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12 Tips For Online Business Valuation
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12 Tips For Online Business Valuation


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How to value an online business? Valuing a internet business. Or 12 Tips of Online Business Valuation. …

How to value an online business? Valuing a internet business. Or 12 Tips of Online Business Valuation.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. Valuation Of Online BusinessesThursday, 27 June 13
  • 3. Customer RelationshipBusinesses, especially franchises, tried to reduce theimportance of the customer relationship by introducingsystems and relying on brand and market strengthTraditionally, customers shopped with a business andgrew to know the business owner and its staff.The value of the business was often bound up in the qualityof that relationshipThe customers deals with the website. The experience isreplicated across all transactions. The importance of the"person" is less relevant, just as it is in franchisingThursday, 27 June 13
  • 4. Barriers to EntryWith a physical shop, there was cost of fit-out,equipment, and stock to fill up the shopIn the online world it is more intangible assets that arerequired and hence less need for upfront investment.Length of time that the business has been establishedis a key pointer to valueThursday, 27 June 13
  • 5. Intellectual PropertyDomain names become important.If you are a real estate agent and you own the domain, then you business is worth more than ifyou are trading in your own name.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 6. Cost of StaffIn the physical world you were faced with aalternative of employing younger staff or reducinghours worked by regular staff if you wanted to cutcosts.With an online business, there is more opportunityto outsource work to people in other countries at afraction of the cost.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 7. MarketsIf you are selling a service, it is very easy to provide that service anywhere inthe world and even with a product, you can ship it to another country if theoffering is unique, the price is right, and cost of freight is reasonable.If you have already developed an international business when you come to sellit, That adds to value because you dont have all your eggs in one basket. Theluxury of many markets adds to value.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 8. CompetitionYou want a site that has some competition, but nottoo much.You don’t want to be in a bidding war on Google forkeywords relevant to your product or service.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 9. Traffic to SiteIs there a solid history of growth in traffic tothe site?Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 10. AutomationIt’s no good having hundreds of peopleworking behind the scenes if you canreplace that with a level of automation.Automation is like systems infranchising, taking the weakness ofreliance on people out of the equation asmuch as possible.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 11. How long establishedGoogle likes sites that have beenaround a long whileIt helps with rankingThursday, 27 June 13
  • 12. How Well SupportedIs your site supported by other media and othersites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitteretc?This builds a foundation for the strength of the siteThursday, 27 June 13
  • 13. StickabilityYou want a product or servicethat that is going to be aroundfor years to come.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 14. Google RankingIf you have good content andyour presence on the net isgenuine and big, you will berewarded.Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 15. For  Advice  On  Business  Valua3onBCI  Business  BrokersTony  Arena  (Managing  Director)3/1  Alexander  Street,  Crows  Nest,  NSW,  2065Phone:  +61  2  94393399Mobile:  +61  411888148Thursday, 27 June 13
  • 16. If  You  Want  To  Maximise  Your  Business, 27 June 13
  • 17. For  More  Informa3on  On  Business  Valua3on  Visit  Our, 27 June 13