Risks in Business


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This presentation looks at risks and cycles that affect all businesses.

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  • Hi Priscilla. Please send me some notes on that for me to include in upcomning presentations. Thanks for input. Tony
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  • Tony, Nice summary. The one thing I might have added to the legislative risks is health care as it is so prominent now. I wonder what the physician practices, independent therapy businesses must do to be ahead of the game? There is such uncertainty.
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Risks in Business

  2. 2. Economic Risk – Risk that is associated with fluctuations in the economic cycle. One can graph the peaks and troughs of business activity, keeping an eye on trends in business and consumer confidence, interest rates and growth patterns. RISKS ACCORDING TO BCI
  3. 3. RISKS ACCORDING TO BCI Industry Risk – Risk relating to a particular industry. This can be due to technological change or anything specific to that industry. It focuses on external not internal factors of the business. Such industries impacted recently include the music industry, publishing, video stores, photographic finishing and the like and even wholesaling.
  4. 4. Personal Risk – Risk associated with the investor looking to invest in a business in which he or she will play an operational role. It can relate to age, health, stage in life & personality of the investor. It also relates to the needs the business will place on the operator and the ability of the operator to meet those needs. RISKS ACCORDING TO BCI
  5. 5. Legislative Risk – Risk associated with investing in a business that is prone to change due to government legislation pertaining to that industry. Such businesses have included newsagencies, training organisations, child care institutions, liquor shops and hotels. RISKS ACCORDING TO BCI
  6. 6. Every one of these risks can be measured and accounted for by paying attention to the cycles that all businesses move through. We may not be able to predict the future but we sure can have a better guess if we are informed and watch the trends.   RISKS AND CYCLES
  7. 7. The Economic Cycle. Chart and watch the movements in Interest Rates, Consumer Confidence, Stock Market Indices, Business Investment plans and you will soon see where we are in the cycle. You don’t buy at the top of the cycle and don’t sell at the bottom. Sell just before the top and buy just after the bottom. Or close to it. RISKS AND CYCLES
  8. 8. The Industry Cycle. This closely follows technology and the changing tastes of people. Look at what has faded and disappeared into history. Why did it happen? What can you learn from that? Is your industry threatened by any change on the horizon? Are people’s habits changing? Does change appear to be long term? RISKS AND CYCLES
  9. 9. Your Personal Cycle. You will or have reached your peak. Your enthusiasm of early years gives way to experience & wisdom. You want to be selling when there is still an ability to hand over the business and transition the buyer on the road to prosperity. You want to be in sell mode before your stamina and health wane RISKS AND CYCLES
  10. 10. The Legislative Cycle. Governments legislate according to perceived inequalities or to gain advantage over their opponents. At times certain things like education or child care take prominence & you can see legislative change coming. The chatter starts before the laws change. Listen to the chatter & act ahead of the game RISKS AND CYCLES
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