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Campus Visits NAADA



2010 Conference at UGA

2010 Conference at UGA



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Campus Visits NAADA Campus Visits NAADA Presentation Transcript

  • Campus Visits What Can We Do Better? Text NAADA 2010 Jeff Kallay, VP Consulting, “Apostle of Authenticity”
  • What Do They Want? - Basics that work - Honesty and Authenticity - Information and Insider Tips - Customizaton - They want what they want when they want it
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education Read the Chronicle Article
  • San Francisco Chronicle SFO Article: The college visit - does it do any good? Read Jeff's blog post
  • Los Angeles Times LA Times Article: On vacation -- at a college campus Read Trent’s blog post
  • Los Angeles Times But most college tour scripts are numbingly similar, and information is not really the point. Students and their families are looking for the ineffable moment when, through some alchemy of atmosphere, setting or vibe, they suddenly know this is the place for them. LA Times Article: On vacation -- at a college campus Read Trent’s blog post
  • Boston Globe In Step with tradition: Campus Tours thriving
  • New York Times Read the New York Times Article
  • US News and World Report Read the US News and World Report Article
  • University Business Read UB October 2009 Online
  • Fix the Basics - Campus Visit Info on Web - Registration/Confirmation/Expecation - Wayfinding Signage - “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” - Especially those Restrooms
  • Five Campus Visit Potholes
  • 1 Not Being In Sync
  • Get In Sync
  • Students-Admissions Stories-Stats People-Programs
  • 2 Toxic Levels of Inauthenticity
  • Watch “Tina the Tour Guide”
  • Watch “Tina the Tour Guide”
  • History of Higher Education Recruiting Trends 1980’s Marketing 1990’s Branding 2010’s Authenticity
  • I’m an OK lover, but afterwards I like to Me too! snuggle and talk. AUTHENTICITY
  • Brands are Mirrors. Branding only works when it’s authentic. We purchase on the basis of conforming to self-image.
  • “I visited and it felt right!”
  • “Most Influential” Arts & Science Group Student Poll 2004
  • “Most Trusted” - 84% use the web most heavily in researching colleges - 71% say the campus visit is the most trusted source of information Eduventures 2007 Survey of 7,867 High school junior and seniors. Reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education “Prospective Students Rely on Campus Visits and Web Sites to Learn About Colleges, Report Says”
  • “Effectiveness” Noel-Levitz 2009
  • 3 Tourbots
  • Invasion of the Tourbots Read the Article
  • Storytelling is in our blood
  • Students-Admissions Stories-Stats People-Programs
  • “I am a man, and men are animals who tell stories.”
  • Stories are how most of us learn
  • 20% headlines 20% body copy (to the point) (details) 50% 10% graphic illustrations (visual) (stories)
  • POP Point of Proof
  • Great stories engage, give goosebumps, and give a feeling of “suspension”
  • Storytelling Scale Guest Engagement on 1-10 (highest) 10 our (shared experience) 8 your 6 mine 4 others
  • 4 Bubble-boy Syndrome
  • Inform Your Campus
  • Inform Your Campus
  • 5 Death March
  • Presidential Parade of Favorites Don’t just show the showcase
  • Presidential Parade of Favorites
  • 6 Death by PowerPoint
  • 6:40
  • Pecha Kucha is the Goal Shorter Presentations Less Talking At More Time Out on Campus More Human
  • Centre College - Centre by the Numbers Prezi
  • 5 Steps for Change 1. Pecha Kucha is the Goal for all Admission Presentations 2 Become the Pecha Kucha Expert 3. Study, Join and Create 4. Educate the Rest of Campus 5. Set Presentation Guidelines/Rules and Create Templates: Limit Text, More Photos More Stories
  • Want More? Read Our Blogs: TargetX Blog at
  • Free on Friday Webcasts Free On Friday Webcasts Watch Past Webcasts
  • Download Session PDF #1 Go to click iThink Blog click Slide Presentations #2 Go to #3 Look for email with link
  • Campus Visits What Can We Do Better? NAADA 2010 Text Jeff Kallay, VP Consulting, “Apostle of Authenticity”