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"May One Schmay One"

"May One Schmay One"






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    "May One Schmay One" "May One Schmay One" Presentation Transcript

    • "May 1, Schmay 1" Trent Gilbert, CXOAdrienne Bartlett, VP, Education
    • We’ll be gettingstartedshortly...
    • www.targetx.com
    • Youshould be hearing music...
    • www.targetx.com
    • “2 Ways to Watch” 1. Full-screen 2. Video + Chat
    • www.targetx.com
    • Wireless not recommended...
    • Email Chat Eventwww.targetx.com
    • "May 1, Schmay 1" Trent Gilbert, CXOAdrienne Bartlett, VP, Education
    • http://tinyurl.com/6fjnf3l
    • ExpectationsThen & NowWhat does it mean?How did we get here?3 Keys for Improvement
    • Back in the day...
    • ...fast-forward to today.
    • What does May 1 mean today?(an informal study)
    • “The reason for being.Everything we do over a several year periodis aimed at one date.”
    • “EVERYTHING!!!May 5 means it ALL (postmarked)”
    • “The meaning of May 1 is changing”
    • “High anxiety around anticipated outcomes”
    • “Stress, Stress, Stress”
    • “Asking myself ‘whyam I in a profession that relies on the decision-makingabilities of 17 & 18 year olds?’”
    • “A silly date put inplace by schools with 10% acceptance rates.”
    • 1Year Ago
    • WHY?
    • We haven’teducated the market
    • Consumers aresmarter and aredemanding more transparency
    • Today’s students andparents are way more “hip to the process”
    • Trendspotting: Late depositsFamilies are taking their time
    • Trendspotting:“Wait-List Fatigue”Don’t want to play the waiting game just to be let down
    • BuyersMarket
    • Financial Aid“bidding wars”
    • Kathy KurzScannell & Kurz, Inc.
    • “Our clients are findingthat the May 1 deadlineis increasingly ignored by students and parents”
    • -Families “figuring it out”for top choice-Making big sacrifices ifconvinced it is worth it
    • “Cautiouslyoptimistic”
    • 3Keys
    • 1Always on
    • It’s May One...BUT YOU’RE NOT DONE!
    • Some things earlier:roommate assignments ID cards/photos course selection
    • Some things later: acceptances deposits recruiting!
    • “Admissions Summer” http://tinyurl.com/3l99ahl
    • Trendspotting: June & July: “Key Months” (athletes, orientationshoppers, mind-changers)
    • “Competing Concerns”
    • Families: Colleges: Forgoing Spending too revenuemuch/too much through debt discounting
    • Trendspotting: Funnel-flipSpending more time & money on applicants
    • Trendspotting:“Summer of Love”You MUST keep contact with deposited students!
    • Summer Campaign Ideas: Packing lists Parent connections “What to expect” Graduation stories/photos Demystifying Move-in Social Sites Promos
    • “A tribe is a group of people connected toone another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.”
    • Help them find their tribe.
    • Bottom Line? Recruitment is a year-round,all-hands-on-deck effort.
    • Bottom Line? If you’re not concernedabout yield in September, you’ll have a problem come May.
    • 2Bring them closer to DAY 1
    • Make 3May 1, 2012 better... NOW!
    • -Re-think the visit -Train your staff -Evaluate Technology-Communication Plans -Staff Retreats
    • ExpectationsThen & NowWhat does it mean?How did we get here?3 Keys for Improvement