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Present perfect
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Present perfect


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1.
  • 2. Present PerfectThe present perfect uses the auxiliary HAVE and thePAST PARTICIPLE• She has been to China• I have finished my work• Have you seen my pen?• We haven´t had breakfast yet?Action that happened at an unspecified time before now.The exact time is not important.
  • 3. • I think I have seen that movie before.• He has never traveled by train.• Joan has studied two foreign languages.• A: Have you ever met him?B: No, I have not met him.Present PerfectExperienceI have been to france.I have been to france three times.I have never been to France.
  • 4. Have you ever… ?• Have you ever been to Cartagena?– Yes, I have been to Cartagena.– No, I have never been to Cartagena.• Have you ever seen snow?– Yes, I have seen snow 3 times.– No, I have never seen snow.• Have you ever eaten Mondongo?– Yes, I have eaten Mondongo – I hate it!!– No, I have never eaten Mondongo, it doesn’t look nice.Present PerfectExperience
  • 5. Talk about change that has happened over aperiod of time.• Examples:• You have grown since the last time I saw you.• The government has become more interestedin arts education.• My English has really improved since I movedto Australia.Present Perfectchange over time
  • 6. Form of the verbHAVE
  • 7. Present Perfect InformationQuestions
  • 8. Contractions in thePresent PerfectI have= I veYou have= You veWe have= We veThey have= They veHe has= He sShe has= She s
  • 9. Practice using contractionsWe have just solved the problem.She has never been to France.They have been married for 5 years.You have seen that movieWe´ve just solved the problem.She´s never been to France.They ´ve been married for 5 years.You´ve seen that movie
  • 10. Past ParticipleformeIrregular VerbsSee, saw, seenDo, did, doneRegular VerbsED
  • 11. Present PerfectHave+ Past Participe
  • 12. Uses of Present PerfectWe use the present perfect for an action in thepast with a result now.
  • 13. Uses of Present PerfectWe use the present perfect for an action in thepast with a result now.
  • 14. Uses of Present PerfectFor actions which started in the past and are still continuing in thepresent.Since ForTomas has worked heresince 1992Since last MondaySince 1978Since 10 o´clockWe have lived here forseveral yearsFor two weeksFor ten years
  • 15. Since/ For_______9 o´clock this morning_______a very long time______August________yesterday______Three hours_______last Tuesdayforsince_______1998_____Mondaysinceforsincesincesince______two weeksforsince______three hoursfor
  • 16. Time signals to identify the PresentPerfect timeRecentlyEverJustYetNeverAlreadyHe has just finished his projectThe books have not arrived yet.I have never met her husbandThey have already eaten lunchHave you ever tasted sushi?
  • 17. What has happened