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EduWeb2010 Flip the Funnel EduWeb2010 Flip the Funnel Presentation Transcript

  • “Flip the Funnel” Communications Strategies that Work from Branding through Yield Adrienne Bartlett, VP, Client Experience
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  • Who’s In The Room? View slide
  • Disclaimers: No magic bullets You’re smart I’m here to make you think View slide
  • Expectations What’s the problem? 5 Ways to Flip the Funnel Let’s talk Sales 3 T’s
  • Current Climate
  • Shifting Competition Strained Resources Cost-Cutting Panic
  • Taking the “fun” out of “the funnel”...
  • “The Funnel” Assumes they only get info from you Stealth-apps miss the boat Students who don’t progress get ignored “Lack of contact” = “Lack of interest” From our perspective (not theirs)
  • “Admissions Funnel” $$$$ Prospects $$$$ Inquiries Text Applicants Admitted ???? Enrolled ????
  • Yield?
  • “Admissions Funnel” Prospects Inquiries Text Applicants $$$$ Admitted $$$$ Enrolled
  • “The funnel has outlived its usefulness as a metaphor” (because people learn from each other now). -Groundswell
  • Applicants Enroll
  • Priorities Mindset Spending Tools
  • The “traditional plan” can’t be all things...
  • >50% First Point of Contact was the Admissions Application In recent conversations with clients
  • Myth: “Increase numbers at the top to increase numbers at the bottom”
  • Reality: Demographics and other factors are making it impossible to keep “top-loading”
  • Stop talking at me like you don’t know who I am!
  • “If you haven’t already” “applied” “registered” “visited”
  • 1:1
  • Prospects are seeking meaningful communications
  • They want you to help them make sense of it all.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is helping to make messages much more targeted and personalized.
  • Try and provide value to the student at their current stage rather than just trying to push them through to the next.
  • One model...
  • “Rather than viewing the admissions cycle as an enrollment funnel, we view it as a strategic framework that, based on a solid foundation of sound marketing, recruitment, and admissions strategies, builds a strong and stable incoming class that is likely to persist through graduation.” Dr. David Kalsbeek, DePaul University Dr. Christopher Ferguson, Wilmington University
  • “Branding”
  • Can help but ... Expensive Takes time Not always in your control Tough to gauge success
  • You know who you are (and aren’t).
  • Be yourself.
  • Confidently. Authentically.
  • 5 Ways to Flip the Funnel
  • 1 Shift the budget.
  • Make the case for moving (at least some) budget dollars “down the funnel”
  • Search = Lead Generation Then what?
  • Focus On: Events Web Presence Customer Service Campus Visit Program Marketing Campaigns
  • 2 Focus on Yield.
  • Increase inquiries?
  • Does a huge number of inquiries actually hurt your ability to recruit best-fit students?
  • We’ve simplified the process to the point where even an application doesn’t necessarily indicate interest.
  • How much does it cost to have a uninterested prospect in your database?
  • Publications Mailings/Postage Event Invitations Phone Calls/Emails Staff Time Travel Decisions?
  • Opportunity Cost.
  • 3 Rethink the Web.
  • Should be top priority Balance “how” with “why” Every page a homepage? Navigation is crucial
  • Share This
  • How “sustainable” is your social web strategy?
  • So many get to this point:
  • 4 Socialize.
  • “Not only is marketing no longer one-way, it’s not even two-way. It’s a conversation between you, me and everyone I’m talking to about what we’re talking about.”
  • Building Community Earlier Online
  • “Video Recipe Contest” Social Network
  • Old Me!a is the best way to promote New Media.
  • Great Email Campaigns Drive Great Web Efforts
  • Effective Video Messaging
  • Storytelling is Key
  • Social Search: The Relationship is the Fulfillment
  • Where it All Comes Together
  • Think more like a publisher (not a marketer)
  • Using Facebook and Twitter is something like hosting a big cocktail party -- but nobody shops at a cocktail party." Brett Hurt, CEO, Bazaarvoice
  • Use social tools to build conversations and relationships rather than just generate buzz.
  • “Make it viral”
  • Don’t forget, it’s the community that makes it viral. But there are things you can do to increase your chances...
  • Make it valuable Make it shareable Make it memorable Make it fun!
  • A few social web tips...
  • Prioritize Differentiate (tell your story) Provide value (WIIFM?) Be authentic Give “insider” information
  • “Don’t chase the tools. Chase the goals.” -Howard@BlueFuego
  • 5 Ask and Listen.
  • When is the best time for you to hear that they are not interested?
  • Give prospects every opportunity to let you know if they’re still interested (or not). - Email Campaigns - Website
  • The best way to focus your attention and resources on students who are most interested.
  • Setup “listening” posts to find out prospect and parent needs -- then plan a content strategy to meet them.
  • Prospects are “confused but curious” Are you helping?
  • No one works a funnel like a great salesperson.
  • “Admissions as Sales?”
  • Great salespeople are great counselors.
  • “Sales” at resume time...
  • “Managed a territory” “Created a travel schedule” “Built relationships with prospects” “Presented”
  • 2 Biggest Sales Tips:
  • 1. Be on. (my soapbox)
  • “Due to fall travel season, I will be out of the office throughout September and October. I will have limited access to my email during this time, but I will respond to your email at my earliest convenience.”
  • “Due to mandatory furloughs...” “Away on a recruiting trip...” “In Banner training this week...”
  • “Out of Office” Reply
  • Too busy recruiting to recruit ?
  • 2. Learn how to close the deal.
  • Remove the Roadblocks
  • Recognize “Buyer Shift”
  • Rethink the Yield Event in Spring?
  • The “f” word (faculty;)
  • Most of us only involve faculty late in the game. But prospects value that interaction as early as possible!
  • Can’t access faculty “on-demand?”
  • Sometimes we’re more focused on our own road-blocks than on what our audience wants (and needs).
  • A few things need to change...
  • 3 T’s Talent Tools Training
  • Talent Customer Service background? Sales experience? Tech-savvy? Entry-level?
  • Tools CRM Smartphone Laptop Wifi
  • Training Sales Financial Aid Customer Service Technology
  • Be the champion in your office.
  • Overwhelmed? :)
  • 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s
  • Same s*#%. Different decade.
  • What will you do differently?
  • Resources
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  • Thank You!