Art Photography of Foods and Vegetable


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Art Photography of Foods and Vegetable - Unique Presentation you never seen before.

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Art Photography of Foods and Vegetable

  1. 1. The English photographer, Carl Warner, created a series of photographs using only food for the formation of the scenery. The so-called "foodscapes" show undersea caves, forests, beaches, and also ruins, using fruit, vegetables, cheeses.
  2. 2. In this forest, the trees are made of broccoli, peas, and basil. The roads are paved with kumina. Mountains are made of bread, and clouds are made of cauliflower ro decorate the sky.
  3. 3. To emphasize the depth, the photograph was laid out on tables that were 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters large. In addition, the foods were arranged in "layers", to keep them from falling before the end of the photography session.
  4. 4. The edible ingredients in this shot were inspired by the Italian countryside. The parts of the truck were made from lasagna. Cornfields, light, and clouds were made of of mozzarella. Walls were made from beans. Trees were made from prezzemolo and basil to complete the painting. At the bottom, you can see a village made of cheese.
  5. 5. Carl Warner, the photographer, says he has not succeeded in convincing his sons to eat vegetables. He has succeeded, though, in using some vegetables in the most imaginative games for the sons.
  6. 6. This cave is made with shellfish and carrots for stalactites. Its "stones" are made of bread. There are cauliflowers in the sea.
  7. 7. The haystacks are made from coconuts. The walls are made of varieties of grains. The purple sky is made of Chinese cabbage. All of these foods work together to create a bucolic landscape.
  8. 8. Alberi di foglie di cavolverza, rocce di patate dolci, gola di pane e cielo di radicchio porpora.
  9. 9. These tree leaves were made from cavolverza. The rocks were made from sweet potatoes and bread. The sea was made from strips of salmon, and the sky was made from radicchio.
  10. 10. The ground in this picture was made from sesame and other cereals.
  11. 11. The rainbow is perfect behind the forest of prezzemolo and potatoes.
  12. 12. Houses of cheese, tarps and baskets of pasta, cereals, legumes, and vegetables give color to this alley.
  13. 13. Here is an Italian kitchen made from vegetables, pasta, and cheeses.
  14. 14. Before it is seen, you may not realize that the mountain is made of bread.
  15. 15. This creativion is impressive: balls of fruit and legumes, trees made from broccoli, rocks made from potatoes, fields made of corn and squashes, a town of cheese, and a tower made from a carrot.
  16. 16. In this scene: breadsticks and raw ham...a cart of breadsticks on a road of salami, bordered by trees of bacon.
  17. 17. In this mountain scenery: A sky of ice. Breadsticks and raw ham form the sled, and a the mountains were made from mortadella. The pines were made from bacon, and the rocks were made from bread.
  18. 18. Are you hungry now?