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  • 1. IT2032PAContent Management System (CMS) Nitec in Social Media & Web Technology
  • 2. Set-up Media Streaming ServerIn this chapter, you will learn: o Describe what is a media server o Identify the different type of media server o Identify the usage of a media server
  • 3. Media Server
  • 4. Media Server• A dedicated computer or a specialized software, ranging from an enterprise class machine providing video on demand.• A small personal computer or NAS for storing various digital media
  • 5. Streaming Media• Constantly received by and presented to an end- user while being delivered by a streaming provider.
  • 6. Live Streaming• Delivering live over the Internet, involves: o camera for the media o encoder to digitize the content o media publisher o content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content
  • 7. Media Servers in Performance Environments• High-spec home computers: o Increased RAM o Hard drive technologies such as RAID arrays or solid-state drives
  • 8. Media Servers in Performance Environments• Motion graphics in: o Theatre, o Dance, o Corporate Events o Rock tours• Supplied with software which allows the control and manipulation of video content -a VJ software.
  • 9. Media Servers in Performance Environments• A media server system may include: o DMX512-A o MIDI or similar control protocols
  • 10. Media Servers in Telephony• In the world of telephony, o a media server is the computing component that processes the audio and/or video streams associated with telephone calls or connections
  • 11. Media Servers in Telephony• VoIP technology (Protocols) o Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) o Netann o MSCML o MSML o MediaCTRL (under development at the IETF)
  • 12. Media Servers in Telephony• IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) o Defines a component called the MRF (Media Resource Function), a kind of media server o In IMS, the controlling logic is provided by the MRFC (MRF controller), o Along with layers above constitutes an application server.
  • 13. Purpose of a Media Server• A media server is a device that simply stores and shares media like a: o Network-attached storage o PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition o MediaPortal o MythTV o Commercial web server that hosts media for a large web site
  • 14. Purpose of a Media Server• Home setting: o a media server acts as an aggregator of information: video, audio, photos, books, etc. o stored on the media servers hard drive (pics, music, video, docs, etc etc) o Access is available from a central location o Can be access the media from a remote location via the internet.