning and Millennials Rising LifeCourse Associates www.lifecourse.com
  • 6. 4 - Number of books by Howe and Strauss Generations, 13th Gen, The Fourth Turning and Millennials Rising LifeCourse Associates www.lifecourse.com
  • 7. 4Number of Generations Colliding in the Workplace Silent, Boomers, Xers and Millennials LifeCourse Associates www.lifecourse.com
  • 8. 23.4Average Number of Years of American Generations Howe and Strauss
  • 9. 15American Generations (19 New World) Howe and Strauss
  • 10. 4Number of Generational Cycles and Number of Generations Per Cycle Howe and Strauss
  • 11. Revolutionary Cycle Name + Birth Years Awakening + 1701-1723 Liberty + 1724-1741 Republican + 1742-1766 Compromise + 1767-1791
  • 12. Civil War Cycle Name + Birth YearsTranscendental + 1792-1821 Gilded + 1822-1842 Progressive + 1843-1859
  • 13. Great Power Cycle Name + Birth Years Missionary + 1860-1882 Lost + 1883-1900 G.I. + 1901-1924 Silent + 1925-1942
  • 14. Millennial Cycle Name + Birth Years Boomer + 1943-1960 X + 1961-1981 Millennials + 1982-2000/0115th (Homeland or iGeneration) + 2000/01-20??
  • 15. 4/24 Stage/2 Stroke Per Cycle The Fourth Turning Howe and Strauss
  • 16. Revolutionary CycleName + Birth Years = Description Awakening + 1701-1723 = Idealist Liberty + 1724-1741 = Reactive Republican + 1742-1766 = Civic Compromise + 1767-1791 = Adaptive
  • 17. Civil War CycleName + Birth Years = Description Transcendental + 1792-1821 = Idealist Gilded + 1822-1842 = Reactive Progressive + 1843-1859 = Adaptive
  • 18. Great Power CycleName + Birth Years = Description Missionary + 1860-1882 = Idealist Lost + 1883-1900 = Reactive G.I. + 1901-1924 = Civic Silent + 1925-1942 = Adaptive
  • 19. Millennial Cycle Name + Birth Years = Description Boomer + 1943-1960 = Idealist X + 1961-1981 = Reactive Millennials + 1982-2000/01 = Civic15th (Homeland or iGeneration) + 2000/01-20?? = Adaptive
  • 20. 4 Stage / 2 StrokeIdealist Idealist birth CivicReactive Reactive birth Adaptive Civic Civic birth IdealistAdaptive Adaptive birth Reactive Repeat
  • 21. Each Generation Rebels against the elder-built world and against the generation before it. (Think X>Boomer and Millennial>X)Redirects society towards its own inclinations.
  • 22. Each Generation 1. Solves the problems facing the prior youth generation (Millennial>X)2. Corrects for the behavioral excess it perceives incurrent midlife generation (Millennial>Boomer) 3. Fills the social role being vacated by the departing elder generation (Millennials>G.I.)
  • 23. Each GenerationIs shaped by their surroundings and by the generations with which they interact.While being born becomes history, and as they age they make history.
  • 24. Types of History Social Moment - a brief period of time when people perceive historical events to radically alter their social environments.1. Secular Crisis - when society focuses on reordering the outer world of institutions and social behavior. 2. Spiritual Awakening - when society focuses on changing the inner world of values and personal behavior.
  • 25. Repeating in America 1. Idealist - encounters a spiritual awakening in rising adulthood and a secular crisis entering elderhood.2. Reactive - encounters a spiritual awakening entering youth, and a secular crisis entering midlife.3. Civic - encounters a secular crisis entering rising adulthood, and a spiritual awakening entering elderhood. 4. Adaptive - encounters a secular crisis entering youth, and a spiritual awakening entering midlife.
  • 26. Five Surprising Facts Marketers Should Know About 2010 Census Stats Advertising Age April 4, 2011 http://adage.com/article/news/census-2010-surprising-facts-marketers/149692/
  • 27. “Applications and yield numbers are down” NACAC Study, October 2010 “Loan crisis goes to college.” CNN Money.com, May 2010“College loans are the new subprime crisis” New York Times, June 2010
  • 28. vs.XMillennial
  • 29. “A generation that can sneakily trump boomer X narcissism and millennial entitlement.” Jeff Gordiner, “X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking”
  • 30. About Generation X Born and raised as independent latch-key kids. Sexual Revolution, Watergate, Vietnam, Gay Rights, High Divorce Rate, Recession and Woman’s Movement peppered their youth.Demonized by Hollywood: Rosemary’s Baby, TheExorcist, Taxi Driver, Pretty Baby and The Omen.
