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Achieving Work|Life Balance

Achieving Work|Life Balance



Achieving Work/Life Balance: Lessons from a Hypocrite...

Achieving Work/Life Balance: Lessons from a Hypocrite

When it comes to today's technology, these days it's all about "more." More tools, more networks, more passwords -- and more "to-do's" than ever. But how can you keep up with important trends amidst your already-overloaded personal and professional responsibilities? Where can (and should) you draw the line? This keynote will focus on helping you use technology to simplify your life and work smarter. You'll hear practical tips from a self-proclaimed "hypocrite" who has learned valuable lessons in his quest to achieve work/life balance while indulging his inner geek.



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    Achieving Work|Life Balance Achieving Work|Life Balance Presentation Transcript

    • achieving Work|Life balance
    • (a.k.a. your hypocrite)
    • 5 Myths Strategies myTools
    • Hypothesis If we enjoy our work and we enjoy our non-work, we’ll be happy.
    • Hypothesis Balance is not the issue.
    • Myth #1 Work & Life are Separate
    • achieving Work|Life harmony
    • Myth #2 Everyone Works the Same Way
    • Loud vs. Quiet
    • Inside vs. Outside
    • Standing vs. Sitting
    • Talking vs. Listening
    • Paper vs. Computer
    • Morning vs. Afternoon
    • Piles vs. Files
    • Whiteboard vs. Notebook
    • Group vs. Alone
    • Execution vs. Strategy
    • Prepared vs. Last Minute
    • If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.
    • Myth #3 Multitasking is Possible
    • Multitasking Walking and Chewing Gum
    • Multitasking Read. Speak. Write. Walk. Listen. Process.
    • Multitasking Shift between tasks quickly
    • Multitasking More tasks. Smaller steps.
    • Quality decreases. Stress increases.
    • Multitasking Unitasking
    • Tips Clean off desk Clean off desktop One program One screen
    • 30/30 :30 minutes Work Undistracted :30 Minutes for Fun
    • Myth #4 Must Always be Connected
    • Email
    • 5 minutes 24,000 per year (1,095 meals per year)
    • Turn Off Automatic Checking
    • How Often? When you urinate :)
    • Myth #5 You must be on Twitter
    • Strategies
    • Simplify A Life of 3’s
    • Personal If you could focus your life on only 3 things, what would they be?
    • Unnecessary Activities Protect Private Time Schedule Fun! (my 15.5 hrs)
    • Alternating Outsourcing Bundling Techflexing
    • Professional What are your 3 priorities for the year? Share them.
    • Issue Opportunity Challenge
    • Make A New List To Don’ts
    • __% at your desk __% in meetings __% with your team __% with your customers __% in the bathroom
    • Priority One thing that is not allowed to die.
    • Regularly hire consultants Difficulty scheduling meetings Committee to create committees Frequently missing deadlines Discussion inward focused Failures of past stall new ideas
    • myTools
    • MacBook Gmail iPhone BusyCal iPad Evernote USB Drive Feedly Nikon TripIt Clicker Delicious
    • Getting Things Done or “GTD”
    • Every time you feel like trying a new ToDo app, turn off your computer and complete one task. Merlin Mann
    • If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention. Tom Peters
    • Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game. Defying Gravity, from the musical Wicked
    • Surround yourself with talented, passionate people. Close your eyes ... and leap.
    • Thank you for your time. Peace.
    • achieving Work|Life Balance Brian Wm. Niles niles@targetx.com