  • 31. About Generation X Playing to win by half expecting to lose.Accepting wide gaps between personal outcomes and sex roles. Proud of their ability to cut through the hype.
  • 32. About Generation XBecoming cautious in family life and gradually mellowing in personality. Dedicated to starting and maintaining stable families, something their Silent generation parents did not.
  • 33. MillennialLargest, most wanted, most watched over andmost diverse generation in American history. Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  • 34. The Three “Kaitlins”Kaitlin Caitlin Kate Lynn
  • 35. 3.6Average birthrate of Millennials (in millions) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  • 36. 76 Million Millennials(vs. 72 million Boomers and 42 million Xers) Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  • 37. $50k Parents willing to pay for an ovum from anattractive, high IQ, female at a top university Howe and Strauss “Millennials Rising”
  • 38. 50% Increase in amount of stuff in weight inaverage American homes vs. 20 years ago US News and World Report, 2008
  • 39. 87%College freshmen who have never shared a room with a sibling Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2009
  • 40. About Millennials 35% are non-white (and Latino). 1 in 5 have an immigrant parent, 1 in 10 have a non-citizen parent.Largest separation in wealth in American history.
  • 41. About Millennials Celebrated, cherished and protected.Celebrated by Hollywood: Three Men and Baby, Baby Boom, Mr. Mom and Disney princesses. Empowered females.Bike helmets, car seats, nanny cams and more.
  • 42. About Millennials Raised by attached parents.Freakishly close to their “Helicopter Parents” or “Blackhawks” transitioning to “Stealth.”Parents are “Best Friends” and co-purchasing. Conservative. Or Conventional?
  • 43. About Millennials Team Oriented. Task Oriented. Civic Oriented. (not in march on D.C. way)Want to achieve high standards set for them.Feel that they have already “paid their dues.”
  • 44. Reaching Millennials Eliminate Ambiguity. Think of Time as 24/7 Resource. Combine Work with Play. Make it Worthwhile. Handle with Care. Play to Their Strengths. Group Think.
  • 45. 5000Marketing messages your members are assaulted by each day Adweek November 2006
  • 46. 90%Consumers who trust word of mouth, vs. traditional advertising Adweek November 2006
  • 47. Watch Welcome to the Social Media Revolution
  • 48. Millennials Rebooted Regonize 2nd Cohort. Post Great Recession. Shift from Boomer Helicopter to Xer Stealth. Parents want ROI. Financial Aid knowledge is key! Cut through the hype.Online and In-Person support work in tandem.
  • 49. Who is Next?15thHomeland or iGeneration 2000/2001-?
  • 50. Your Bookshelf
  • 51. Media and Resources Did You Know? Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHmwZ96_Gos&feature=related Web 2.0 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nkeOE0E Pew Internet Researchhttp://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2010/Social-Media-and-Young-Adults.aspx
  • 52. Mommy, Tell My Professor He’s Not Nicehttp://www.sptimes.com/2006/06/19/State/Mommy__tell_my_profes.shtmlA Generation Serves Notice; Its a Moving Target http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html? res=9D0CE7D9123FF931A15752C0A9609C8B63 Facebook grows up http://www.newsweek.com/id/32261/page/2
  • 53. YouthQuake (Millennial Values in Work)http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/08_03/b4067000290367.htm? chan=magazine+channel_top+stories Scenes From A Culture Clash http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/102/culture-clash.html Get The Best Out Of Millennials http://www.adage.com/talentworks/article?article_id=124891
  • 54. The Millennials are Cominghttp://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/11/08/60minutes/main3475200.shtml Employee Evolution - Millennials at Work http://www.employeeevolution.com/ TargetX iThink Blog http://.targetx.com/ithink
  • 55. Download Session PDF 1. Wait for our email with link 2. Go to:www.slideshare.net/targetx/oacac-millennials-rebooted 3. Follow these steps: a. Go to: www.slideshare.net/targetx b. search OACAC
  • 56. Free On Friday Webcasts www.targetx.com/webcast
  • 57. iThink Onlinewww.targetx.com/ithink
  • 58. Millennials (and their parents) Rebooted Text OACAC 2011 Jeff Kallay - VP Consulting a.k.a.“Apostle of Authenticity”